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 Where can I get a power of attorney to transfer my car title; at the license plate agency or the DMV?
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 Someone hit my car, their insurance provided me a rental, someone else hit my rental! Who pays Enterprise?
My original accident was the other party's fault, his insurance is paying for my repairs and rental.

The person that hit my rental left a note with contact information, thank goodness....

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 Do you pay your car insurance?

 I need affordable insurance on my car any suggestions?
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 Can I demand that my Insurance Co. pay to have my car repaired instead of totaling it out?
I wrecked my car that is worth about $17,000. The damage is around $12,000. We want it fixed, but the insurance company wants to payoff the loan which is about $25,000, which i would assume means I ...

Does your parents car insurance increase when you get a drivers permit?
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When I mean drivers permit, I don't mean drivers license with which you can drive the car alone.

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Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Most policies have dependents names/ages/dob's upon application.
Using that information, the agent or company will typically contact the policyholder when the dependent turns 16 yrs. of age.

As a driving instructor, I find most of the parents of my students add their new drivers upon receiving their "license" not their permit.
As most states require adult supervision during the permit period, you are automatically covered. The exception would be if a parent has specifically EXCLUDED you in writing from coverage on their policy.
To specifically answer your question, YES, the rates (premium paid) will generally DOUBLE at the time you are added to the policy.

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Mine did when both of my kids turn 15 and then went up more when they turn 16.

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Yes it does.

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Generally your parents insurance should not be affected by your drivers permit. I work for Farmers Insurance, when a new driver gets a permit we add the new driver as a "non-driver" it doesn't affect the premium at all. It just insures the new driver while he/she is learning how to drive. Once you get your license and you become an apparent exposure in the household then your parents premium will be affected. It varies between insurance companies

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yes when they add you as driver it will go up for a few yrs

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In raising 4 children, as they became 16 and were added to the policy, the rates went up. eventually the rates were adjusted accordingly.

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§ ☼ JLG ☼ §
It depends on who your insurance is with. Some companies do charge while the kids have their permits (Progressive did when I sold for them a few yrs ago...believe they still do), but some companies do not charge since there has to be an adult in the car. State Farm does not charge until you actually get your license, though they want to know if there is a permit driver in the household.

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