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 Why do illegal immigrants feel that they do not have to learn english?

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 When will people get it illegals are humans?
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 If your ancestors were able to come here and learn English, why can't you learn Spanish?

 Isnt it about time we kicked out everyone who wasnt born in this country .. back to where they come from?
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ship them all out. simple
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 Can the United States stop illegall immigration if it really wanted to?
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 What if the U.S. became a hated country if they deported all the illegal immigrants?
Since the illegals are from all over the world, there are not only illegals from Mexico, but millions from Russia and China. And if they get deported, then the future would be a scary place to live ...

Jon B
Why are immigrants so unwilling to assimilate to American culture?
This indifference stands out particularly in the Mexican/Latino community in regards to language. If you were immigrating to a foreign country, wouldn't you want to learn the language in hopes of making the transition easier? The day the U.S. becomes bilingual is the day I move to Europe.

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Judy L
What do you care if people learn English or not? They harm only themselves, not you, by not learning the English language, which is the language of higher education in American and the language of business internationally.

As for moving to Europe, I hope you're bilingual, since unless you move to Great Britain or another country where English is the primary language you won't get far. Most Europeans, by the way, are bilingual or even trilingual.

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The US has no official language so you might as well start packing.Ohhh uhh they don't want to assimilate into your culture because they really don't have to.Their so many Spanish speaking people here already that their isn't really much of a transition to make.

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If there was another country I wanted to move to, I would learn the language and the laws/customs. But, that's how we were raised, to be respectful of others. These illegals have no respect for anyone but themselves. They want us to adjust to them.

Send them home NOW!

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Because so many liberals are willing to accomadate them. Companies hire employess that also speak Spanish, grocery stores labels are in English and Spanish, etc. I don't care whether they learn English or not but I shouldn't have to learn Spanish and I shouldn't lose a job because I don't know Spanish.

My grandparents came here legally AND learned English.

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thoth child
Immigration today is very different, for a number of reasons. Commercial air travel, money wiring services and the internet make it convenient for immigrants to stay close to their country at home. When people immigrate to America today, they bring their ethnic interests with them, and many bring their own hatred of Americans too. Ethnic based lobbies only support more people of the group they represent. Many use our laws and our generosity against us.

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Open your eyes
I would force them to if I was in power or send them home.

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spirit dummy
What if you were illiterate to semi-illiterate like most of the illegal immigrants in the U.S? What if you lived in "Little USA" and could count on the support of your compatriots and the Catholic church if you needed it, and welfare if you truly needed it? What if you had strong ties to your culture and knew you would eventually return to your country of origin? What if you were generally considered persona non grata outside "Little USA".

I'm not saying we should feel sorry for these pariahs. Ship them all out and finance schools in Mexico for starters. In the USA, It costs over $15000 per child to educate the 2 million children of illegal immigrants. We get very little ROI on this investment. It would cost a small fraction of $15,000 in Mexico.

If a total of 10 busloads of trespassers per hour were shipped back across the entire 1600 mile border (1 bus per hour per major entry point), in one year over 4 million trespassers would be deported. Why is this advisable? Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers at least $35 billion more than it saves businesses.

Is this mass deportation feasible? If ICE raided just lodging and food service businesses, at least 3 million could easily be rounded up. Don't have your papers on you? Adios. If you or your assigns can eventually prove you are legally in the US, you get a free all expense paid trip back to the location of your choice and employment is guaranteed if you are able to work.

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that is a problem i have too. if i were to move somewhere else, i would not expect everyone in that country to cater to my language, and i would do my best to learn their language so i could advance myself in that country. btw, if you move to europe, make sure you speak the language wherever you move.

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Confused Chick
English IS the primary language its just that people that immigrate decide to speak their language at home because they feel more confortable. I immigrated to this country 5 years ago w/ my family. I learned the language in one year but i still speak spanish to my family and friends that speak the language when i go to school i speak only english even though most of the teachers are bilingual. I love this country and all of the traditions. but if you are seriously gonna move to europe when this country becomes bilingual then i hope u got ur passport ready and ur clothes packed cuz thats gonna be in no time

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mr. know it all
i agree, and u know what i flippin hate too, that we have friggin parades for diff countrys! peurto rican day parade and what not, what other country in the world had a parade for a diff country are u friggin serious, do the french have an italian parade do the russians have a mexican parade, its bullsh*t and im sick of it

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Most assume that because we're a "melting pot" that there is no need for them to take time out to learn our language or culture. Ever notice how most of them say, "Well, it's a free country!"

