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 I say we cannot protect our border with Mexico or Canada. History has shown this over time. Why try now?

 How soon do you think the name of our country, USA, will be changed to the United States of Asia?
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Its disgusting....

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 So you want the illegal mexicans to come to the US the legal way?
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to get a visa they either have to be rich or educated, but the illegals can ...

 Somehow white people are native American?
I read a news article involving the immigration, and it sounds like people forgot that almost everyone in America is an immigrant. Does this not irritate you?
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 People you need a grip on reality!!!?
those estimated 11.5 million immigrant are here NOW and there's absolutely nothing that can be done to deport all those people the economy will collapse!! we will be digging our own grave if we ...

 What About CITGO ??
Citgo has only one shareholder - Hugo Chavez
He Is NOT SHY About Telling Us He Is An ENEMY Of The USA

Support His Hatred Of Our Nation ??

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What's the biggest problem with all of these people entering our country unlawfully?...

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 If Jesus came to the United States would we deport him because hes not a citizen?

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haha wow i asked this as a total joke!! some people need to CALM down before they have a fit!...

 Do you agree with this statement about illegals?
3. They are rude, stupid and disrespectful.
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Como que problem? There's no problem.I'm just bored....

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 My husband only married me for a green card?
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 As Americans, how do you feel about this article when it comes to ANYONE immigrating to this country?

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♥They call me mom♥
Why are teens today so lazy?
I've noticed that a lot of people complain abotu today's teens being lazy and wanting everything handed to them. Why don't these teens have work ethics? Well, I came to the conclusion that the jobs that used to be filled by teens are being taken over by illegals. Fast food workers, manual labor, agriculture, construction, housekeeping, horticulture, etc. I myself work in a factory. My uncle owns a construction company and hires teens. Does anyone else see this?
Additional Details
I'm 20 and my fiance is 23. I have always worked unless I was unable to (because of 2 high-risk pregnancies). My fiance has worked since he was 11. Even though he makes pretty good money, I feel better working than sitting on my *** all day. It just annoys me that when my younger brother has applied at different places, he gets turned down while illegals get jobs.

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proud to be an American
teens today are not only lazy, they are also disrespectful, rude and ruthless, the main reason is government interference. Today you as parents can not correct your child with a good boot in the butt when needed. Most parents are afraid of their children and that is a true shame. when I raised my children they new the rules and if they crossed them they suffer the consequences. they are fine citizens and all have wonderful children and they still use my rules

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Kids are in the Me Me Me generation X groove. Parents have been dumbed down and it morphs into poor child rearing skills. We are screwed in 20 more years.

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They don't have work ethics because all their lives everything has been handed to them. They have never been taught to work for what they want. As a result, they feel the world owes them as well.

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cavemen gurl♥♫
well im a teen and yes im very lazy just intell scool starts!

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gets flamed
the computer and TV has made us all lazy and wanting to just play games listen to music and watch american idol (which is a bad show imo)

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Teens are lazy because they grew up in a time when everything is about immediacy AND everything is practically done for you.

Teens want expensive things and don't want to work for them. They don't believe in saving and working toward a goal. It's not their fault it's the time they are being raised in.

The reason these jobs are going to "illegals" is because they have a strong work ethic. They understand that to get things you have to work for them. They have a sense of family and community and together they pool their resources.

So, if I had to choose, I'd choose that over a lazy teen any day. Wouldn't you?

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i am 15 and i am working alto harder than all my friends in my school. i am the smartest kid in my school too. i don't think i am lazy... i do sports such as hockey baseball basketball and weight lifting.... so i think that statement is not necessary true!!! >o<

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They take everything for granted. They feel like they have a privilege life.

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That's not a fair question, all generations have their share of lazy people, and all generations have their share of hard working people. The hard working people from the previous generations have made it easier for this generation and the generations to come to be lazier and lazier, while the hard working people from those generations continue the trend. Your grandparents and great-grandparents would probably consider you lazy, and you might very well be the hardest working person in your generation, but by their standards your lazy. That's why everyone blames teens everytime there is a new generation of them. To answer your question, you may see a lot of lazy teens out there, but remember their are a few hard working ones, working to make it that much easier for their kids and grand children.

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greater omaha?
the hormones in meat.

"Bovine somatotropin (bST), or bovine growth hormone (BGH), is a protein hormone that occurs naturally in the pituitary gland of cattle. It is a factor controlling the amount of milk produced by a dairy cow. Bovine somatotropin is naturally in the milk extracted from a cow.

Use of rBGH in cows also increases insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in milk. Although IGF-1 is important for normal development, some studies suggest that IGF-1 is involved in the progression of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer [1]. Although the American Cancer Society asserted "there are no valid scientific findings to indicate a risk of human carcinogenisis" regarding rbST [2], this release was from 1994, and does not mention the effects of IGF-1. In 1998, the American Cancer Society reported a link between IGF-1 and Breast Cancer [3], Prostate Cancer [4], and Colorectal Cancer [5]."


