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 If you are driving w/ a revoked liscence for not paying the balance of a speeding ticket?
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 Can anyone please help me find who has the license plate EH70PY?
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 I reversed into a petrol pump in Morrisons but my car insurance had been cancelled?
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 I have an Automatic only licence, can I legally drive a Triptronic car?

 How can I dispute an accident that my insurance is saying im at 100% at fault.?
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 If i get in a car accident that is not my fault but i have no insurance, what would happen?
Big mistake, since most of the car insurance payment is because of my husband's record and car (he has to pay 90, i have to pay 15) I told him it was his responsibility and i would provide him 15...

joey g
Can a person file a police report of an accident they were in after they leave the scene? (the next day etc?)?
My friend hit a girl (he was driving a rental) and it did minor damage to her car and none to hers. She got all his insurance information, and asked him on a date in which he is going on right now, a day later. He feels obligated because she didnt file a police report and my question is, since she left the scene of the accident and it was mutual, is it even possible for her to file one? (she seems to be hanging it over his head, i'm tryin to get him out of this situation! hahah) I'm in Georgia if that helps, please help soon! He is there now!

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Of course, in fact if you don't you could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. But of course by delaying you have taken away the ability of the police to do a good accident report since time has gone by and the cars are no longer available to be seen. About all they can do now is take a "he said she said" statement and then probably say there is no way at this late date to establish which party is responsible for the accident.

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Yeah, its possible. But there is a time limit if no criminal activity was involved. Not sure what that limit is in georgia.

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Yes. Its called Cold Reporting. Most police departments would prefer you do this - if there is not substantial damage to the vehicles, or there is no alcohol or drug use suspected.

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It depends on how much damage there was. In any case, you should always file a report. If the other party doesn't file one, the police will contact them.
Make sure the other party does not come back at him with injury reports that aren't true. Insist that a doctor examine her. If she refuses, make sure the insurance company is aware of this fact.

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love my wife
Yep, you can report it later. I called the police when I got in a minor accident and they told me to come down to the station and report it when I had the time. You just basically give them a statement.

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if georgia is like indiana you can file an insurance claim without a police report i had a minor fender bender last year and when we called police they didnt really want to make a report since it was minor and she admitted fault also if someone is concerned about insurance rates going up over an accident they can pay damages out of pocket

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ricardo v
No matter where it happen, you can always file a report either way. If she is holding it over his head then simply refer her to the police and let it happen. It was an accident, they exchanged information and that's that. They both left the seen with understanding of information exchange of insurance. She will find that the delay on her part will be more difficult for her to start anything after the fact. Since your friend gave her the information at this point he has low liability. Blow her off and request that she contact the insurance information, then again if your looking to get luckie, watch out it might be a bargains !

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Yes you can. In Tennessee you have seven (7) days to file the report. But there is also a law that says you have to "provide immediate notice" which means you need to contact the police as soon as it is possible.

I don't know about Georgia, My suggestion would be to call and report the crash, that way no one can claim damages that did not actually happen in this collision.

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