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 I was found 25% at fault for an accident through my insurance company....?
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 How do I figure out what I should ask as a settlement for my car accident?
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 How long do I have to transfer full coverage insurance from one car to another in Florida?

 How much would my car insurance be?
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 Will my insurance cover my car after i add certain mods to it?
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 What needs to be wrote on the back of my driving license photo?
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 I want to buy a new car but don't want it listed as one of my assets, can I have my fiancee buy it and?
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 Driving with someone when you only have your permit?
I have my permit right now. If I have a friend who is 18 can he be in the car with me and it still be legal for me to drive?...

 Moved from to another state do i have to get my drivers permit again for another 6 months?
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 Any options besides the corporate agenda 4 car insurance?
Is there any institution, organization, society, etc that offers liability auto coverage if you do not have a state issued driver license?
Keep in mind I didn't say no drivers license. I ...

 Is it the law to be driving with car insurance?

 Help me please have i run out of time?
was rear ended in a car accident march of 2006? i did not have insurance. i settled with them on the medical/personal. but i never settled on the car. how long do i have to get the money for my car ...

 Fair insurance for 03CBR600RR?
progressive. 170 a month. average liability coverage and collision and theft protection.
im 19 and in the Military...have not taken the MSF course i know this will lower the cost.
but ...

 How many points for a class DJ suspension in NY?
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Anyways, I need to know how many points for a class DJ liscense suspension? I NEE...

Can you register a car in one state and pay insurance in another?
I live in California, which is also where my car is registered and insured. This summer, I will be going to New York for the summer and don't need or want a car out there.
I'm driving my car out to Oklahoma and lending it to a friend out there.

I'm planning on adding her to my insurance and insuring it at her house in Oklahoma. The car will remain mine and I will not be selling it to her, even temporarily. I will then be driving it back to California.

Do I also NEED to register it in Oklahoma, or can I keep the registration in California, even though the insurance will temporarily (2 1/2 months) be legally and legitimately based in Oklahoma?

Or, do I need to register my car in New York since I will be living there (but will not have my car there at all)?

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Scott H
Not legally. The vehicle needs to be registered and insured in the same state.

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To answer your main question. YES you can register in one state and insure in another.

Most insurance companies like Geicco, Allstate etc insure acrross the country and in many cases other countries.
I advise to ask both the states what their rules are. You will get a direct/correct legal answer and be sure.

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Queen B
you need to speak to the insurance company in OK . that you will be using. they can advise you what you need to do in order to be "legal" while the car is insured in OK. Most ( not all) companies want the car registered in the state it is insured. one exception is if you are in the military.

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Guy I
No in most cases you cannot insure your car in a state that it is not registered in. The state you register your car in is the state you are supposed to carry insurance in. You can leave it register and insured in CA since it is a only a summer that you will be gone. The insurance will still cover the car even though it is in OK.
The state that you have the car registered in is the state that is needing the proof of insurance in. Call your insurance company for more advise.

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tram p
autoinsurance.bebto.com - try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.

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