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One of these


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California DMV and AAA?
My mom has a car that has be in non-operation status for over 2 years. I now have the money $$$$ to fix it. However, we need to get that red sticker in the window to show that the fees have been paid (so it will not be ticketed).

Once the motor is fixed, then we can get it smogged and THEN get the tags.

I was told from a friend that we can go to the AAA office and there is a DMV inside the AAA. I went online to the AAA website and it did NOT say anything about a car coming OFF OF non-operational status. (It did say what to do to put a car ON non-operational status).

If we decide to pay the fees online this coming Monday, we will not have that little red sticker that same day will we? I am taking that car in this Tuesday on the 17th. I can't wait for this thing to come in the mail. I need this sticker pronto.

Does anyone know what I am talking about? Does anyone know of a AAA office near Perris, CA? In Riverside or Temecula? I do not want to get down to the AAA office and they tell my mother and I that they can not help me and we need to go to the "real" DMV office instead.
Time is of the essence.

Purchasing a new/used car is out of the question. Please, just answer the question. The car we have is paid off and has been paid off for some time, we just needed a LOT of money to fix it and now-I have the money. Another loan is not what we need.

Thank you
Additional Details
Na, the car is a 1999 and we do have the current information/statement for our tags. The tags are only $85, which is nothing compared to the oil pump that the car needs! It also only has about 83K miles on it. It always passed before, no reason it would not now. It's been sitting for 2 years.

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Why not just skip all this foolishness and move back into the United States.

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AAA and the state DMV offices are completely different entities. That person must have had something completely confused.

Look... if you have AAA, you can have them tow the car to your repair shop, and your repair shops should be able to get you the inspection tag. You will probably need to go to the county courthouse where they do the plates and registration tags, and get fresh ones for that vehicle. I suspect you may have to bring one of the old plates off the car with you.

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Benjamin W
The red temporary operating sticker (which is only good for 30 days) can ONLY be obtained at a DMV office. You can not get one by paying the fees online. Sorry.

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There is a DMV within the AAA office, but the DMV within the AAA office doesn't cover all of the DMV. You have to be a member of the AAA to get to use the DMV within the AAA.
If you are worry that the AAA doesn't cover, call AAA and asked them to transfer you to the DMV department and then you ask the question.

You shouldn't do the AAA online. You should go to the AAA office to go to the DMV.

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Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Hi! Don't waste your time at the AAA office. Instead, go to the DMV website and find the field office closest to you.
AS you are in a "hurry" an appt. is apparently out of the question. As a result, plan on spending about an hour in line. BE SURE to take the most recent registration info. you have for the car. If you can't find the registration from ~2 yrs. ago, just be sure to copy the 17 digit VIN #. You'll find this on the drivers' door jamb and at the bottom of the windshiield. The DMV will need this # to research the latest registration.
You'll need to pay to bring the registration current and you'll be given a "red sticker" with a white # in the middle. That # is the MONTH by which you must complete the smog and other repairs.
By the way, how do you know it will pass the smog test? You better be reasonably certain it won't be classified as a "gross polluter."
You may also wish to check the BAR website for further info. It's also listed below. Good luck.

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