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 The DVLA are chasing me to pay tax on a car that I sold months ago.?
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 I hold the loan, he holds the title to the car- who wins?
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 What happens to my insurance after a dui and an accident?
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 I just got into a car accident. How is it going to affect my insurance rate?

Additional Details
P.S. It was my fault. I rear-ended another vehicle. No injuries though, thank goodness....

 I got into a car accident with no insurance in indiana. am i screwed?
i got hit by a snow plow and it was clearly not my fault according to the police report. i just want to get my hospital bills covered and my car fixed (totaled). the other guy is not hurt and no ...

 Somebody crashed into my car and damaged it. I dont have auto insurance but they do. what do i do?

Additional Details
This is in TX....

 Car insurance for 18 yr old male RIDICULOUS?
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 Friend caught speeding in uk. 90 in 70. first year of licence. 3 weeks nothing heard. will he loose licence?

Do you have to REGISTER a LEASED car?
since you never OWN the car when you lease do you even have to reigster it with the state when you lease a car.??

im having trouble registering a new vehicle in Maryland because of past insurance lapse on my lasr car that would take a large amount of money to clear.. so if there is anyway i can maybe lease a car without having to register it that would help... ive never leased anything so i dont know how it works but i do know that its alot like just renting a car.. am i right??

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I would suggest that the leasing company has already registered it, as they are the keepers.
You are only borrowing it.

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The only difference between buying and leasing is with leasing you are 'renting' mileage. Yes, you have to register it, and put insurance on it. It's not in any way like renting a car.

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Registration is with the state. Quit trying to scam the state and clear up your past irresponsibilities!

You must register the vehicle when you lease it. In fact, the dealer will attempt to register it to you. When the State bounces you, you will not be allowed to complete the lease.

You cannot run away from your responsibilities.


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Anything registered in your name will have the past problems associated with it. If you owe something, settle your debts to clear it. Even with a lease, you will be shown as the primary driver.

Learn from the past, and stay current on your obligations. Leases for most are rotten ideas that end up costing too much in the end.

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No it's not like renting a car,lease you have to register,get insurance ,full coverage,before you even sit in car,

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Mark A
Adding to "Astrobuf's" response. You'll not only have a problem with the lease company and the dealer, you'll also likely show a repo. on your credit report and you may be liable for the wear and tear on the car. Clean-up the past fees as they can't be as bad as having no wheels and a messed-up credit bureau!!

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Yes. The car is registered to the lending company in your care and you are responsible for taxes, insurance, incurred fines and late fees.

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You only have to register a car, if you're driving it on a public road. If you never drive it, you don't have to register it.

I've never seen a lease where the OWNER pays the taxes, title, or registration fees. They pass all these charges down to the lessee. One of the many reasons why leasing a car is such a dumb move.

You can lease it without registering - but then you can't drive it, as it won't be registered. You'll still have to pay sales tax and title fees. Even though the title isn't to you, and the taxes are for the owner.

Leasing is just a long term rental, with no upside for the lessee. ALL the costs are passed to the lessee.

It's not going to work. Sorry.

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