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 In which country would you want to live (except for the US)?

 What would the U.S.A be like with out illegal immigrant's?
What would the U.S.A be like with illegal immigrant's?
If we deported them ALL an shut down the border an stop given visa's out an no working program....

 This isn't about race?
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 Why is it said that we can't deport 12 million illegals?
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 Why aren't Mexicans forced to learn English, shouldn't it be a requirement to be an American?
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 Should I leave the US and come back as an illegal?
At least I would get free medical, I'd be pardoned of any crimes and there are lots of programs for me as an illegal.What do you think?...

 Everyone read this!!!?
Lets boycott Mexican owned business. Contractors, fast food, attorneys, EVERYTHING. I'll pay twice as much to have my yard mowed, house painted, driveway repaved, car repaired, and will not ...

 Why do so many people pretend the illegal immigration issue is about racism?
Oh yeah! It's because they have no legitimate arguments.
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Sergio, are you saying that since some of them pay taxes that we no longer have a right ...

 Honest assessment: How big of a problem do YOU think illegal immigration is in the US?
What's YOUR opinion...?...

 What is your final solution for "illegal immigration"?
If you could, what would you do to solve the problem of illegal immigration?
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Ferret, piss off! do NOT tell me what words to use! If you dont like em dont look at em! G...

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 What jobs specifically are illegal immigrants taking away from Americans?
I mean these people mow lawns, cut edges, clean up garbage, are these the jobs Americans are dieing to get?...

 Why does immigrant always offered a bad job by westerners?

 At this rate will USA become a 3rd world country?

 Here is a good question!!?
What is your definition of an American Patriot?...

Why do people keep claiming America belongs to "the Indians" or "Native Americans"?
Is American history no longer being taught in school? Do they not have the history channel, seen a movie, had a conversation with a real American? I don't understand why so many people who appear to have basic English skills and access to a computer and the Internet can not know the history of the U.S. and not know how politics and ownership works. It would be true of any country. So why is it that America in particular seems to so many people to belong to someone else. Do they really think there is a territorial dispute? Or are they simply uneducated?
PS this is a serious question.
Additional Details
I re read my question over and over. I KNOW I properly prefaced it and narrowed it down. So why did only a half dozen people actually answer the question? What about my question was so hard to understand? Maybe those offering me their trite history lesson and agist insults are being defensive? I didn't ask who was fair. I asked why you perceive America, in particular, as belonging to the remnants of a race of people (also Americans last time I checked) rather than to all Americans. And why do you consider America in particular as stolen, when it was taken no differently than any other country in the world?
Does England belong to the ancient Celts? Does Portugal belong to the Romans? Does Mexico belong to the Mayans? Does Russia belong to the Viking Rus? Don't give me a history lesson. Answer the blankety blank question.

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because they were there first. All the settlers from the other countries bought land from the Indians or stole it with booze

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Maria Dolores
Iam giving you a blankety blank answer! The so called Indians were here first, the Europeans cme in 1492 , the Natives have thousands of years in the new world, the U.S.A. itself ,English speaking came about the 16th century, now Russians have always been in Russia, Chinese in China, Jews and Arabs in the middle east, Europeans all descent from the ancient celts , but they have lived on their lands always, not the same concern in the new world you see. While russians, Chinese, Turks , Afiricans share a common ancestry ,language ,culture, in this new world of ours, English is spoken in the U.S.A, Canada ,French and English , while the rest of the new world speaks Spanish , except for Brazil , they speak Potuguez , culture in the Americas is varied and mixed, so there is some of my understanding.

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The colonist came from Europe and made cliam to this land, there was war after war , sence the colonist landed here . The end resualt is the decendants of the colonist won, killed every one they came in their path rather it be the Native Americans, the French, or even the Mexicans . I'm a descendant of both the Native Americans and the Scotish immigrants, so I guess I have the right to say what was done in the past needed to happen to make this country what it is.

Not trying to paint a pretty picture, but the out come is the greatest country on the face of the Earth. I would never stand down from defending it rather it be from the illegal invasion,capitolist greed, NAFTA, or terrorism.

America belongs to the Americans, If you are not a American then get the FVCK out .

