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 What is involved in importing my car into New York from Ontario?

I will be moving to New York permanently from Ontario and would like to know what is involved in importing my car into New York State from Canada. My car is a Canadian model Honda C...

 I had a car accident back in Jan 10,09. I was rearended. now they want to total my car.?
the guy who hit me at 45 mph his insurc, wants to total my car and only give my fanince company half of my loan. and take away the rental that they had me in. and leave me without a car. what should I...

 Can My wife give her driving test in Texas using my Employers Car issued on my name?

My car is insured and registered in Dallas TX under the name of my employer.

The employer have given me this car to drive and I have a letter stating this.

Can my ...

 Sweet sixteen car help?
So in august i turn sixteen and my parents said i can get a car . I have been looking at range rovers and i really really want one. but i want to know if there are any other good options. another one ...

 Who would be at fault in this car accident?
My sister in law ran into an SUV who ran a stop sign. She hit the suv right i the middle of the side. Clearly the lady who ran the stop sign was at fault. The thing is though, my sister in laws ...

 How to find someone's license plate number?
Just by knowing the name and address of a person, how can i find that person's car license plate number?

Is there a free search or a way to find out?...

 Can you get a permit or drivers License without a social security number?
Even if you show that ur a resident in the United States and that you applying for a ss ...

 Question on vehicle weight for registration?
Purchased a new car from a dealership. The weight of the car is slightly over 3500lbs and the registration fee is $311 (for 4 years in NJ) as it says on the contract. When i received the registration ...

 How long does it take to get my title after paying off lien?
I bought a used car from a private party. The individual went to the bank to pay off his lien and the bank said the title should arrive at his house within 3-4 days, as of today it has been two weeks....

 Drivers ed help please?
1. Which is NOT a part of the highway transportation system? (1 point)
2. What are the two categories used to explain the basic costs of ...

 Michigan DMV test, drivers license? Forms of identification?

I just turned 18 last week. I plan to go in a get my drivers license.
What forms do I take in?! I went to Michigan's SOS website, and got their list, but since I only ...

 Uk only full A1 licence holders only please !?
What cars other than the reliant kitten 4wheels only, can be driven legally on a uk full motorcycle licence seen a few 2seaters at rallys forgot what they were called thanks....

 Im going for my driving test soon. Can anyone give me some info on what i need to do and how to not be nervous?
Im a pretty good driver just nervous and i need to know how to pass the first time bc im getting a job and its my only way of transportation. can anyone give me some good info?...

 Will i be pulled over if i put tags only on the rear part of my vehicle?
is it illegal in texas to put up just one tag on a vehicle,i know they issue 2 tags for the front and rear of a vehicle but i just want to put 1 one the rear of my car....

 Do you know a place where I can get extremely cheap liability car isurance?
I have heard of some places by word of mouth that are really cheap, but I can't remember what they're called. It can be a really small company, I just need liability auto insurance as cheap ...

 Is there anytime when your driving licence number is needed for the paperwork on a parking ticket ?
the contracts manager of a firm i used to work for said i'd had a parking ticket but needed my driving licence number, i 'm still waiting for a copy of the ticket and he's a dodgy twat ...

 Are we doing enough to protect teen drivers?
Please tell why :D...

 I need help i dont no how to do it !!!!?
well my 16th birthday is on sunday and i want to get a moped (scooter) soon put i have to put in for my provisional how can i do that and how much will it cost thanks =]...

 Instead of doubling our car tags, why can't they take a pay cut.?
With their salaries they can afford it more than we can....

 Transfer of car ownership? Nothing received?
Roughly 6 weeks ago I sent the relevant documents to the DVLA notifying them of the change of ownership of a car from myself to another company.

I have still not received any letter to say ...

Do your parents have to go tothe dmv with you or can a sister or aunt go?
i live in south carolina
Additional Details
im 16.i live in south carolina and want to take my drivers test

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I don't thin anybody need to go with you. but i was older when i did this so call them and find out.

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Scott H
Most likely, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign an affidavit of financial responsibility for you.

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In SC a parent or a legal guardian can go with you to the DMV Just make sure they have proof of legal guardianship.

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