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 If i'm from a state that doesn't require insurance, but i'm driving in one that does, do I need it?
Im just wondering since I have it right now but its going to expire soon. I have my drivers license and registration in NH but im in florida right now for college (im not a resident here though)

 I'm 17 years old and do I have to buy car insurance if my parents sit next to me?
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Can i register my car if the title isnt in my name?

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i don t know what state you live in and how there rules are, but here everything has to be in the same name, so no you would not be able to.

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That depends entirely on where you are, and what the laws are in that area. Generally speaking, no, you have to show a vehicle is yours before you can register it. Otherwise you could find a vehicle you really liked, get the plate and VIN and register it in your name and perhaps convince law enforcement it was your car and drive it home.

As I said, most states have rules in place that you must show it's yours, and an insurance verification card to register it.

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Looking for the REAL answer!
Not in Florida!

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depends on what state your in. Many states offer reg by other then the owner as in a leased car or a rental car. Ny requires the "owner" to sign a MV 95 form and or sign a section on the MV 82 form as well as supply you with a certified copy of the title showing them as the owner. In NY the insurance and reg have to be in the same name but the title can be in another. There are many states that are similar and many do not let you at all. The best bet is call your local DMV office or check their web site.

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D. Carmichael
I think it has to be registered in the name of the person on the title or loan (if it's financed). If you are just reregistering a car that is already registered then it shouldn't matter it's really just paying the fee getting the new stickers and going on your way. If it's the first time you've registered it, then it may be a little tricky, just look on your states DMV website it's different for each state.

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in NYS in certain situation yes you can. I recently had a case where the father registered the car and the title was in his daughter's name.

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If the car is NOT financed (aka owned AND titled outright by someone else) you can not register it in your name.

If the car is financed, title will be in your name, bank as the lien holder and registered in your name.

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