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After car insurance expires, how many days do you have to renew it?
My friend just got his car towed for no insurance, I thought you have 30 days after the effective date. Can someone please tell me so I can help him get his car back. SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!

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To back up what Ronald already said quite well, even if your insurance gives you 30 days to pay your premium without a penalty, once your insurance is expired, it is expired. It runs out at midnight on the date on the card, and if you have a wreck at 12:01 am and then pay your premium at 12:02 on line with a credit card, you were not covered at 12:01 and had no insurance.

If you were stopped, and could not produce a card showing you had insurance, the officer was correct in having the car towed, and to get it back you'll need proof of insurance.

No, no insurance company will 'give' you 30 days free insurance after your policy expires. As stated they won't charge you a penalty in some cases if you take care of it in the 30 day period, nor will they notify the state who will then pull your license in some cases until 30 days goes by.

Same thing with license plates. I tell people constantly "No, you may have 30 days to pay without a penalty charge, but when you're plates are expired, they are expired and you can't continue to drive for 30 days on an expired plate."

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ronald h
Here is your serious answer from someone in the business for 30 years. When it expires, it gone. There is no grace period as far as the legal community is concerned. If you are involved in an accident. the copany will not go back and cover your loss. The police will give you a citation for no insurance. If you are stopped for a traffic violation, your car may be towed in addtion to the citation which will cost several hundred dollars to get it back. If you are quick enough you can send in the payment that is due and if they accept it you will get a renewal with no lapse of coverage.r

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Scott H
Do you or your friend understand what "expires" means? There may be a grace period after that, but it probably varies company to company.

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George A
Once the insurance has expired, it's expired. Even if the insurance company gives their client a grace period, that is to keep the account from being canceled- not from being issued a citation by the police or having the car towed/impounded.

What the officer will go by is the printed effective from/to dates on the paper certificate your friend must carry at all times in the vehicle.

For example: If the certificate shows the effective dates are from Jan 1, 2009 to Mar 1, 2009 & the renewal was not paid on or before March 1st, then the insurance certificate is expired & if stopped by the police after March 1st, then the driver could be issued a citation & the vehicle is subject to be towed/impounded. (It's a different ballgame if he did have valid insurance, but had just forgotten to replace the expired certificate with the new valid one).

To get his vehicle out of impound, he is going to have to get his insurance renewed, then take the valid proof of insurance & go see the agency he needs to get the paperwork and pay the impound fees to so he can get his vehicle released back to him.

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Kristen W
..... when your insurance expires that means YOUR INSURANCE HAS EXPIRED THEN AND THERE. there is a certain date on your insurance for a reason, if the expirey date is march 17 that means that you can drive it up until 12am that night/day. after that day, you will be driving ilegally and will get pulled over.

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what is it about EXPIRED that is not understood...
1 read the policy..some co's will give you a few days to renew but not in writing? forget it
2 why should they give you "free" insurance which is what it is ...you didn't pay and yet stay insured??
3 if your insurance expires they can make you reapply at a higher rate..
4 to get car back pay fine and storage...adds up fast dont delay..

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If you insurance is expired, then you have no coverage until it is renewed. You don't have to renew it if you don't want to, but you would be driving illegally and be liable for any consequences.

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Ansell A
If it expires then it is expired, end off.
There is no "Grace" period.

If they want to get their car back then they must have valid insurance or it will not be released and could be crushed.

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