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 My car MOT runs out in a month, if it is retested before expiry and fails is previous cert stil valid?

 Is there any grace period for expired MOT?
I am 26 days late in having my car tested hope there is not a fine?...

 Can I pay a damage bill from the other parties insurance Co to avoid my own company paying & save my discount?

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My girlfreind who is a named driver on a provisional licencee scratched a parked car in a car park whilst manouvering. There is a 4 inch scratch on the ladies car. We ...

 What do I do if a car I want to buy has no title?
I am interested in buying a vehicle, but the seller does not have the title. What can go wrong? And what is there to worry about? (What is the bad? lol) And, also...what can I do? Thanks....

 How long does it usually take 4 the police to find you're vehicle when it's been stolen?
I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee that truck runs so good and someone stole it Tuesday.The police up here in the Washington DC area seem like they're taking there time.My pocket book and everything was ...

 What is the Annual Road Tax for private car in UK?
Motor Tax i.e. Road Fund How much?...

 What's the best car insurance?
im looking for a car insurance that's cheap (affordable)
so which one is the best one? That covers what the DVM ask for
Additional Details
DMV* not DVM

and what'...

 Do you need to be an insured to drive other peoples cars?
My sister has agreed to let me use her car, so when my college courses start up I can get back and fourth provided I help with gas. My mom is telling her I that she shouldn't though because ...

 What happens if a driver without insurance rear-ends you?
What happens if another vehicle runs into your car, but the other driver doesn't have insurance? Are you pretty much just screwed?...

 How do I get car insurance for my 1972 VW Van????
I can get basic coverage for my van but not full coverage. Does anyone know where i can get full coverage for this van. I drive this van more than 12000 miles a year
Additional Details

 I am a single mother who needs a cheap car the runs good can someone help?
I need it to take my kids to school and get to work. I have 450 now and can make payments.
Additional Details
I only have $450.00 now and credit is not good enough to get a car with that ...

 Does anyone know what is classed as minors on the practical driving test?

 What age can you get your provisional license for driving in the U.K?
Northern Ireland based .......
Additional Details
yea car,,,,could my dad teach me at 16 years old...with a provisional.....

 Lost MOT Certificate!?
Hi all, My car will need an MOT soon but I can't find the current certificate. Would they be able to do the certificate without it and issue a new one? Or do they have to see the currect one to ...

 If I had an accident as a named driver, do I have to declare this as a claim when getting new car insurance?

 Will my drivers liscense number change when I get married?
I live in the state of Florida and the first part of your liscense number is a letter. Will this letter change?...

 Will insurance cover you if you kicked someones vehicle and caused damage to it?
i was angry at a guy and kicked his vehicle a few times. I feel very bad and confessed to him and want to take care of the issue but the estimate is too high and was curious if my insurance would ...

 What do you think about this accident?
my friend was hit by a truck while crossing the street going to work he was about five step's from the last curb when he was hit. he said he saw the truck coming and jumped on top of it for he ...

 What do you do/ where do you g if you lose the Title to your car?
Also, are there places that pay a little money to pick the car up and tow it away? My car died and I bought a new one. I kind of just want to get rid of the old one and not worry about selling it....

 Should I drive my dads car?
Ok so right now I am in my dads car by myself in a parking lot with no one around I don't have a license but I have nothing to do so I want to drive his car around in the parking lot I am ...

CAN you Change your VIN numbers on a car?
hey need help asap ..my ex left his car at my house and I cant get anything on it cause its in his name is ther a way around all that .. can you get new vin numbers?? please help!! thanks

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Fred C
Of course you can't get anything on it, it is his car. Ask him to sign it over to you.

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Car M
Impossible. Just junk the damn thing. Junk it or give it away.

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♥ Uwish ♥
VINs are like a vehicles fingerprints. You cannot change or alter a VIN on the vehicle it is illegal.

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1st you have very nice BOOBS..then no way to change VIN
or they will luck you up..enjoy..!!

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Scott W
not legally unless it was totaled.

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L. A
u cannot (legally) change a cars VIN number.

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the devil i
go to the dmv and tell them your ex owes you money for storing his vehicle and that you want to file a lien and they will provide you with the lien papers. they usually come with instructions and it is pretty easy.

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you cannot get new VIN numbers; once a car is assigned a VIN number, that number is supposed to stay with the car throughout its life.

You could steal VIN numbers though, and swap them, but that's illegal.

Could you tell your ex to come and drive his car away?

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gary o
No, but possession is the main deal. So hide it!

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Clevis D
..number 34DD, oops, I mean.....dang!

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Not legally....

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No, you cannot change vin numbers legally,,but you can have it towed away!! Abandonded!!
Good Luck

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ken y
with a top like that, anything is possible
it won't be legal but it can be done

better yet file a lien against it and charge him $50 per day storage .until he pays up or signs it over to you

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