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 Drivers License and Permit question? help!!! thanks!?
Okay, So im taking my test this summer for my Drivers permit, Im currently 14 and 1/2 years old, and my brother is now 17 years old (hes birthday was Jan) so When i get my Permit, would he count as a ...

 Why my license is suspended? State of ILLinois?
2 days a go, the police had stopped me, because DWLS (driving while License suspended), I didn't know that my license was suspended and also after I made some search I found that I supposed to ...

 Rules for paying off a cliam for injury in auto accident?
i was in a auto accident and have a injury what if any rule of
thumb that the insurance company uses in order pay off a claim? ...

 How much would it cost to add this to my car insurance policy?
okay, i am 16 years old and just got my liscense a couple of days ago.
my parents are now paying an extra $800 to add me to the insurance but they want to buy me a really cheap car to drive for ...

 I'm 16 and I just received my driving permit, however my said that the behind the wheel training is too ?
I'm 16 and I just received my driving permit, however my said that the behind the wheel training is too expensive. Is there another affordable way in which i can get my licenses faster?
I ...

 Isn't it mathematically impossible for EVERY car insurance company to save me $300 if I switch to them?
I'm just complaining about the Lyin' Lizzards, so don't bother pasting in a car insurance website, and don't bother telling me that it's just advertising....

 My home town is kolkata and i issue driving licence from madhya pradesh how to make my licence ?

 Where can I get my reconstructed title done?
OK. I bought a jeep that had some light front end damage and it has a salvage title. I was told that after I fix it, I should keep all the receipts so that I can prove that I fixed it. And then I had ...

 Do I Need Car Insurance to drive my parents car?
I live in ct and i was wondering can i drive my parenst car as long as they have car insurance on a registered car or do i have to be on a policy too?...

 How can i find the insurance ofthe other party involved?
I had an accident where i was rear-ended pretty hard that i was taken to the hospital. How can i find the other party's insurance<if she has any> by using her license plate number? Any ...

 Am i ready to get a permit or no?
ok so i just finished my drivered online (OL 237) all i need is that to come in the mail and im ready to go to the dmv right?
if not what do i have to do?
btw im 15 1/2 turning 16 next ...

 Do you know how much about car incurance will be for new drivers ?
i was wondering how much car incurance will be for newly qualified drivers in the uk ?...

 Statute of limitations on no car insurance fine?
how long has to go by before statute of limitations is in effect after you have had a no insurance ticket handed to you and does this stand the same if you had hit another persons vehicle with the ...

 Can i sue him since he doesnt have car insurance?
My boyfriend was driving my car christmas eve and 16minutes aftr dropping me off he got hit by another driver. My boyfriend was slightly injured and was transported to a hospital. The police report ...

 What kind of experience has anybody had with Hartford Insurance Co?

 My drivers licenses expired what now?
It expired Jan10th of this month its Jan 20th. Can I still renew it? Can I do it online I live in PA. Or do I have to retake everything over again? I've been busy and forgot about it till i just ...

 How do i get my aunt to let me get my drivers permit?
my aunt keeps telling me that she will take me but then every time i ask she makes up this really stupid excuse....

 What's the difference between classified driver license and commercial driver license?
Please help and be as non confusing as you can be thanks!...

 I want to get my license, but i have tickets in other states.Will that prevent me from getting my license?
I want my license and I've driven without one for years. I've gotten tickets in states and i'm taking care of them now. But the main question is..Will those tickets prevent me from ...

 Is it possible to claim for whiplash twice in two weeks if u have two separate accidents?

Do u have 2 change the title of a car b4 u get the insurance or the other way around?
I am going to buy a car from a private owner but I was just wondering if I had to put the car in my name before I got the insurance, or if I had to change the title before I get the insurance?

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Using google to find some related info or you could try using answer engines such as yahoo answer or yedda.com to obtain some useful ideas.however,If you want some direct infomation,here http://www.AutoInsuranceFree.info/free-auto-insurance.htm is a nice one from my experience.

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Most Ins. co. won't insure a vehicle unless it's in your name. You can get things rolling with the ins. co. by giving them all needed info, have paperwork done at D.M.V. and call back ins. co. and tell them it's a done deal and you own vehicle now.

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Uncle Jed
Get insurance first and then change the title. Don't drive it at all until you have insurance............md

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Uncle Jed is right. Get the insurance so you're covered. It could take some time for the title to get changed over. You'll need to call the insurance company back after the title is changed to update information but the rest should be done before you drive the car away.

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