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Does it hurt to get hit by a car?
i think i could take it

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no! not at all. most people think it feels great to have a 3,000 pound thing smack into them at at least 20 miles per hour.

of course it hurts. most people die. and that dosent even include getting RUN OVER by a car.

most cars weigh 3,000 - 6,000 pounds.

i had a friend who gotr hit by a car. the car was going around 10 mph, and it was a small car. she was fine, other then some brusies. She was around 12 or 13.

most people go flying 30 feet in the air when they get hit.

why dont you go try it out?

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no it tickles

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only one way to find out. Let us know how it goes

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if you survive....

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Gee...Do ya' think?

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You must be considering putting this on that show,,,,,, jackass,,,,,
well go ahead ,then let us know how that work out for you.

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Kellie P
it doesnt hurt one bit!!! gettting your ears pierced hurts more

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Does it hurt to get kicked in the face? Stand in front of my car, I'll run you over real quick. Let me know how you feel after wards. Don't file a claim against my insurance though, be a man cause after all, you can "take it" right???

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Captain Helpful
Oh of course not, a large metal object colliding with your fragile body at high speeds wouldn't hurt a bit, that's why everybody always plays on the busy roads.

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you are retarded

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Theres different ways to get hit by a car. Some that are fatal and hurt A LOT and theres just one way I have heard to get hit by a car and live through it, although it would probably still be pretty painful. Its like what stunt doubles do in movies....

Because if you are going to be hit by a car, the best way to do it is:
Jump only high enough to reach the front height of the hood. Tuck your arms, turn your body counterclockwise and roll, if possible, parallel to the plane of movement of the vehicle. You want to distribute the force of impact as much as you can. But time it so you don't go face first into the windshield.

I'm sure it still hurts though! I saw this on MANSWERS on Spike tv lol

Aww Dan V so sorry to hear about your loss!

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The initial impact would sting to say the least. I can tell you this though, despite what people think, death is painless............or at least the part I experienced. Somewhat uncomfortable until you lose consciousness. There is a feeling of panic and then it goes away and things get real peaceful.

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♥ Megan ♥
um. you could take the pain that kills you?
it hurts reallllll bad. watch cars speeding by and imagine jumping in front of them.

i dont think you could "take it"


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chris at hornchurch
it wasn't the car hitting me that hurt as I was immediately numbed by the impact but after bouncing across a tarmac road surface i very shortly;y found that pain manages to surface quickly as nervous system get over it shock and starts to convey the 'pain' message.
not recommended at all.

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you are moron

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Bozz Mozz
Nah, only if it's moving.

You probably could. A good way to test your theory is to stand in the third lane of your local interstate. Let us know how you make out.

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I think, therefore I am.
Get hit by one and find out...

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i got hit as a kid, and flew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of my bike it hurt like hell.

just like a giant hammer

sorry to hear that DAN V

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It hurts like hell, I got hit in 74 and it still hurts.

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I worked in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 5 years. I am gonna say yes. It hurts the families sometimes more. Sorry for your loss, Dan V.

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Joy S
Sorry for your loss Dan V. That is horrible.

I got hit by a car that was traveling 10mph and it was BAD.

It only takes 8lbs of pressure to break a bone.

Most likely you will NOT survive a car hitting you.

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Jump in front of one and find out.

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Cecilia C
no it feels like you're taking a bubble bath...

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my son got hit buy a car he was 10 years old he died on impact car was only going 20 mph yes it will hurt and if you think you can take it then say hi to my son for me if you don't make it

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Not as much as a train but more than a bike
70 mph more than 30 mph
Women drivers more than Guys but not as much as Pensioners
Less if they drive on the right hand side but more if they can't tell the difference
More in the winter night than a summer evening

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