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 Continuing Immigration and Asylum? Will it all end in tears will it lead to civil unrest on our streets?
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 How did the USA get by until Mexicans single-handedly invented manual labor several years ago?
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 What would happen if every state make this law?
It is against the law to hire or house any illegal. If you hire an illegal you looose your business licence for up to 5 years. If you house any illegal it would be a felony and up to 1 years in jail ...

 Whats your views on multiculturalism?
How do you feel about it? Is it gonna make the world a better place
when were all one race?

I for one think the UK is a tense place at the moment with so many
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 Seriously...if our government doesn't give a "rip" about illegal immigration what can we do about it?
I'm dead serious.what can we do that doesn't violate the laws if they choose not to do anything?
Nothing that's what.Suck it up and take it I guess.Because frankly I don't ...

 Why do so many feel the need to show racism against mexicans when asked their opinion on immigration issues?
Seriously the issue is about Illegal immigration not a free for all to put mexicans down.
Additional Details
Read the questions on immigration NOTICE ALL THE BIGOTRY AND RACISM thrown in ...

 How do you like this immigration poem?
I wrote this one myself

Go ahead, make us undocumented immigrants.
For heaven's walls don't ask for visas.

Go ahead, make us illegal immigrants.
For on ...

 Which is the nationality of a baby born in London?
If both parents are European?, is there a good web page explaining the steps to get him the passport once had been already registered?


 Are the minute men on the border standing up for America or are they a scare on the country"s image?
Do they really do the country a service or are the just causing hatred?...

 Do you think that is a good or bad idea to build a fence between USA and Mexico?

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You need to educate yourself more before you give your stupid opinion....


 From the "British" Muslim population what is your guess as to the % who give support to terrorism ?

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0 .0001%, 0.1% 0.2% ,1%, 2% or more ?...

 How does a country of immigrants become so xenophobic?
Essentially, most citizens of the United States are or have been immigrants in the last 200 years or so. These people left countries which oppressed them on religious, social or economic grounds to ...

Why don't people like immigration?
Ok I am an anglo, 14, and if I was president, I would loosen the borders a lot, especially with Latin America. I used to hate immigrants, and want the borders to be closed.. I have changed lol!

why are people so intolerant of immigrants? Now yes, I hate that some don't like America, but that's only a few immigrants. Most immigrants really don't care about what country they are in, as long as that nation offers great schools, is a free country, and so forth.

so why do we hate immigrants so much? people especially hate the ppl from mexico. WHY? seriously now..

the religious right especially hate the immigrants from mexico.. at least most immigrants are religious christians.

so why the hate? who is with me on loosening the borders?
Additional Details
well to rid the illegal immigration problem, oru government needs to allow more legal immigrants. yet any time a bill is proposed, it is all over websites and people are like "oppose it. it's bad." and all racist nasty comments.

maybe if the people would vote for legislation that would allow more LEGAL immigrants, illegal immigration wouldn't be the problem.

or if we offered amnesty.. the people would have to pay the taxes now and such. Hello! lol

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♥ Sarah Bear ♥
People aren't intolerant of immigrants, they are intolerant of illegal immigrants. There is a difference. People don't want other people coming into this country illegally.

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Native Americans Suffer at the Hands of Big Business' Greed
Dr. Martin Brass

–a crime where a lot of politicians think cops should look the other way
Officer James J. Fotis (Ret.), Executive Director, LEAA

The illegal immigration wars now fought in the ugliest arena of all – the courts
Dr. Martin Brass

From voter fraud to crime and drugs, Zion is paying the price for its hospitality
Dr. Martin Brass

Human waves shut down Leatherneck's training
Dr. Martin Brass

go see this i'm tired af answering this question for every dumbfuck in the goddamn world and my fingers are getting tired just know this they are ******* useless to me and costing me money and i don't ******* need them

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I can tell you are 14 years old ...

You are speaking from your heart and not your head ... the impact of all those illegal immigrants would destroy America. Mexico is the one that needs to change , not the U.S. ... research Mexicos goverment, the way they do buisness and the way they treat people.

Also , I noticed the only one that backed you up was angela R. don't be swayed by her , she is a total whack job ...

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well u were an imigrant hater...what made u change??
if u still hate immigrants u probably hate me...(^_^) but i dont live in the USA i live in Spain..