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Francis G
How old are you? Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Sweetheart the reason they are now called "Native Americans" is simply because they were already here when the country was so called discovered. You can't discover something that already inhabited, and to make matters worst they were infected with diseases brought over on those filthy ships. Because the "Native Americans" were settled in a rich and fertile land their reward was to have it all taken away because of spite and jealousy. That is why everyone keeps claiming that America belongs to the quote/unquote "NATIVE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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because they are the natural land owners. The original settlers, they diserve more respect and appreciaiton. We have everything we have because The English stole it from them...Are'nt you proud of yourself?

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ya do your homework and research you will find many native american representitives will say the earth does not belong to any one, we belong to the earth. They are fighting for the right to use the earth for sustenance, after having been cheated, rounded up, slaughtered, and enslaved by the more "civilized" conquerors
More damage has been done on this earth in the name of the right and might, example this current middle east conflict.
In the words of joshua, "why play, there can be no winners".

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Heinz M
Look at South Africa, where the original owners of the land disowned the white immigrants. And how they were applauded by everyone, including Americans.
No one here appreciated the irony, because there but for the grace of god go we.
The whole world would probably applaud if the Indians here would take back what belonged to them, (and they certainly didn't sell it!!!!)
Looking at some of the answers below, that right makes right etc. in view of the expression for freedom and rights for people, sorry but I find it sickening. Very unAmerican. Are there only bigots left here? Makes me ashamed to read it.
To the exceptions, my hat is off to you.

And to the asker: You are absolutely right, this is a very serious question. :-)

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German R
It's not a claim...have you read about your own history...or you should watch he history channel....before all the criminals from Italy, France and the UK came here...the indians used to belong this land...

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Posseion is 9/10s of the law, and as such whoever curently owns the land becomes the rightfull deed holder. In this case it is, as it is often seen throughout histroy, the strong that hold the ladn. Those with the biggest armies and guns. The land belinged to the native Americans when they were the strongest people there, then that changed and so did ownership.

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the native american indians were here long before anyone,and the europeans,( as they always do.) came over and took this country.now look at history and you will see how many times the europeans went over to other countries,and took the land.?i thought every one learned this in school?( not trying to be wise or anything) but did you have that course in school? oh and by the way i am portuguese,and i know they went everywere and took land from alot of people.

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Because they are idiots... They are trying to justify the criminals who come across the Southern border of our country as if they are somehow noble and right.

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slept in school
this is and honest answer

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Why?!?! How about because the land was illegally obtained?? I mean, if I steal your stereo, it's still yours, even if I'm the one in possession of it, isn't it?

And just for the record - something being taught in school doesn't make it so. American history books make Columbus out to be a hero when he was really just a land stealing slave trader. And anyone who thinks he wasn't raping native women is living in a dream world.

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Have you heard of the word "Forefathers"? Or "Mayflower?"
Well, the story goes like this.Before white settlers - especially puritan christians from England came over in several waves of migration, the land you now call America ( as in "Gaud Bless Amerrrica...") belonged to a stock of red-skinned people who had a well-developed culture and religious belifes of their own.

Its old story how the white man with his gun gunned down the RED INDIANS and settled down in the land. And in the several decades that followed these RED INDIANS were suppressed and shoved into small territories, secluded from the rest of the country...with little or no material support from the Government of Unnnited States of Amerrrrica.... Now that modern Ameriacns have discovered the value of indegenous cultures...especailly they themselves do not have much of a cultural root to talk of ... have started heeding to the appeal of the Native Indians. So young people like you have started hearing disturbing stories about "Enjuns" and "Natives." And so on. And ofcourse the story of Native Indians getting into Gambling Industry etc.

Nothin' to worry about. America is strong nation.
And FFFFreedom and equality...and the white race...shall prevail... ( Now comes the part where Rambo rides away into the setting sun. Audio: Dramatic Music, Plus.. US National Anthem...)

By the way, are you American?
I am surprised you do not know your own historical roots, my friend! I am not an American. But an INdian. Oh! No. Not Red indian! I am from India. It's a country in Asia. Well, more about that later. It might be too much for you to digest just now.

