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jay c
Can DEAF people drive a car?
What did the law say about it? "In California?"

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probably not.
go see a doctor asap.

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Never ever ever ever ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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kayla m
i have a deaf uncle and he cant drive and no one else at the nursing home can drive either so there u go welcome

message me lollypop303

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Tina R
Of course deaf people can drive!
Usually it goes by an individual basis, but most deaf people are permitted to drive. The driving record for deaf people is actually statistically better than the record for people who can hear!

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They can in Ohio. I knew someone who did. They just have to be extra-vigilant, I'd think...such as constantly looking in the rearview mirror in case there's an ambulance.

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Boy, there are sure a bunch of idiots answering questions on this site. Of course deaf people can drive cars.

From page 75 of the California Drivers Handbook, located at

Hearing is more important to
driving than many people realize.
The sound of horns, a siren, or
screeching tires can warn you of
danger. Sometimes you can hear a
car but you cannot see it, especially
if it is in your blind spots.
Even people with good hearing
cannot hear well if the radio, CD, or
tape deck is blaring. While driving,
do not wear a headset or earplugs
in both ears.
Hearing problems, like bad eyesight,
can come on so slowly that
you do not notice them. Drivers
who know they are deaf or hearing-
impaired can adjust. They can
learn to rely more on their seeing

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