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 Hows does this car insurance works?
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it was only for 4 weeks but really broke at minute and cant afford to replace but needed to get my daughter to and from ...

 How much will it cost to ensure my 98 trans am..iam 20 years old living in california?

 Do I need to have my license to insure my car?
Im buying my first car in a month, I know I can tranfer the title without having a license, but can I insure and register the car without having one? The car isnt going to be driven for a bit, but I ...

 Is it typical for a body shop to give me money back for letting them work on my car if insurance is paying?
My parked car got hit and other party took responsibility. I want to get it fixed. If I pay for it body shops charge $3k. If insurance pays for it the body shops will "milk" the insurance ...

 Is this Insurance Fraud?
I live in NJ, but my Grandmother lives in North Carolina, can I get a license there and say I live with her so I can register my vehicle through NC and get they're insurance rates?

If ...

 Got into an accident?
i got into an accident that had MINOR damages but it's noticeable, should i involve my insurance since the guy who hit me is being an ahole? haha .. i do want my car fixed but my dad said it'...

 I just received a parking ticket on my girlfriend's car. I'm not insured on it or registered. Am i in trouble?
I live in Ontario. I'm basically wondering if they'll actually do a background check or if I can just give her the money to go pay it. On the ticket it says "he".
Additional ...

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 How can i prove how many no claims discount years i have for my car insurance?
Is there like a place where this info can be ...

 Can my partner cancel his directline car insurance?
In the summer of this year my boyfriend wrote off his car, after 3 months of having car insurance. They have paid him the cars worth, but have messed him about by sending it straight to scrap with ...

 Im 19 years old and i cant pass my permit i study and still cant pass that **** what the hell should i do?

 I Have a trucking company one of my drivers has left with one of my truck and can not locate him help?

 How much would a Jag S Type + Insurance cost?
For my son.
Additional Details
Ok, cheap as i can get it, so oldest model i guess.

He is 17....

 I recently got a ticket for not showing proper proof on insurance.?
Hi there. I'm stupid and got pulled over with an expired insurance policy. If I bring the right documents to the clerk of court. Will they just look at the documents, or call my insurance ...

 Extended driving test?
once someone has been ordered by a judge to take an extended driving test can it ever be appealed against or can anything be done to get the order removed so a normal driving test can be taken!...

 How does State Farm determine the value of a totaled car?
I know different insurance companies have different means of determining the value of a car once it has been totaled. However, I was wondering if anyone out there knew what method State Farm uses? My ...

 Why is car insurance exhorbitant for 17 year olds and migrant workers run round with insurance thats cheaper?

Can i trade in a car thats not in my name??
the car that i have is in my husbands name and we live in a community property state...im trying to trade it in for another car and i need to know if i can do it my self or if i would need to be have him there to sign.

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car builder
No you cant do that, and yes he will have to be there to sign it. But you should be able to make the deal and everything yourself and then just have in stop in and sign for it. Thats what I do.

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No I think the owner has to sign

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No, your husband needs to sign the paper

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The name on the title has to be the trader

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u need him to be there coz he is the owner of the vehicle..... he need to sign the transfer form...

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The answer lies on the pink slip (title) if the name is:

a) Just your husband........ NO.. he must sign
b) Just your name..... yes its your car
c) You AND your husband.... NO.. you BOTH must sign
d) You OR your husband... YES.. either of you can sign.
e) Someone else's name.. dream on..


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You need your husband's signature releasing interest in the car. The odometer disclosure needs completion as well, if the car is less than ten yrs old. Living in a community property state has no bearing when titling and registering a vehicle.

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