It's lack of drive, they've got no will to change or respect us. Pure laziness.

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Sergio D.
that's not true

my dad immigrated here and he has assimilated very well

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If you look around, you'll see that America isn't really a melting pot--it's more like a stew, made up of Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, German-Americans, and so on. We don't want to give up our heritage, and for some, that includes their language. There are several cultures within America that hold on to their language--even the Amish still usually speak German when the "English" aren't around. And don't be so quick to consider English as American as Mom and apple pie. When we formed the United States, There were about as many people here who spoke German as English, and it was only decided by one vote that English would be the language we used. So it could have easily been "Mutter und Apfel Kuchen."

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VINI Vidi Vici - Drank, saw, hit
I suppose all Americans live in tepees from when they assimilated?

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I understand specialized educated people gathering in a few places around the globe for a specific project. I understand fleeing persecution. I don't understand leaving ones country just because they don't like the way things are at home. A better person would stay and fight for change, to build a country to be proud of. Just my opinion.

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So I guess you are speaking only for few people that you have talked too, because if you go around a little further, you see everywhere you go that latinos or mexican, that's the way everybody it's been called now(only the racist), these inmigrants try hard everyday when the go to work and probabbly bump with a racist thing like you, now I'm telling you to go and pack your bag, because this is already a billingual nation, and you only look at one side of the coin, think about it, we are everywhere, in Hollywood, in Baseball (I'm Dominican, and you won't even have no good baseball players), Music, Food) just to mention some of it, and you won't even have your apartment clean (cause you don't like to clean your own mess), or babysitt your child, you won't get no delivery, it's not like tha movie A day without mexicans, this has come to a: A day without Latinos, but I go a little further, where you've been? inmigrants are from all over, HAITI, NICARAGUA, EGIPT, KOREA, IRISH, JAMAICA, CHINA, JAPAN, BARBADOS, SPAIN, CUBA, CHILE, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, PARAGUAY, URUGUAY, GUAM, GUYANA, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, PERU, ECUADOR, AFRICA (yes the whole nine), Read some more, and don't blame only on the Latinos or Mexicanos like you said, Me personnally, I am damn proud to be what I am, and so proud to be who I am, and plus, graduated from college back in my country and speak french, spanish, and perfect english, for the records. bye FOOL

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Because, they don't have to!!! Think about it, everywhere you go, things are in Spanish and English, ATMS, etc. Even Lowes is bilingual now. I don't think they have to adapt to our culture, but they should at least learn how to communicate with us, not the other way around. I know an American family who moved to Germany and their little girl goes to school and it is taught in GERMAN. There are no "German as a second language classes".

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US is a bilingual country and the second language is the Spanish. However, I think you don't have to move from there, you should open your mind and take advantage of the newcomers. for instance, do you speak Spanish? a person on the 21st century should talk at least two languages and for the americans, it should be the Spanish for obvious reasons, as for the latin americans it is the English.

As for why the Latin Americans not to learn the English I see different reasons for that:
1. Because some of them go to the States just to work for some years so as to gather some money in order to return to their countries and get a better life.

2. Because some of them have a low level of education and and to learn a second language implies an academic process.

3. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: Because the US has not policies about it. It is the same for they to talk or not the English, it is not going to change their standard of living. You talk the language of a country that help you to get ahead but the US just take advantage of the need of the people but never helps them to legalize their situation.

You guys have into your country immigrants who are very intelligent people, good people who can give a lot for the growing of the American society. You should give them the possibility of doing that, but for that, you must open your mind and eliminate the stereotypes.

Remember that not all the latin americans are ignorant and poor and that not all the americans are intelligents, richs and definitely America is not the paradise, in fact, is one of the most violent and threated countries around the world.

Life is more than money guys!!!

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Sexy Latina
I don't think what you are saying is fair. I immigrated to this country and I speak the language and I respect the culture of this counrty. Not all immigrants are like that, really. So many immigrants have learned the language, but the news and the media only focus on the immigrants who don't speak english so that it seems all immigrants only speak spanish. I respect your point of view and I only want you to respect my point of view.

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Peace Warrior
You speak Lakota ?

You speak Cheyenne ?

You speak Cherokee ?

You're in my country, and besides stealing the land and butchering the people you didn't even have the decency to learn the language

Dear white people,

Contrary to corporate propaganda...your caca does stink

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Bottom Contributor
Many americans that move abroad also don't seem to learn the language of their new residence. Many european countries are having worse immagration problems than we are.