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hi... jus wanna check.. y cant gov allow anyone to come to the country... no one owns the world. let anyone livewhere they want to live. if u want the tax to be paid, he must pay, but illegal immigrant happens coz his visa never gets approved... why is visa and refusal of visa occuring... thats the mainreason for all the bad things and hatred between countries occuring///

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German R
Good question for your fellow citizens....

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Truthfully I think it comes down to skin color. If the illegal immigrants were primarily Irish or Polish, you probably wouldn't hear a peep. And I bet you'd hear about what good workers they are and there might even be a huge movement to give them amnesty. But since the illegals entering the US are Latinos and darker complected, they stick out more.

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legal immigration is fine... illegal immigrants violate the laws of our land the moment they come across the border

do you want a country full of people that have no respect for the law?

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Jeff L
I have found that MOST but not all illegal immigrants are very hard working people and very nice. But the problem I have with them is this- I have worked in construction all my life. The illegal immigrants are willing to work for so cheap that it is difficult to make any money in the construction industry. I had a contractors license in California and I lost many job contracts to illegal immigrants, because they are willing to work so cheap. They make it difficult for a small company to get anywhere. When I was a laborer 20 yrs ago, I made $8 an hr. Now a laborer only makes $6 an hr. I was told by an illegal immigrant that $50 in america is like having $5000 in Mexico. That is why they work so cheap. And on top of that, they don't pay their taxes. I am an equipment operator for a company now, and I make $10 more a week than my Mexican laborer because he claims the maximum dependants(he has no children yet) so not much tax comes out of his check. I could do the same thing but at the end of the year when I file my taxes , I would either have to show proof or make up for the tax money that should have came out of my check. My laborer simply does not file his taxes. He has fake social security number. I have a commercial drivers license and operate a trackhoe and I make $10 more a week than a guy that operates nothing but a shovel. Also the illegal immigrants get american women pregnant(I know several who have) and refuse to pay the child support because it is too much money. So people like me get stuck paying for it. I have many more issues these are just a few. In all honesty I have found that illegal immigrants are very good people and I don't hate them, but they are a big problem .

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I am a child of immigrants - the legal kind, which everybody learned to love.
The term "immigrant" should not apply to those entering our country illegally, period. There are not a "few" of them, there are between 10 and 12 million of them here illegally now, and they cost you and me quite a bit.
Besides, where would we go to live when they turn America into Mexico?
A balanced immigration policy exists, it's just too hard to enforce it with our open borders.
The so-called government of Mexico depends on us to take in those who would otherwise depose their ineffectual leaders.
Wow - I'm on a soap box!!

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Campbell Gramma
not immigrants.....

ILLEGAL immigrants......who do not pay taxes....or become citizens...or teach their children English....

who send their money back to their " home " country.........if you come here to live...THIS should be your home....and you should follow the rules,and pay your dues.... just like everyone else...

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Hey Kyle, See I don't think it is the immigration that is the problem but the illegal part. The reason we have the immigration laws are so that we don't take on so many people that our economy can't handle it. I am all about loosening the borders but upstairs has to figure our a way to accommodate it, more jobs more housing, and more room. Some people hate the immigrants because of racial reasons which is just ridiculous. There are many different reasons but I think you should look into following the line of becoming a politician. With a little heart you may be the key to fixing the immigration problem.

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It isn't this one or that one, it is the vast numbers of them. And it isn't what ethnic group they are, it is how poor they are, and that they don't speak English.

The reason our country and every other country in the world that subsidizes services like education limits the number of poor people who can come is because poor people cost much more in education and services than their taxes cover. Not only do we end up paying for them, they drain the funds needed for education and health care, etc., for our own people.

We do let in some poor immigrants, unlike countries like Mexico, which don't legally let in any, other than family. However, that number needs to be limited. We can not pay to educate and give health care to all of the poor of the world. Our schools are failing our children, my children, in our border states and areas where illegal immigrants concentrate.

For legal immigrants that come under a limited immigration system designed to protect our schools and services, them I have no problem with. Immigration has been good for this country, but that is in big part because our laws over the last 80 years have been slanted to bringing in the skilled workers we need, rather than the poorest unskilled workers who tend to be the ones who come illegally.

You have a good heart. However, if you view this country as a lifeboat to the world's poor, remember that if too many get in and it sinks, it will save no one.

