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 If someone Hit my car while parked,from the back, Do i have to replace my childs car seat?
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 Pulled over without insurance!!!!?
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 The consequences for letting my boyfriend drive my car if he isn't insured?
I recently bought a new (to me) car. Its a 2005. Anyway, my boyfriend keeps bugging me to drive it, but i told him because he is not an insured driver it would be irresponsible for me to let him ...

Do i need a learner's permit after 21?
ok, so i'm 21 and i admit i haven't gotten around to getting my license yet, though i'm planning on it in the next month. i had a learner's, but it expired almost two years ago. in order to get my official license, will i have to obtain another learner's or does it not matter since i'm no longer a minor?

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You don't need a learner's permit after age 18.

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I cant fathom just "not getting" my license.... but I live in Florida, we have no public transportation here.

As for your question, it depends on which state you live in. Laws vary greatly by state. You can probably find the drivers handbook for your state online, and it will probably tell you the laws for this.

In Florida, you would not need a learners permit after age 18. They never issue learner permits after age 18, you just have to pass the tests. You will have to check the laws in your state.

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You need a learners permit no matter what. But the difference when you are 21 is that you dont have to keep it as long. 16-18 year olds need to keep their learning permit for 6 months before they get their license. When you are 21 you can go shortly after you get your permit.

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I was in that same situation and yes I did need to get my learners permit again.

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Hippie C
Yes you will still have to get the learner's permit. Age doesn't matter. Sorry! I know it's a pain (I was 27 before I got my license). Good luck!

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short cherry
Yes, you need a learner's permit to drive no matter how old you are. If you're caught driving without a permit, they can fine you and provoke your lisence obtaining period.

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Fred C
Learner's permit is nothing to do with age, and everything to do with learning to drive. You cannot get a driver licence without having a learner permit. If your state or province has a graduated licence system, you will have to abide by the terms of that when you get your licence as well.
Don't believe the person who says you don't need a learner permit in Florida if you are over 18. In actual fact, you don't need a parent signature to get the learner permit in Florida if you are over 18.
If you don't have a learner permit, you cannot legally drive a vehicle during a driver test, plain and simple.

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Well, matters where you are. In FL, when your 18, you can just go ahead and get your license.

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You will need a learner's permit. In order to take the road test, you must be licensed to drive. The learner's permit, which is called a temporary instructional permit or TIP in most states is required to show you have passed the written test, and can take the on road test. You must also hold the TIP for a minimum of 30 days unless you request a waiver. You qualify for a waiver since you have already held a permit which has expired due to the time. The permit you had probably expired after one year.

These rules are used in most states, so you should go to your Secretary of State office to see what your local rules are, and to insure you don't waste time scheduling a road test before you are qualified.

Oh yeah, remember to practice your parallel parking prior to the test, since they test that, and it is the skill most failed on the test. I've been teaching driver's education for years, and it amazes me how many people show up to a test and don't know how to do that right.

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