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 Tax and insurance question..?
my boyfriends dad just got a new car so he gave my boyfriend his old one.
it has no tax or insurance on it right now.

we already have a car of our own so do not need his dads car.

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 Im 19 and nxt month i will have2years no claims bonus, wat is the best and fastest car i could get insured on?
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 I was caught going 75MPH on a 55MPH road. I live in Illinios?
Can I talk to a judge and ask him if i can attend a traffic school to keep the ticket off my record for insurance purposes
And can I obtain court supervision.
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 If you get points on your licence after how long will they be wiped off?

 What is an acceptable car insurance cost for newly passed 19 yr old male?
What's the acceptable range?

Please don't start giving me infos about quotes and stuffs, i've done them all thousands times, just asking for A PRICE you would think as FINE. ...

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right i am 17 i have my full uk driving licence!

my dad owns a 1.4 red vw polo which he is insured on.
tomorrow he will insure me on the car as a second driver

my question ...

Can I drive a used car home without plates or should i put plates from old car on to drive home several miles?

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Get a bill of sale and drive the limit, get it legal a.s.a.p, most cops will understand.

If they dont you will get a ticket.

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you should have insurance with your carrier if you just bought the car, like alfa will automatically give you 10 days to come in. call your local dmv. check their rules regarding grace period for registration of newly acquired vehicle

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Each state has different requirements and regulations regarding temporary plates or registration. You should contact the DMV directly to find out how to go about this process and avoid getting a ticket.

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Michael M
Get temporary plates in your state. Far cheaper than the one time ticket for not having a registered car.
I did research on this to move a car from one state to another.
Believe me it will be cheaper.

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Go to the local motor vehicle administration and purchase a 15 day temporary tag to move the car. This is not more that 50.00 which is far less than if you put wrong tags on car and get pulled over.

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You should get it registered and insured first. This is the best and safest way to avoid a ticket or being sued if you get into an accident.

However, most police will not ticket you for this. Some won't care. Make sure your drive the speed limit and drive carefully. Have the car you took the plate from drive behind you for protection. If you get into an accident, you are driving an uninsured car and could be sued.

I advise getting the registration and insurance. Why go through the headache if something goes wrong?

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thomas m
Ok I would say to not do either.You will get in big trouble. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

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Both are illegal. Go register the car and get the legal plates - if they can't give them to you right there, you can get a temporary plate. In my state, that's good for 15 days, and the regular plates would be mailed to you.

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Neither. Get the car registered and insured before you drive it. Alot can happen in a couple of miles. If something does happen... you are royally Screwed!!

Some state insurance guidelines will insure any car that you buy automatically and give you 30 days to give the insurance company notice. Check with your local state guidelines to see if this is allowed. Otherwise, dont drive the car until it is insured and registered.

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Both are illegal. However, if you drive without plates, but have just purchased the vehicle and have insurance, it is a small fine.

If you put the wrong plates on a vehicle, the car will be towed if you are caught, you will pay towing and impound fees, and still get a ticket. It is a much more serious charge.

The cheapest way to go if you don't want to get a ticket is to just have the car towed to where you want it until you get the proper paperwork to get it licensed.

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