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 Is this a crime? If so, what kind?
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Nothing but roadworks, substandard road surfaces, pot holes,massive traffic jams. Where does our money go?
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 My fathers vehicle is insured under his name but i drive it. If I get in a wreck will his insurance cover it?
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 How do i get road tax for my scooter when my insurance has expired?
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 In a car accident no police report?
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 Can you insure(get insurance )if a car does NOT have a valid MOT.?

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 I hit a car witch was parked illegally can they claim even though housing have asked them not 2 park there?

 Driving without papers?
yesterday i was stoped by police. I have no license and no insurance. I've told police officer that i left my polish license at home, with was a lie coz i don't have any license at all

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Ive been driving 5 years clean licence i know 90 sounds a lot but i was on a ...

 For young Male drivers who is the best car insurance company to go with?
I want cheap
I am 19
I have a smal 1.1 car and i have 1 years no claims
Never crashed
No C...

 I'm 15, and I live in Texas. Can i get a car title in my name.?
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 Car Insurance Question??
I am fully comp...my dad is fully comp...Is he legally insured to drive my car?...

 I got in car accident, they rear-ended my car and i am in pain, should i contact a lawyer?
i was rear-ended on thursday and i have major head aches and back pains, my car is destroyed and dont have a vehicle to go to work, i am still paying for my vehicle, none of the insurances involve ...

 If my 17yrs old daughter drives my car but doesnt have insurance and gets into an accident..is she covered?

Additional Details
in LA

and the car itself is insured....

Can I sell a car without the title?
I still owe on my car to the bank, therefore I dont have the vehicle title yet. Is there a way for me to sell the car to someone else, even if they can't get the title, or would they be able to get the title, as long as I'm making payments on the vehicle?

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You will have to prepare a contract, if they are taking over the payments, you will want to make sure the car note is paid every month. Once the car is paid and you get the title, if stated in your contract with the buyer, you can give them the title. PLEASE make sure you have a contract, even if it is a family member.

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you can talk to your lender sell the care take the money, give it to your lender get the tittle give the title to the new owner. if you have money left over you can apply for a personal loan and pay for it.

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i dont think so... you have to have the title before... unless they buy it from the bank or something...

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once u sell the car you pay off the bank and they give you the title or they actually could send it directly to the buyer

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Scott S
The lender has the title, so the loan must be paid off before you can sell the vehicle.

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nope. you will have to have the car paid off and the title cleared in order to sell it. the title will be needed for the buyer to title it in their name

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no, they cant get car registered

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bank will have to consent to the sale in order for you to sell it outright. but you will still owe the bank the money you took out for the car even if you sell the car.

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According to wisegeek.com it could be done depending on the state. It should be avoided.

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You do not own the car...the title is held by the owner...the bank.

If you want to sell the car...you have to pay off the loan...the amount you charge the buyer needs to be the payoff of the loan...and whatever else you decide to get from him. Once you pay off the loan...you will receive the title...then you can sign it over.
try this link:

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You sound very naive

simply no and who would trust you to continue making the payments.

The best you could hope for is for someone to take over the payments for you.

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No. You would have to pay the vehicle off, get the title, then assign it to the purchaser.

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Kyle Z

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No. Against the law

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no you have to sign the title over to the new owner before anyone can even buy it

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Orange County, NY mom
It is illegal for you to sell a car without a clear title. The bank has to be paid & then clear the title before you can sign it over to someone for them to register it, it can be sold for parts without a title but if there's money owed then that bank will come after you if you do not pay & if they find out it was sold without being paid off then they have legal rights to hold you accountable & even criminal depending on your state............

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