My point is that even if poor people pay taxes they don't make enough money to pay much of anything towards their education and other costs. We pay for them. Otherwise we would just let them all in and tax them. It doesn't work that way.

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You are more than entitiled to your opinion. When you grow up and start working for your depressed wages, get as many illegal immigrants as you can fit - 80-100 if you can do it - and let them stay there, financially support them, and take care of their children.

I am not with you. 85% of America is not with you.

Someday you may grow up to understand. Now, saying things like intolerants and knowing what illegals feel shows you may be lying about your age.


The economics are in -
Deport them - 250 billion once
Keep them here - 1/2 trillion dollars and rising
Freedom - priceless.

Save a Country - Deport an Illegal

English as National Language

Don't be fooled. They are not here for a better life. The better life and future they want is YOURS. Illegals depress your wages 200 billion a year alone not including what your paying for them in taxes.

One other note. I've never met any 14 year old that ever referred to himself as Anglo, let alone what that actually means.

Your parents lied to you. What you are proposing is another war for independance from Mexico and that's what all these amnesties are going to add up to. Are you that stupid enough to think just make them legal and there is no more problem?

Apparantly so.

We send our troops everywhere in the world to defend freedom, we sure as hell can defend our own borders. Now you can stop believing the lies and face the truth.

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People think that immigrants are going to "steal" their jobs by working for lower wages etc, when truth be told most "white" people are too proud to take the kind of jobs these immigrants take (like cleaners etc), they would rather live in their little hovels and be on unemployment than get the asses out into the world and work.

When your life is miserable you need someone to blame because most people wont take responibility for it themselves, that is why people hate immigrants.

To those replies having a go about sending money home to their *country* think about you family living in abject poverty in high crime with little to no medical and on the verge of starvation - you make it to a country where you can make more cash then you would have had the oppourtunity *back home* and see if you don't send some to your family. You people have so much and you begrudge others what little they can scratch together to survive, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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You are a 14 year old sucker, who obviously has no idea how the world works. LOL. What a douche.....

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That's a good damn question...... and it is ironic to realize that EVERYONE in this country is an ancestor of an immigrant. hmmmm........

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OK Son, I'll try to give you an old man's perspective since you state you're only 14. By the way 14 is a great age. You're beginning to reason with abstract thoughts and question the world around you. I can tell by your question that you already have a social conciousness.

So, am I with you in loosening immigration laws, particularly for Mexicans? Answer: yes and no. Yes, if Mexico reciprocates to the extent that Americans are permitted the same rights as native mexicans. Including the right to own property and not just lease it, and to gain mexican citizenship in full, not just partially.

No, in the sense that those who come here without skills go on welfare and SSI, eventhough they have never contributed a dime to social security, medicare or any other social safety nets our taxes pay for. No other country in the world opens it's welfare system carte blanche to foreigners.

You see Young Man, we are one of the few nations in the world that has to put up fences, not to keep our own people in, but keep millions of foreigners out. And of course our border patrol agents are fighting a losing battle. Those people really are modern day heroes in my humble opinion.

If you are refering to hatred of immigrants base on racial bias then I am definitely with you. Mexicans are wonderfully warm and good natured people. You won't find a harder worker or a better employee or supervisor than the typical mexican worker. But our social infrastructure is straining near to the breaking point. And we are running out of space. When I was your age we did not even have 2 hundred million people in America. This Sept. they say we will surpass 3 hundred million. That's one hundred million in only one generation! So, By the time you are my age, 59, you can expect to be sharing this beautiful country with atleast 6 hundred million to a billion people. Where will you put them, in high rises?

So something must be done. Perhaps your generation will be able to fix what mine has so miserably failed to do. Good luck, study hard, and become President of these United States someday!

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Sweetie, it's not immigrants. It's ILLEGAL immigrants that are causing all the problems. Do you truly think people who come here illegally and do not pay taxes should have the same rights and privileges as legal citizens who do?

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Miss Suga Babii
i think its b/c they think that they should stay in their own country where they came from. people r stupid wen it comes to crap like that. i hate it too. so ur not the only on!! hope that helped u a lit'. sorry if its not the anwser u want ed to hear.

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Bear 2
People hate immigrants because they don't sound, talk, or act like we Americans! All Americans should just remember what their people before them went through! White people first took the land and basically wiped out the natives of the land. Then they bring black people a.k.a slaves.