P.S. Ask your movie makers to stop making corny movies on American Patriotism!

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The people of the USA have been reading too many of these
revised history books and therefore are uneducated and the Liberal public school system is at fault.

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Apparently while we were paying attention in history class and watching the History channel you were asleep, Or maybe you are really that dumb.

Let me put it in a way you understand.

If a group of my "homies" came onto your land and "Discovered it" and threw you out would that make it rightfully ours? we conquered the weaker group and acquired their property? That is theft!
Also if you believe your own rhetoric I am sure all of the immigrants who are taking over America causes you no concern and as such I should not later read a post authored by you complaing of that fact.

By the way who do you consider a real American?

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Serious answer is:

Assume that 95% of existing population is annihilated and the land becomes populated by Afghanistan (I know this will not happen this is just an example); will America then belong to Americans. The very fact you call the people Native Americans; is because the land belonged to their ancestors; who were not powerful enough to protect their homeland! Technically, the land belonged to them. Let me put another example; Israel it belonged to Jews about 2500 years back; and it was awarded to them on this basis; with similar argument Native Americans claim the same.

Personally, Native Americans as well as the other citizens of US have same legal rights on the America; and it is in interest of masses to have the America as it is. I do not endorse racial segregation of any kind to create territories.

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Fish <><
The truth doesn't matter.They believe what they want.That,and liberal America haters tell them what they want to hear.
It's not about history and truth.It's about influence and power.

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Well, any conquered people like to think that they still have a claim on the land that was conquered, however, most Native Americans never to own the land they lived on, considering it more of a loan from the Great Spirit.
But, gee, that's some serious stuff you're asking... How do you feel about your ancestral home? Which is?

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The only way to OWN something is be willing to die for it. Since we killed off the native people and took the land; and since the original owners are dead it belongs to us. History dictates to the victors go the spoils, so if they want it back try to take it we will be more than willing to fight for it.

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Well, egalitarian one, The Amerindians were forced off their land against their will. America thinks that is horrid, when someone else does it.

Look at the middle east right now. In the year 70 a.d., the Isrealites were captured and pretty much carried off their land by the Romans. Needless to say, thier Arab cousins saw this as the equivalent of the Oklahoma land rush. So, they settled in and got comfey. In 1948, the Allies said 'Give them their land back' and Hell has broken loose ever since.

So, we have spent 58 years and billions of dollars defending the right of these people to have their home back, and 200+ years on this side of the pond saying 'tough luck, it's ours now', and not giving diddly in restitution.

Funny world ain't it?

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Amy H
Just because you take something from someone, doesn't make it rightfully yours.

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Because they were here first.

Because they were here first.

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the indians NEVER claimed to own the land. they moved around constantly hunting, fishing, and moved on when the conditions favored finding new grounds. Indians were part of the land, not owners of it.
we english built homes and fences. thus "ownership" was a new term.
but seriously, in 100,000 years, no more humans left, who will own the land?

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Just like they taught us in school, the Native Americans were the first people here in America. They didn't believe in killing the earth with all the chemicals that we have today that is why when the settlers came to American on accident (because they thought the world was flat) They claimed it to be theirs. They didn't know that the Native Americans where at all on this land until they started to cut down and build different things that's then when they discovered them. Also the language English doesn't belong to anyone because how do you think that they communicated with the settlers they spoke English as well(and still do). So if you really think about it America still to this day belong to the "Indians" why do you think they are called Native Americans. And this country is called America.

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They were here first,it's theirs!

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Joy M
There really is no longer a viable territorial dispute. There are many who feel very strongly about the injustices perpetuated against the Native Americans, including me, when the British settled here. The land was taken forcefully from them, not all Native Americans were nomadic. True, years have passed and land conflicts are rarely, if ever, arising any longer. Unfortunately, Native Americans have become such a major minority that it is easy to forget about their rights and presence.

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angela R
Well originally it did belong to the American Indian.....Did you read in your history the territorial wars between the settlers and the native Indians???? How many were slaughtered and killed by the settlers? The settlers had guns and the backing of the British govt., what did the Indians have? They couldn't compete with the British settlers, they were slaughtered, is that fair?

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This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

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