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 If I get into an accident and I'm second driver will the first driver NCB be affected?
I would like to be on someones cover as second driver in order to get a cheap qoute, but the someone is worried that if I get into a collision (new driver) they NCP will be cancelled and their future ...

 Hit a parked car, other party wants to settle without using insurance. Is this a good idea? ?
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 My brother is over 18 does he have to get insurance immediately in the situation oulined below?
My brother needs to start driving. Will he have to get insurance if he gets a permit. Can he drive under my moms policy with a permit or a license or will a new policy be needed. And also if he will ...

 I crashed my pickup last night. Whats the first thing I should do now?
I was out in the country and called a friend to come and get me. The sherrifs dept came to my house and made out a report. I said I wasnt injured, but this morning I am wondering if it wouldnt be ...

 If your car is written off after an accident does your insurance premium go up immediately?
Our car crashed on Sunday and we've just been told it will be written off. We're hoping to get a new car but will the premium go up with immediate effect or whem it is due for renewal?...

 How much will insurance cost for a 16 year old male driving an expensive car?
I turned 16 in January. I have 35 grand to put down on a car, I'm planning on buying the 2010 Camaro SS v8 coupe. It cost around 29,000.

I'm just curious, how much approx will it ...

 My driver's license was stolen...what do I do?
I live in Texas and this weekend my purse was stolen that had my driver's license in it. Can the person who stole it use it against me? and how do I go about getting a new one? And do I need to ...

 When is a car considered a write-off?

 How does my brother hitting someone in my car affect my driving record?
My brother hit someone in my car yesterday. Neither of the cars were severely damaged. Does it go on my driving record that i have had an accident. How will this attect my driving record, and car ...

 I renewed my car insurance policy, with a new car, but they are insuring both my old and new car, what to do?
My car insurance company is insuring 2 cars even though they were informed that my previous vehicle was taken off the road, they even have it documented that my I switched my previous vehicles plates ...

 Should aliens be permit ed to drive with no insurance license?
Oh so mainy.accident and they move on....

 Id of vin numbers on motor vehicles?

 I am required to appear in court for parking ina handicpp space. Is it possible/legit to plead not guilty???

 How do you go about getting disable car tax disc?
i am a disable person and i wood like to now what i have to do to get disable car tax ...

 I don't have insurance and hit an insured driver, rental car what happens?
I am an uninsured driver and rear ended somebody. She is insured and I am not. There are very minimal damages, where nobody was hurt, but I am just wondering what will happen? I am 21 with a license, ...

 If an excluded driver drives my car and hits another car, how can i still get my insurance to pay damages?

Additional Details
the person that drove my car did not have permission to drive....

 Do you need car insurance to get drivers license in Texas?
I'll give the "BEST ANSWER" award to the person who knows what they're talking about and not just guessing at things.
Additional Details
I ask this because I want to ...

 If i get myself insured comprehensively on a cheapy car will i be able to drive my parents BMW/MERC?
are there any other ways of me avoiding paying high insurance in order to drive relatively expensive/fast cars?
Additional Details
im just going to accept defeat and buy a 1 litre corsa. ...

 Is a novice driver the same thing as a young driver ?
If not then what is a novice driver?...

 Mot failure??
ok so i had my mot test today and obviously by the title of this question it failed. my question is what can i do if i think the guy who did the mot did something dodgy.
i mean he has failed me ...

Car hit in a parking lot. Who is at fault?
My parked car door was hit by a man in a truck cutting through the lot in order to get to a street. He contends the door was thrown open, I'm fairly certain the door was open the whole time as I was loading my children. The only undisputable facts are that I was parked, loading kids, he passed by (too closely?) and hit my door. Any similar incidents/knowledege of?

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Thats a tough one because most parking lots are kinda fair ground but did this lot have yellow lines for the isles or rows because you could probably make a case if he was cutting through isles or rows. Any way he should have had his car under control and to hit your door like that he must have been pretty close.