Now here comes the hating on immigrants! More white people come on boats and the white people that were born here hate the new white people! Of course everyone still hates on blacks. But you have what are called "house negros" and they are hating on the other slaves coming in. Many years later here comes Asians, Middle Eastern, and Latinos coming into the United States of America. Now the whites and blacks have someone to hate on together although they are still acting like they are mortal enemies.

Fast forward to today and all the people that are true "haters" of every race hate on the people of the same or different race because they don't look, talk, sound, or act like they are from America. Just think Canadians come in no problem because they blend right into America, they have no problem.

So the end of this rant about "why people hate immigrants" is that none of us (talking about our ancestors) are from this land except the native people of this land ancestors. We have to remember where we came from and where the new people of this land coming from. We have to be able to accepts our differences and share this country. Remember that none of our ancestors are not from here!

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Hold em Rox.
LOOSEN THE BORDERS !?!?!? Dude those dang borders are loose enough. If they got any looser then it would be OPEN BORDERS!!
Immigrants are fine.......the ILLEGALS need to be deported!!

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cool guy
Most people deny it, or are unaware of it, but there has always been racism from mainstream america towards the mexican people. We had wars with Mexico a long time ago, which probably helped bring about that racism, just like war with Japan helped cause a lot of hate towards the Japanese spread throughout the US, which still persists (think of words like Jap, nip, ****). Similarly for Mexicans we have all kinds of words.

Republicans lie and say that they aren't against immigration, when in fact they are against it. They aren't just against "illegal immigration" they are against legal and illegal immigration. They are for laws that restrict the amount of immigrants who can come here. Those laws (and support of those laws) are based on racism.

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

If you add, "unless they are Mexican" (or anything else in place of Mexican) you are racist.

Also, I read one guy's argument above. He was saying that illegal immigrants have brought down wages in construction jobs. That's not true. The truth is: Employers who hire illegal immigrants have brought down wages in constructions jobs. Those employers are breaking the law. His anger should be directed at those employers (who were his competitors) who break the law, not at Mexicans. Mexicans would not come here illegally if they couldn't find someone to give them a job. The problem is that people here in America don't want to admit that Americans are responsible for this part of the problem. Americans who employ illegal aliens are much more to blame than illegal aliens.

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Americans don't hate immigrants.

Most of us are descended from immigrants.

Americans hate criminals.

Illegal Immigrants are criminals.

Is this simple enough for you or do you need it at the third grade level?

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Its the illegals and that's it.

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1. You're fourteen. Don't even bother with politics till you are much much older...

2. If you're fourteen now, how have you changed a lot?
What are you saying, you were a radical right winger at the age of ten?

3. People are intolerant of ILLEGAL immigration because it destroys the economy, it upsets the population and causes communial issues.

4. Actually, over 80% of immigrants dislike many things about America and especially it's capitalism; yet they have no problem taking the free handouts we give them for being 'immigrants.'

5. Most immigrants DO care what country they are in. Great schools? Can't be achieved when the money that would goto schools is being spread all over different programs that have to help immigrants. Free country, sorry no such thing exists. Everything has a price.

6. Mexico is disliked the most? Probably because they are the largest contributer to immigration since the Europeans in the early 20th century. Even worse over 90% of them are ILLEGAL.

7. You talk of the religious right? Did you ever noticed that the nut cases on the left are religious too? Liberalism has become a religion, and ironically enough, it's even more intolerant of other people's beliefs than those of your 'religious right.' Most immigrants are NOT Christians; Latin people are Catholic. Please don't ever make that mistake again.

8. You want to know who's with you on loosening the borders? Whacko liberals, the ACLU and mexico. Because the more immigrants that come into America, the better chance they have of getting rid of that oh so nasty 'religious right.'

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We love immigrants. We Hate criminals. Those that enter into our country illegally are criminals. yes its as simple as that.

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angela R
Well for a 14 year old you show so much wisdom! Your parents did a wonderful job raising you....

Its true, what ever happened to humanity and civility? I mean Mexico is our neighbor? Qhat ever happened to love they neighbor?

Instead we fight and create race wars.....But this is human nature, to destroy....America, listen to your children, they want peace......

And hey, maybe you should run for president one day!

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Its not immigration that people don't like; its people who enter the country illegally, work without contributing to the taxes, and still expect government services. I am all for legal immigration. (btw I'm married to an immigrant.)

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