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 Can you take a road test without current inspection on the vehicle?
for a drivers license road test is it allowed to drive a vehicle without current inspection....

 How long before my 17th Birthday can i send off for my provisional drivers license?
I am approaching my 17th Birthday but am not sure when i can send off for my provisonal drivers license.

Some people tell me its 1 month before, some say 2 months!

Does anyone ...

 My son wants to rent a car for trip from MD to FL. He's 19. Can I rent it for him and have him drive?
My son and his friends wants to take a trip down to Florida from Maryland next weekend. They want to rent a car for the trip down. All 3 of them are planning to drive because of the long journey. T...

 Change address of my drivers licence. what do i have to do?

 Help - Car insurance have just said our car is £2100. We paid £3500 6 months ago?
There is just no wat we can replace it for £2100 Ive looked on autotrader & they are still being advertised for £3999, making ours £3500 a good buy.
Who stops insurance companies ripping ...

 From where do i get my "SIN" social insurance number, im 14 and i need it to geta job?
where do i go to, to get it?...

 Will the lien holder pay for damage on a hit and run if my ins. has lapsed for 3 days?

 Bought a vehicle private party. Had for less than 48 hours and its dead! What can I do?
Bought a vehicle private party. Had it for less than 48 hours and it has completely died. Had a mechanic look at it and he listed a laundry list of items that need repair. Vehicle wont even start!!...

 Whats all this about?
I had my car scrapped last week and so cancelled my insurance direct debit payments, today i recieved a letter informing me that i am liable for a cancellation charge and my insurer will charge me ...

 How to report to authorities someone driving w/a suspended license on 4 DUI's????
I work for a woman in CA that just got her fourth DUI in less than 10 years while driving w/ a suspended license and caused an accident. She spent one night in jail and paid an attorney $25,000 to ...

 Wanting to switch insurance companies and need advice, had a recent accident?
Trying to keep this short...I had an accident a couple weeks ago, it was my fault but no one else was involved (hit a cement barrier). Called current insurance co. to see how much the premium would ...

 What is the cheapest car insurer for a 23yr old guy?
Obviously in the UK, so please no irritating as hell "Try Patriot Insurance based in Washington"...

So far, Zurich appears to be the cheapest. But i'm guessing we can go ...

 Expired license plates?
can you be arrested for expired license ...

 How many feel that car insurance is a rip off? and why so?
Btw, how much do you pay roughly each month?

do you have full coverage or partial coverage?

Do you feel that this is money well spent or not?

Thanks for your answers!<...

 Can you not tell your car insurance company about your newly licensed son and still be covered if he drives?

 I have bought a car from a friend who never had the logbook, how do i tax it or get a new logbook in my name?
The car was bought by my friend who bought it from a friend then sold to me, we have no idea where the logbook (V5) is. The car is all lagitamate but has no tax, i cant tax it till its in my name, ...

 If my registration on my car is suspended can i drive in another state?

 How can I safely remove my license plate year sticker to transfer it to my new plates?
I just got personalized license plates, and I need to transfer my "07" registration plate sticker from my old plates to put on my new ones. Is it possible to do this without ruining the ...

 If you car gets damaged in a business parking lot. can you sue? who is responceable?
Please answer....

 Can u spot a fake inspection sticker?

Can i use someone else's car to take the driving test at the dmv?
need to know asap want to take test soon

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yea and they need to go with too.

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Yes as long as it is a street legal car. ie no tinted windows or anything like that

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if his insurance covers you. i think insurance determines that...

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You can use whatever car you want to use, assuming:

A) You have the permission of the owner
B) There is insurance on the vehicle
C) it's legal, plates, inspection, seat belts, all that good stuff.

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Yes you can, just make sure it will pass inspection by the examiner.

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yes you can, its better to use automatic than stick! good luck.

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Lover not a Fighter
You can use any car that is in safe condition (good registration, insurance, inspection, safe condition).

Good Luck...

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