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Susanne W
What is my responsibility when I see a "fake" social security or other identification that is fake?
Currently at my job I must make copies of identification for application purposes. Where I work we dont "employ" these applicants we act as an employment agency for contractors. I see many obvious "fake" forms of identification, normally social security cards, and alien cards. What is my personal responsiblity when I see fake identification? What is the responsiblity of my employer to this problem? I feel my job would be jeopardized if I stood up and made an issue of this.

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Tobias Maximus
You're in the same situation I am. We cannot legally do anything about it. You can only request the documents needed to satisfy the I-9 requirements but you cannot question or turn away anyone who you think has a fake SS card. Only the INS can make those calls. As the agency, you only have to request the documents but you can't determine yourself whether or not someone is legally able to work in this country. If you did, the company you work for can be sued for discrimination under federal law.....

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El Mas Quentona
Just leave it, the people just want to work. Its not like they are doing anything wrong.

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Identity Theft is Rampant by illegals and terrorists! Be a Red Blooded American and do your duty and save an innocent person from grief! Don't loose Your job for being Honest! If Your Boss fires You, you can sue them for doing your civic duty! Being in Possession of someone else's social security number is a felony!

Go to Irs.gov, download form 3949A and report them for a Reward of 10%. You can also annonomously report it to US Postal Inspectors and the Social Secutity Administration and fraudnet.com They will keep it quiet and will do their jobs!

I wish someone was around like you when mine was stolen!

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You should report it to the authorities. Fake documents can always translate into identity theft, and no one wants that to happen to them. I would report it incase they did steal someone's identity.

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C Gonzalez
How can you honestly without a doubt tell?

I think my SS card looks fake. Its been rubbed, watered, I have to re write my name over the original and such.

Do people not think mine is fake only because I am white and speak English? Or maybe some do?
Either way, its a tough call for you to make on your own. Things sometimes happen to peoples cards, and just cuz they speak little english or have darker skin doesnt always mean illegal.

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45 auto
Tell your employer that you have information that under current laws he is in violation of fraud? an what does he want you to do.If he says over look it. You need to find out if your nonage are you liable if ICE raids your employer an your the 1 that put this together,Better find out??As it's going to happen. CYOA

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It's not your responsibility to determine if the ID is fake or real. If you mis-flag an ID as fake and it's real, the person could sue you for discrimination.

Just do your job, make the photo copies, and do whatever you are supposed to do with them.

The Cat Lady

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Sweet Tea & Lemons
Report it.
Everyone needs to report something like that if they suspect such acitivity

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you will most likely get fired....the reason i say this its against the law for you to say that someone has false papers.. how do you know? do you have some type of machine saying its fake? you are already doing your job by denying the apps

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The irs knows the things are fake so dont even bother. They're really nice about it too :)
Make your copies and dont worry about it .

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report them!

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If you don't report it, and your employeror it's client companies are ever investigated by ICE, you could be construed as an accomplice.
The clientele companies can always claim "Well, the agency that sent them here said they were legal."
Report to ICE, they won't tell your employer who called them.

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It is illegal to hire an illegal alien. These people are involved with fraud if they are using fake IDs. Your employer should be turning in these criminals! Maybe you need an different job.

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king Ebanks of USA
Report it to your boss, if he looks the other way!!!

"fake" social security # or other identification = Crime/ Fraud

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I would call one of those anonymous tip line and ask them what is your responsibility. I would suggest a lawyer, but that would cost you money. THe government can be funny sometimes and come after the wrong people. Unless their a lawyer, I wouldn't trust anything anyone says here to any great degree, even me. If you call the tip line, atleast you could use that to state you did the minimum.
I don't understand people who tolerate illegal immigrants. First it's not a big deal if they come here. They only breaking a minor law and are too scared to break anyother. They also pay taxes using TIN. When they steal our SSN., they say it's no big deal, they are only trying to find work. I always say that if we tolerate the violation of one law, we start tolerating more serious crimes.

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Rabid Frog
As an owner of a commercial and residential building company, if your firm sent my company a worker that was not completely legit I would sue the pants off your firm. You are being paid for a service to save that builder time not to expose them to a lawsuit.

I understand that many companies out there are specifically looking for illegal immigrants but some of us are strictly law abiding employers and your company, if it engages in covering up fraud, is liable for those construction companies who get tagged by law enforcement. The middle man takes the fall.... I would report it to my supervisor, AND I would keep notes to clear myself of any future legal action.

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You should tell your superior and let them handle it. If you dun tell, you might get into trouble with the law (for being a suspected accomplice) so it's not worth the trouble either way.

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From Yours Trully
If the contractors you supply employees to can get into trouble for having illegals working for them what is the liability to your company.

Ask your supervisor for direction. If he/she does not take action you have the numbers to call. You can always call and report where/who they are working for after you leave the job.


If you are the final person approving the application I'd be worried about aiding and abetting. Remember... CYA!!

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victoria g
If it is obvious that the document is fake, you should deny employment. That is the legal thing to do. Talk to your supervisor and see what his response is. If they don't agree, I would consider not working there anymore.

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tiny Valkyrie
Just report it. Fraud is fraud, and a criminal act.

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I personally would NOT refuse employment based on my own assessment of the document's validity. This would open you up to a potential lawsuit in the case that you are wrong.

If you do suspect it to be falsified, you should report it to the authorities. Since this would appear to be mostly aliens (probably illegal, since they are allegedly using falsified documents) I would report it to DHS/ICE (Dept. of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

If your boss, or anyone at your company threatens you in ANY way for doing this, you then can have them prosecuted and also bring a civil lawsuit against them for wrongful termination.

I think you know what the right thing is here and the main concern is losing your job. I understand that, but can you live with yourself if you aid these people in what you believe to be fraud? Keep in mind that you can be prosecuted for this if it can be proven you knew about it, and if your company/boss is prosecuted, you may lose your job as a result, as well. The best bet here (and always) is doing what is right. Don't break a law.

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