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 Australian changes in migration policy?
Can someone tell me some of the changes in Australia's migration policy since 1901 and what caused these changes.

You could refer to

White Australia Policy/Immigration R...

 Which country citizenship is very easy.?

 What you guys do if you were me?Would you like to be me?
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 My First UK Passport from overseas?
I am a British Citizen living in Canada,

I was born in England as was my father and his.
I would like my First British Passport so I may travel.

I found how to renew a ...

 How could a High school student gets a permission or somthing to study legally in United States?
ok. My friend is illegal and he is going to graduate from High schol in this coming summer. He would like to go to college but many people have told him, he needs to be legal and have a green card to ...

 How long can I stay in US after my graduation?
My graduation is in March but my master course wont start till September. Can I stay in US legally or I have to go back to my country then come back to the US in September?...

 Why does this category have permanent PMS?

 I am working Dubai Indian Citizen. I would like to visit Poland, Spain Switzerland. How to apply visa?

 What is the easiest country to migrate to?
I am a Pakistani citizen, living in UAE. And ofcourse, I am blessed with not being too rich, I am an average citizen. So now the big question is what is the easiest country that I can immigrate to? I ...

 Are joined citizen ships (like U.S. and Canada) no longer available?
I know it was allowed before but is it no long available?...

 At what age can a daughter legalize her illegal parents?

 Must a child who mother with green card and naturalized birth father apply for green card?
My friend is Dominican Republic. A 20 yrs old mother of a US born son. Her mother applied and received residency when she was 5 in California. At 8 her mother and younger siblings moved to NC, ...

 How long should it take for a woman to get a spouse visa for america?
I know a woman who originally applied for a fiance visa then she got married three years after applying then she went for a spouse visa. My family think that after 5 years of appying she should be in ...

 Can i work for a canadian company and live in the US for 4 months?
I'm a Canadian citizen with a fiance in Texas and i would really like to spend my summer with him. I have a remote server job and I'm wondering, do i have to live in Canada while i work for ...

 Wrong answer on Form I-90?
My green card expired a month ago and i am planning to renew it using form I-90. I was just wondering if I answered a question wrong, will uscis let me refill the application and waive the fee or do ...

 If illegal immigrants have a child on American soil, is the child a citizen or considered an illegal immigrant?

 Affidavit of support I-134--how much do i need to make?
I want my fiance to come here, I know we can make it financially, but will they (immigration) see it that way, i live in New York state , on SSIDisability making $1200 a month,not much here in NY, I ...

 Why can't this be easy?! Work Visas for Canadians in US...?
I just can't read/decipher/Google any more on this topic, please help.

I work for a company in Canada. We sell stuff to the US. Then we go down to the US to install the stuff. My ...

 Why did the european rejects in Mexico fail to learn the native tongue of that land?
Quid pro ...

 What kind of supporting documents r required for sponsoring ur spouse who is already in the US working?
My husband is already working in the US on H1B? I am a US citizen and need to know the basic documents needed to sponsor his VISA...

When applying for citizenship how important is it to have exact travel dates?
I don't remember the exact dates that I went abroad. I know the approximate number of days, but no exact dates. How critical is this? If it is that important, any ideas on how I can track it down? Same is true for my residences, I know approximately when we moved, but not the exact date. If you respond, please let me know where you get your information. Thanks.

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Month and year is sufficient. You can get the exact dates from your passport if it was stamped. The problem arises if you were out of the country for longer than 6 months. Also when you are not 100% sure of the dates then just put down say, 06/05-07/05. That way you are not telling a lie.
I just helped my friend to go through the process and he did fine.

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growing inside
For travel dates, check your old passports, it will have the airport stamps in it.
For moves, you can check your old credit card statements for U haul rental or moving related costs you had.
If you can't find the exact dates, just put the month and year, that is okay, but do not put a date that you are not sure of.

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It is not important to have exact dates, say you know the exact dates of 30 days you have been out of country but dont know the other 10 dates. then just select random 10 days together and mention that this are for about 10 collective days that i have been out of the country but dont have any information as to when i had done that travel within the last 3-4 yrs. it helps, i did the same

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