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 Anyone know of cheap car insurance for my 18 yr son thanks?

 Insurance question?
Heres the deal, we recently were rear ended, some kid didn't look both ways before crossing the street, so my girlfreind braked for him, and this guy hits our rear end. We have full coverage on ...

 Need help with car insurance?
I am 19 years old. I am looking to to buy a car but the insurance is just too expensive. I would like a clio or a corsa. Does anybody know any schemes which I can get a lowered scheme because my ...

 WTF do insurance companies charge so much for so little?
I'm 19 yo, finishing up a year of comm college and heading off, but I want to know WTF geico would charge my parents 140$ a month because I drive it 2 minutes ONLY every sunday 5 blocks down the ...

 What happens if you get in an accident and your insurance relapsed?!?
We got into a small fender bender and our insurance was expired. What will happen to us?! We renewed that same day RIGHT after the accident.
Additional Details
Yeah, we arent going to ...

 Im 14, and im getting my permit on the day i turn 15 or at least i want to....?
my mom said i can get the rules book, and study it, then i can take the test and get my permit when im 15 without any classes or any of that, can i really do that? (in illinois) or do i have to take ...

 Do insurance companies ask for MOT certificates in a claim?
what happened was a neighbours car rolled into my parked car in the street. He put a note through my door explaining what happened saying he would pay for the damage. i havnt spoke to him yet tho cuz ...

 How old do you have to be to get a car registered to your name? 18?
I was wondering if i could get a car in my name rather than my parents' even though im under 18?...

 If someone hits you and has no insurance who pays for your damages?
I have a friend that had an accident about 6 months ago, the guy hit her car but did not do much damage. they had a verbal agreed ment not to get the insurance involved (not knowing the guy had no ...

 Motor Accident - did this guy do us a favour?
It was snowing very heavily, and the white van in front braked suddenly to chat to a passenger in a car across the road.

My husband ran in the back of the van, even though he was following ...

 Private Number Plate Do I Have to Notify My Insurance Company????
I have bought private number plates for my car which arrived today and have put them on my car. Do i need to inform my insurance company about this change as someone said today to tell them. If i do ...

 A little stone hit my car's windshield... should I ask my insurance company to fix it??
Could it be worth?
Additional Details
It happened yesterday and it's getting worse... as soon as the lil' stone hit the windshield it cracked and now it's going up and ...

 Hi, can anyone tell me what a police report is? what happens when you file one?
You c, some1 hit my car in the parking lot at school and idk who. The skool told me to call the cops and they told me to file a report....

 Car accident - shall I let the other guy just pay for repairs?
Hi all. I was involved in a car accident yesterday and I could really use some advice. Driving on a roundabout, I was hit from behind by a white van driver (who says he mistook his accelerator for ...

 Who's at fault if i hit a car driving on the shoulder?
i was driving on I-10 when my check tire pressuer came on i tried moving on to the shoulder and did not see the car speeding down the shoulder and hit it sending into the grard rail, and me in to ...

 Who is responsible for my 19 year old Son's hospital bill?
My son, driving like an idiot went off the road totaled his car. He ia aged 19 almost 20 still lives at home. He carries his own auto insurance. Just liability. He has absolutely no medcial coverage ...

 What 2 do.... 2 Avoid REPO?
I cosigned for on a car for my ex fiance.. fiance at the time, and he is over 3 months behind and I have been contacted saying they are about to repo it. What can I do to get out of this???...

 What fine will you get for driving for more than 40 years (carrying passengers) without a license?
my mum has been driving for over 40 years on only a provisional license and we were in a car crash (that wasn't our fault) and now i don't know what is going to happen to my mum. please ...

 Just bought a car 3 weeks ago now they want it back.?
I gave them all the info and they said if I dont give them the new 1099 misc and next pay stub from my other job they will take the car I agreed to send them tommorow.But I never heard of this.If the ...

 Anyone hit a DEER with there car ever???
On Wed night I was traveling on Rt 4 West when I hit a deer. I tried not to hit it however I did. I called the cops and made a report. The officer say the deer. Now my question is....Can I get ...

Fernando N
Can u sue someone for hitting me with their car....but?
Ok, so i was walking down the side walk when i came up to an intersection and i had the walking signal and so i started to walk accross but a few steps in a guy who was waiting to go ended up going and hitting me ( not hard core b/c i'm fine) but stop right after making contact. I fell to the ground and he got out of his truck and asked me if i was ok, and if i needed help and about 10 seconds later i got up and went on the side walk and he said he was goign to park his truck out of the way of traffic and i told him that i was ok and he could go.....could i still sue him even tho i didnt call the police or file a report? Thanks ( i don't want to sue him I'm just curious about this)

Additional Details
ok incase you didnt get it i was the guy in the truck....

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♥ Uwish ♥
Well what did you plan on sueing him for?

If you did file a lawsuit, he would notify his insurance company and they would defend him in court.
And since you state you are fine I'm assuming you had no medical treatment therefore no medical bills. In that case, his insurance company would offer your attorney a low amount of money to settle the claim. This would be a cost of defense type offer.

Furthermore, I do not know of ANY attorney who would represent you bc you have no case.

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Alyssa B
did you get any of his information? I had this happen to me, but I was on my bicycle... But I wasn't hurt at the time, so I didn't get any of his information - he simply gave me some cash for the wheel he bent up on my bicycle. But then later that day my knee seized up and I had to go to the hospital because it hurt SO BAD and I couldn't walk or bike for a long time, and ended up having to get physical therapy for my stupid knee. Trouble is, sometimes your body saves you from feeling the effects of it right away so you can get away from whatever it is that hurt you, but then later you have to deal with it and it sucks.

So I'd say that if I had gotten his information or something, I would have attempted to sue him for the $1400 hospital bill I got, and the $400 in physical therapy I had to go through to get my knee working right again. (I still have to do special exercises to keep it in good working order or it just starts killing me again...)

So, yes, you can. There's a statute of limitations of like, two years or so.

But don't sue frivolously. If you aren't hurt or whatever, than really, leave the idiot alone. (people should look forward before going forward)

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Luna & Lawnboy
Well, yes you can. However, if you have no documented damages you have no suit or claim. How have you been injured? Did you seek any medical treatment? If so, call him and ask for his insurance info. Call the insurer and file a claim. Your medical expenses may be covered under what is known as PIP coverage or directly against his liability coverage.

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Brian A
Yes, you could possibly be sued. If you didn't exchange information though, he might have a tough time finding you to do so.

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1. You weren't hurt.
2. You told him you were okay and he could go.

This wouldn't even make it into court because there's nothing to go on.

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Mad Jack
First of all, you would need witnesses as it would be your word against his.

You would need to prove damages. You said you were not hurt and did not seek medical attention. So what are your damages?

You could contact a lawyer, but your case sounds weak. The only one who might come out ahead is your lawyer.

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well why ask then.. nothing is wrong with you .. you know that is why our country is lik eit is now why things are high suing for no reasons

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Kasey C
Aha! So you're wondering if you can still get sued?

Maybe. But he probably won't get very far in the lawsuit. After all, he indicated that you can go.

You MAY want to tell your insurance company first, say that you need to open this POSSIBLE claim, didn't get his name or nothing, but it's at this corner and so and so. Or you can keep quiet and open a claim if you did get a letter. But definitely write all this down, and date-time stamp it so you have a clear recollection / written memo if you have to recall it should his lawsuit arrive later.

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Anyone can sue anyone at any time for anything

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