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The property owner for having an unsafe environment for cars.

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sue him. He was 1. driving in a negligent fashion (cutting through instead of using the driving lanes provided) AND 2. his vehicle was the only one moving. Keep a record of all your expenses related to this and of all contacts/converstions you have with the perpetrator.

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In Michigan, if your car is legally parked, it is the moving vehicle that is at-fault.

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Silent Kninja
Well, I'm glad no one was hurt. I tend to agree with you. Since you were stopped, and he was moving, it's his responsibility to miss you. Your car could have broken down or something like that. His excuse is really lame.

I did have a similar incident. I stopped at a store, parked, and as soon as I turned off the car, bang - was rear-ended. There really wasn't much for the guy to say as I was at a dead stop and he was moving. Fortunately, the kid was a nice kid and admitted his mistake. Insurance was no problem.

In your case, I'd contact your insurance company. They are supposed to fight on your behalf if you are in the right, and in this case it sounds like you clearly are.

Best of luck.

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if u were not moving then he is at fault for he was driving at the time and make sure u have wits for this is his defense that u opened the door at the time but the children should be your wits and he should not have any unless there was a passenger in his vehicle which doubt think really hard and try to remember details and what was being done at the time and can the children verify

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The moving vehicle is at fault.

My car was hit in a similar fashion. Both the insurance company and the district court ruled in my favor.

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the moving car is at fault, whether or not you had the door open shouldn't matter because he cut through to get to another street.Plus, you had the right of way because he should have paid attention and followed the signs or arrows.

Good Luck!

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He is at fault. There is a reason in traffic safety you are told to go nly about 5mph in parking lots. Even if he was driving down the road and you were parallel parked and opened the door because you didn't see him and he struck it, it would still be his fault.

I hate lot cutters.. I have been almost hit a couple dozen times now by those jerk offs!

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Ok, I'll give it a try:
(good thing noone was hurt by the way)

My parked car... - ok, you're in the clear so far

...door was hit by a man in a truck cutting through the lot... - Which, it's illegal to cut through a lot as far as I know.

... in order to get to a street. He contends the door was thrown open, I'm fairly certain the door was open the whole time... - If the door was thrown open, it's probably your fault. If it was already open, it's probably his fault.

... as I was loading my children. The only undisputable facts are that I was parked, loading kids, he passed by (too closely?) and hit my door. - Was he in the correct lane? If he did that, maybe he was driving somewhere he shouldn't have been. If you were parked and everything was stagnant, then one of the following would happen:

If your car was parked and door was stopped for a while before he hit it, he's at fault. However, if he hit you and he wasn't doing anything wrong, you might be faulted for blocking traffic.

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I have to go in the favor of the other guy.
Whether he was driving through the lot or not has nothing to do with the case.
He says the door was thrown open into his path, and if that is the case, you would be cited. (Think on a street, you park and open the door into oncoming traffic....your fault.)
You state you "think" you were loading children, but if that was the case, someone would have been hit. You'd certainly have called the cops at that point, and been telling us about the guy that nearly ran over your kids.
Lastly, it's a parking lot on private property. There are no legal rules to abide by, including speed limits, stop signs, yield, well marked travel lanes etc. Even if they are signs and markings, they aren't binding to anyone. The cops wouldn't ticket anyone, unless there were some evidence of intentionally hitting someone.

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Julia L.
He is at fault, since he was cutting through the parking lot and not following the designated course of traffic. You should have his insurance and registration information, and report the incident both to your local police department (to file a report) and to both of your insurance companies, so that you can begin getting reimbursed for the damages. Get an estimate for the damage - the insurance companies may have a service that they want you to use for that, so call them first. If you think he might deny liability for the accident (and it sounds like he will), then you should talk to a lawyer about it. Most accident attorneys will give you a free consultation, and they don't get paid unless you win your case. Good luck! :)

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