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 Car crash in a car park?
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 Is there any grace period for expired MOT?
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 Can I pay a damage bill from the other parties insurance Co to avoid my own company paying & save my discount?

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 What do I do if a car I want to buy has no title?
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 How long does it usually take 4 the police to find you're vehicle when it's been stolen?
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 What's the best car insurance?
im looking for a car insurance that's cheap (affordable)
so which one is the best one? That covers what the DVM ask for
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DMV* not DVM

and what'...

 Do you need to be an insured to drive other peoples cars?
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 I am a single mother who needs a cheap car the runs good can someone help?
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John Does
Can i register a car without a title and only bill of sale.?
I live in texas. i have a bike i need to get registered
The owner said it was a theft recovery and he only gave bill of sale.
I got a good deal and it runs STRONG so i dont want to use it for parts. Can i register it with onlyh abill of sale?
Additional Details
Cupcake, you are a ******** retard. thats is what the bill of sale is for. to prove i bought it

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no. you must have a title.

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I think you may have to apply for a new title

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You ask, I answer
you need the title. what you really need to do is make sure that bike isn't stolen. you should NEVER buy anything without the title. take the VIN # to a local police station along with the bill of sale, and have them run the VIN #. if it comes back clean, then you can get a new title printed up. check it. you don't want to be pulled over for something you had nothing to do with.

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m g
You will need to apply for a lost title, but it is not a good idea to pay for anything until you get the title........

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Chris B
you have to file a lost title report with the DMV, you should have had the seller do that, it costs money to get a new title. If he wasnt willing to do it, there is a chance he stole the bike, or knowingly bought it stolen.

theft recovery or not, the DMV has a title for someone on that bike.

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even a recovered stolen bike NEEDS A TITLE. Check with your state Motor Vehicle Bureau as to how to obtain a title, so you can register it. Get a WRITTEN STATEMENT from the seller as to how he acquired the bike.

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Hell no. Not to mention it is a "theft recovery." Stolen?? Run. Run fast and find another good deal on a bike. Complete with title.

But I'm going to pretend you didn't use the words "theft recovery." Some states don't require bikes to be titled. In that case, you need the bill of sale and probably a notarized affidavit from the seller (this is what I had to do in South Dakota to title a '66 motorcycle) Take it up with the DMV and they will let you know what you need.

PS: Don't call people retards. It's not nice. She's just trying to help.

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Bill P
If you have a bill of sale, you can get a title. Either lost title or mechanics lien title. You have to prove the sale to you as you said you have and provide proof of insurance

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Lost title then you can register it. You can't sell it, but you can drive it. Did with a car I had in Texas, so I know.

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somarathana m
I think it

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First... I've bought 'vehicles' "out-of-stsate"! It's NOT a 'pretty' scenario if you do NOT have the TITLE... BUT!!! With a BILL of SALE, YES, it IS possible! Even WITH the title, you will need an 'out-of-state' inspection... Some states are more stringent than others! SOME will want to make SURE that the vehicle it ROAD-WORTHY!!! ! ALL of them will want to collect a FEE for 'transferring... 'Title'... Some states are really 'lenient' about 'Titles', and a NOTORIZED 'Bill-ofSale' is good enough to transfer the 'title'!

"I" say to YOU... "CAVEAT EMPTOR"!!! If 'you' ACQUIRE any kind of motor vehicle, and CAN NOT OBTAIN a CLEAR 'TITLE'... (or talk to / make arrangements through, a REPUTABLE mortgae holder) , then SHAME on YOU!!! (There is ALWAYS that 'THING about a DEAL being TOO good to be TRUE!!!) Better THINK, LONG, and HARD, before you go against THAT age-old 'adage'...

CAN the title be transferred? YES... And, in some cases, it's NOT a big deal! But, You WILL need a 'notorized' title, or 'Bill-of-Sale'... I would not want ANY LESS, for my OWN, PERSONAL 'comfort'... 'SOMEONE 'witnessed' ME, TRANSFERRING 'funds', to 'SOMEONE', in exchange for...

ANYONE who is 'selling' a legitimate item, will:
i) Be WILLING to SHOW you that the serial numbers on the CAR/ BIKE/ ATV/ whatever MATCH the numbers on the FRAME/ MOTOR/ (wherever the manufacturer tell you they are)...

ii) Serial numbers are USUALLY stamped in more that ONE place! don't be fooled because the 'seller' is ready to SHOW you how they 'match'! (In the OBVIOUS places)! LOOK around! (I would ADVISE that you DO a little 'home-work'! ) KNOw WHERE that MANUFACTURER PLACES HIS 'STAMPS', AND look FOR THEM...

If you don't 'GET-IT' by NOW... Good Luck...


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without title, you don't own the bike and therefore cannot register it. A bill of sale is only a receipt but it doesn't mean you own the bike and the person with the title in their possession can legally take the bike back at any time. That would be like me seeing a nice luxury car on the street and then trying to register it to me when I don't have the title!! that is impossible. If you file for a lost title like others are suggesting, you could be charged for fraud and if it is found out the bike was stolen, you'll be accused of grand auto theft because the title can reappear with the real person on the title. Since you never had the 'lost' title to begin with, if you REALLY believe and know it was lost then I guess you could gamble and file for it.

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