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you should look up the definition of culture and you will find your answer. (prob includes speech / native tounge, a style of dress, food, dance ect.). then you should know why other culters dont change to adapt to an american culter. by the way the american culter is changing due to all cultures that are living in america today. you dont want to change your culture why should they change theirs regardless of where they live?

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They don't want to be Americans,they want to conquer it.

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Because the only things they like about America is the money and free government hand outs. Other than that they despise Americans and the USA.

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David M
Ok so you move to Europe and then what? You still become bilingual. The US is the only country that has a problem with multiple languages. I've been around the globe and most people view the ability to speak more than one language with pride. Kind of like having more than one college degree. By the way, English is embraced everywhere and is not viewed as a threat to culture, or way of life. So stop with the xenophobic paranoia. Learning another language improves your overall skill and broadens your horizons, and global understanding.

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Well then you will be moving to Europe pretty soon and I am sure no one will miss you :)
100% Mexican de Corazón!

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well to answer this question for you, i have moved from country to country and now i reside in the US. i am originally from europe, but most people do not learn the language or adapt to the culture because they plan to move back, so they see no reason to do so, this is mostly in the older generations, now if the younger generations aren't learning either, that i think has to do with the fact of how they are raised. i have seen this in latino families, and it is convenient for them to not learn it, cuz their country isn't so far away, but i do agree with that you should learn the lanugage and be interested in the culture of the country you live in, i have learned 3 languages and i speak them fluently still, and it benefits me greatly, so i really dont know why people dont learn...beats me, i hope this kinda helps you out a lil bit

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Brian I
Because why should they change if we are so willing to assimilate to them? I used to work for a window manufacturer that had english only labels on their windows. They had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to change over to bilingual materials because a distributer demanded it. It seriously pissed me off. I know that I am paying taxes into the system so that jose can send his children to the school where my kids go (and we have teachers that have to have a crash course in spanish), go to the ER on my dime (my wife went to the ER once with a miscarriage and we had to wait behind a bunch of mexicans with earaches, that pissed me off) they can get food stamps to buy oreos and pop, and government subsudized housing because they are poor. Too freakin bad. I have to bust my butt to get what I want, and this is my country!! If I went to Germany, I would have to know at least enough of the language to get around. If I went there with nothing, nobody would give me the time of day.

I am fairly vehement about this subject because my town is being overrun by the flood and I am watching the whole town turn into a slum. I am afraid that my house isn't going to be worth anything because everything around it is turning into a dump. Why fix it? Pool enough money from 50 people, crowd into one house, when it defaults, move and repeat. Meanwhile the house is falling apart and lowering all of the property values. Thanks Mexico!!

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frank a
You have a good point. Learning the language is essential to becoming part of a society; however, culture isn't just language: it's more than that. Immigrants relate to each other and continue speaking the language because they miss their culture, not the political turmoil and bad economy.

Immigrants come to the United States for another opportunity and for their children to grow up and be wealthy and achieve the "American Dream" of coming up from poverty into great success.

You can't make blanket statements like that. You could say "some immigrants." If that's what you mean, then I would say it's because they might just not like the culture. I mean, if you go to live among an African tribe somewhere in the jungle you might find some practices and rituals strange, bizarre, against your beliefs, against what you think is right, and morally appalling, just as the United States is seen by some cultures to be.

The difference between the Hispanic and North American cultures, however, isn't as great, I know, but it still exists.

And if you went to Europe, you might want to continue speaking English, American English anyway, if you were to move to England.

While I do agree with your statement that immigrants should learn the language, the preservation of culture in a people who decide to leave their homeland is very important in maintaining a sense of composure, togetherness, connectedness, because assimilation to a culture and being raised and growing up in a culture are two different things because as one who assimilates, you will still be different, there will be a sense of alien-ness to you from the culture--perhaps not directly, but there will always be the underlying feeling that you do not belong, and maintaining the link with others who are the same, from the same culture, will make your new life in the United States a little easier and a little less lonely.

Oh and I'm an immigrant.

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well europe is also very bilingual also because they have a les strict imigration polocy. I am curently living in Mexico and I had to learn spanish. so I think that they should do the same...

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Cat?Eyes =^..^=?
Please indulge me in a little rambling.....

I think you are generalizing and making a blanket statement, that's not fair..
however, having said that...what gets me is that voting ballots have absolutely NO business in any other language except American English! I vote every chance I get and English is not my first language.

I do believe that one should learn the language of their host country....But please do not expect others to give up their own language and culture.. That is what defines each of us and that is the beauty of the human tapestry.

Of course, illegal immigration is another matter, and one that needs to be dealt with.

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