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i think the reason why teens are so lazy is because of parenting...i'm a hardworking 19 year old..i've been working (including volunteering) since i was 13 years old, all because my parents taught me to do it...nowadays, parents are so afraid their kids are going to rebel, so they don't even bother to discipline them, never mind teach them good work ethic...not to mention, parents are also the lazy ones for not bringing their kids up in the right manner...or they are too caught up in something or someone else to take time for their children...i was one of the lucky ones to have parents who did the right thing...sure, i rebelled for a little while, but as i matured, i saw that my parents were right and now, im almost done with college, and i already have a nice paying job working in a hospital...if only parents everywhere had the same drive to make sure their kids were successful, maybe this world would be such a different place

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Allot of those same jobs are also taken by displaced workers who took survival jobs when the bottom fell out, and the jobs were shipped to other countries.

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tw0cl0n3m3 has got it right

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because they can.

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sanchez detail
maybe if they apply before the "illegals" they ll have a job

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I am 16 and I am not lazy at all... I do procrastinate alot but I always get my chores done and I run like 10 miles a day... I have been applying everywhere and following through with phone calls and everything... Whenever they call me back the job is always filled and then I go to that store to get something and it is immigrants working the job that I applied for that was open a week ago... It drives me crazy... Now if I was in Mexico and it was horrible I probably would have came here too, I can't blame them for wanting a better life but they should try to take care of their own country... And if the children are lazy it is the parents fault usually... Anyway I hate how alot of countries despise America for policing the globe and yet people still keep running to us... We shouldn't be in other countries we should be protecting our own, America has serious problems right now with international affairs and it's ruining this country... I think I went way off topic but whatever...

So basically I don't blame immigrants for kids being lazy, it's the way they were raised but immigration is still a huge problem... FIN!

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I have two children, now adults.One was raised by her mother.With rules to follow,discipline,and love,has turned out great.Everything she has, she has worked hard for,and has alot.Now my son,great kid ,no drive,wants everything handed to him,and he knows eventually it will be.(by the way raised by me alone)Here, where I'm from, disciplne is a time out,take away tv,basically you can't do anything.So I'd have to say it's lack of discipline and values.lol,my fault.

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The American dream is being ripped right out of your hands. Your right jobs that used to be filled by teens are being taken over by illegals is what happening. It seems only the mexicans deserve a better life and no one else

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To many of them have had too much given to them already. The think they are entitled.

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I think you should put out a survey and have teenagers answer your question because blaming illegal immigration doesn't seem to be an adequate excuse to me, and I'd like to further know if in fact TEENAGERS themselves consider that they are lazy. Blaming illegal immigration would be a pathetic excuse for a lack of work ethic if indeed there exists a lack of work ethic. Post your findings so we can all get an informed answer to your question.

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do you call going to school and actually doing homework lazy? The reason most teens don't have jobs is because we're doing homework. The weekends is our only break. How about if teens have something to do with family on the weekend. Don't be blaming things on illegal immigrants because they get the jobs because they'll actually do them. The people that dont' get the jobs or get fired didn't do the job right or aren't qualified.

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I'm fat and proud of it !!

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The Key Master
BAD/NO PARENTING, no one is teaching them

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Nope, I have a teen daughter and she walks dogs, scoops poop, and cleans dog cages at a veterinary hospital. Not all teens are lazy. I don't think it has anything at all to do with illegals. I think it has much more to do with how parents today are raising their kids. When you have lazy parents who don't want to work, are on welfare, etc. then you have lazy kids. Kids learn by the example that the adults in their lives set.

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Pandora Tommorow
its because all of those mother ******** idiots up stairs think we are all a bunch of dum kids and we don't need money, that our parents should take care of us, if its any body eithics it is the d.amn companies ethics and i hate all the da.mn people that think teens are lazy, get ur head out of ur a.ss and look back at when u were a teenager

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I'm 16 and I think I work alot harder then most elders do.

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You are right...our young people do want work, but when they apply they are not hired because the illegals are working for under-the-table wages.

My kids all worked....I have 8...and they worked their way through college. Four of my children are...what one would consider...wealthy. They did it themselves. One of my son's is a full-time sheriff's deputy...he doesn't make a lot of money but I see him as a phenomenal success because he is a great husband, dad and cop...as well as a great son. One of my sons is a volunteer deputy as he is financially secure and can afford to live his "dream"....Two of my children are still in college, pulling A's and working. One of my children is handicapped....but he works stocking shelves at the grocery store.......

My handicapped son has the best deal since employeers are given tax credits for hiring him...so he is very hireable...

BUT...many times my children lost out on a job because the illegal would do it for less. They had to work harder to get "that" job....

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