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Johnathan F
Can I drive my parents' car if I am not on their insurance?
-Currently in college out in NYC and I don't have a car out there
-Parents are in CA and they took me off of their insurance when I left
-I'm going back home for a couple of weeks and would like to drive the car

Can I?

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You have to be insured on ANY car you plan to drive.

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Yes, but if there's an accident, you won't be covered.

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The best idea would be for your parents to call their insurance company and let them know that you will be coming home and driving the car for a few weeks and ask the insurance company if you need to be rated for that few weeks or not.

I would think that it is only a few weeks, as long as you have a valid license you should be ok driving the car with your parents permission of course. It doesn't seem like it will be a regular basis... since it will just be a few weeks out of the year. BUT it is best to call the insurance company to be sure!

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Typically, yes. The insurance is on the car. It depends on the policy and the carrier, but most carriers will still cover the car. Its the lawsuits that you will get hosed on. If you have an accident then you might find yourself in hot water. I wouldn't worry about it too much, just be careful.

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You can DO anything you and your parents desire to do. However if you're in an accident, you won't be covered and if you're stopped by the police you could be in deep doo doo.

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If you drive the car once or twice (and can prove it - good luck) you'll have no trouble.

But most insurance companies will add you to the policy for a couple of months - while you're back home - for a small charge. Check with the company or agent.

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Ramzi al-Kaboom
It varies on the insurance companies, but the majority of insurance companies in California wouldn't cover you. The reason for this is since you go to college, insurance companies assume you still rely on your parents, and therefore you could still drive their car regularly as if you were living in their house. Very likely they have you excluded from the policy meaning if you drive the car there would be no coverage.

These rules really apply to most non-preferred companies (Infinity, Viking, Mercury, Carnegie, SCJ, etc). Preferred companies (AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, etc) rules are more lenient in that aspect, and you shouldn't have too much problems. Have your parents call them to see if you're covered.

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