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 Boyfriend is 18 and is permanent resident for 3 yrs - if we get married will it be longer for citizenship?
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 Deported from Germany?
If i was deported from Germany on 2005, can i still enter other country in Europe? My deportation due to criminal act.
Is there a time limit or place to check?
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 If I get married immigration question?
If I get married, met a new boyfriend , he does not make much money, and lives at home with parents, he makes minimum wage. Can he file and get me green card. I have overstayed 8 years, will it cost ...

 Need a lawyer: 2000 American workers don’t know each other have been displaced w Non-US on H1, J1 visas.?
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 What is a EEA permit?
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 Iam very upset and wory about my student visa case, help me?
hi every one

my name is M.Danish Aish last year i was apply for student visa for england but my case is return with appeal then i was hired one lawer and resubmit my case in appeal

 Please help me with this k-1 visa?
A copy of the entire I-129f package (that you made when you sent the petition in) and a copy of information that you sent back due to an RFE (if you received one). what all do I send, pics and ...

 How do i check the status of ban on my passport?
i worked foe 5 years in the AE,resigned from the job .
I need to check if there is any ban on my passport ??

How could i verify the ...

 Should America improve productivity by?
encouraging immigration of highly skilled Indian Doktors and IT profesional....

 Why British complain about imigration?
when lots of them claim benefit paid for by tax of Asian professionals.

Is it sick hypocrisy....

 Whether PCC is required for renewing the 10 year old passport?
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 I'm a USA citizen that's been laid off from a job located in the Netherlands. Work/resident permit questions?
I have a few more weeks until both my Dutch work and resident permits expire. Does this mean I need to book a flight back to the US before this date? Or can I stay in the Netherlands and look for ...

 What documents is needed when applying for permanent residency in USA?
i am from philippines and my bf is an american and will get married soon. what documents needed when getting permanent residency in the US?...

 When applying for K1 visa, do i need to write a letter of intent to marry?
i am a filipina and my fiance is from america. we are planning to get married abroad. we are now filing for k1 visa, do i need to produce a letter of intent to marry?...

 Could any one say which are the countries that are actively inviting immigrants.?
I am actively looking to immigrate. I have canada & denmark in mind, but wanted to explore other possible opportunities....

 US Citizenship Renouncement?
Theoretically if someone were to renounce their U.S. Citizenship for another.. would they have to keep on paying taxes to the U.S. for a number of years? Also will those who renounced U.S. C...

What can someone do if they get deported but want to come in the United States?
I know someone that is at a detention center and will be staying there for 45 days and got deportation of 5 years. Is there anything this person can do after they finish this process for them to come back in, in a legal way and if the person had already been here for more than 10 years

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Woody Woodburn
Come back legally....why wait for it to be legal...Mexican people come from their country here illegally and the U.S. citizens and U.S. law enforcement have been told to look the other way by the U.S. Congress, so what does legal or illegal have to do with anything if your coming here illegally? Where illegal holds water only applies to a legal American citizen. When they break the law they are arrested, tried and convicted, put in prison, have the cell door slammed shut and the door locked and the key thrown away! Meanwhile, the Mexican Drug Cartel's and every other type of criminal coming into the United States is given protection under the clause,: they are being "stereo-typed" if they are given a second look or asked any questions as to their actions of illegal entry! The U.S. Congress has stated these illegal individual have "rights" and are entitled to benefits, more so than legal citizens born and already residing here all their life! Where the legal citizens "rights" come into play is they have the "right" to pay for the services the illegal immigrants demand upon arrival such as free, room and board, free medical, free school and college educations, free housing, free money, free this ,free that, free whatever their little hearts desire! So, as to your question, what can someone do who has been deported, but wants to come in the U.S., just do as 20 million other illegal immigrants and invaders have done, slip back across the U.S. border time and time again...there are no penalties for doing so since you are not held accountable for your actions like legal U.S. citizens! Soon, there will be another amnesty program and should you be here to sign up, you will be given U.S. Citizenship! They give that away like prizes in a Cracker Jack Box!

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Joel W
If he obeys the law, he can become elgiable again.

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Once someone is deported for violating our nation's immigration laws, it is not possible to obtain a visa for re-entry, nor is it possible to attain citizenship or permanent residency.

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yes it is first you have to marry a citizen then you apply for a pardon if the only crime commited was entering with out inspection so the pardom have some one like a lawyer write it the know how to make it fancy wait for the pardon to be granted if not granted im afraid the person has to wait 5 years to go by wich if you more tan 25 man they fly right by you

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Doesn't matter how long he lived here illegally. Breaking the law for 10 years surely isn't going to help his case.
He can apply to come back after his ban is expired,but his chances of getting approved are slim. He has already proven that he doesn't follow the law.

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Unfortunately it doesn't mean anything how long they have been here if they've been here illegally. 5 years barr is not bad. They just have to wait that time and come here legally. If they come back illegally and get caught there's mandatory of 1 year imprisonment :-)

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The legal way is to apply for permenant residency after those 5 years are up and wait to be called. 10 years living illegally doesn't make things easier.

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no! they can't

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