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 How can i become a english citizen?
i am a college student studying in the caribbean where i was born and lived and i wish to live in England next year. i also plan to apply to a university while i live there. what do i need to do to ...

 Could you vist the united states with a juvinile reprimand.?
could you visit the united states with a ...

 Is foreign passport valid identification?

 Is it illegal to fly the flag of another country at a business here in USA?
There are a couple of used car lots here in Texas, and they are flying the Mexico flag....

 Is this good news Administration is Backing Away from Legalizing Immigrants?
On a visit to Costa Rica in late March, US Vice President Joe Biden expressed reluctance to the idea of legalizing the status of undocumented immigrants in the United States this year. Speaking to ...

 Where i should put student visa file,in which embeesay ?
need suggestion.. i am from kapurthala,punjab and i am going to put mine file for study permit of canada and have 3 places to put mine file in embeesay:- 1. Chandigarh 2. delhi 3. jalandhar plz ...

 About live in caregiverI?
Is it true that live in caregivers are no longer entitled to be a permanent resident here in canada?
pls. help some information for me, thank you!!!...

 Does a college acceptance letter enable me to get a student visa?
ok im a student thats taking the sat in may n hopefully ill get a high grade to study in a us college i want to noe if by getting accepted by a college allows me to get a student visa or is there ...

 Can someone enter into Canada from the US having only a social security card after living there for 10+ year?
To join a close relative who lives in Canada and is a Canadian? If possible, how and where to apply.Would like to have a genuine answer.Thanks....

 Which office do i need to file my pettition to if am in NC?

 I'm confuse.......??????
Whats an Illegal immigrant and whats a legal immigrant?
If somebody cross the border...are they illegal immigrants?
And when somebody came in with a visa(flying,on airplane,on a cruise,car,...

 JOB INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Hi i will be attending an interview pretty soon with the bureau of federal prisons on a correctional officer position. does any one know what this interview consists of? one more thing back in 2003 ...

 What will be the passport of the child if the mother is a filipino and the father is a german?
I am pregnant now with my German boyfriend and since we are both working in a Muslim country which is Dubai and not allowed to give birth without marriage so i have decided to stay in Philippines ...

 What kind of questions are on the citizenship test?
and how many are they? what percent do you have to get right to pass?...

 How to check the dubai immigration banned visa status?

 Which is the most easy way to obtain a work permit in Ethiopia in social work related jobs?

 My husband died in 2005 because he worked as a contractor for the US army in iraq..can I apply for immigration?
I have kids to take care of, I saw some people watching me and following me, I don't want my kids to be hurt in any way. I want them to have agood life....

 Why do hispanics have a harder time becoming legal than people from any other country?

Additional Details
i mean there are ilegal chinese people as well as pakistans why all the fuss over mexican & not EVERY race???

** I have nothing against it just ...

 How much does a smuggler charge to smuggle someone from Mexico into America do smugglers also finance?
How much does a smuggler charge to smuggle someone from Mexico into America do smugglers also finance?Do smugglers also finance illegals trip into America with easy down payments and low monthly ...

 Explain Iraqi way of living?

can you answer these questions...
- most common use of transportation
- explain the culture
- what do they speak
- most common ...

Should we ban immigrants?
Given the left's penchant for blaming the instrument of death, can we assume they will be calling for a ban on immigrants after yesterday's rampage in NY?
Additional Details
Or is their hatred reserved for inanimate objects and people who don't commit crimes?

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r a
Ban the immigrants? You mean the whole population? Do you know for sure if your ancestors came here legally? People like you with such hatred is more dangerous than that guy who lost his job and opened fire there yesterday. The question to be asked is, why we have more guns in this country than school books?

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I'm an immigrant. I'm British and I now live in another European country. There is no xenophobia here against foreigners, so why should there be elsewhere.

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Ban immigration? We need to actively ENCOURAGE immigration :)

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rainbow chaser
not legal ones.

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Americans should come first for everything. Then everyone else. I don't have a problem with immigration otherwise if it is legal. Short of that get in line IE take a number bud.

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illegal invasion(it's not immigration, pal) should always be banned. But legal immigration shouldn't. We don't ban driving or flying and there are tens of thousands people who are killed in both every year.

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Loretta C
not completely, we should stop it for now until we get the illegals out. the united states grants one million visas a year. they are for different subjects. work, school or what ever it maybe. with out legal immigrants the people in this county would dwindle and die off.

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No, but we should reduce it to a much smaller number, stop chain immigration, and improve the quality of immigrants.Also, let's ban Muslim immigrants, as they will always be more loyal to their religion than to the USA, and we are at war with militant Islamics.

Last year Presidente Jorge Boosh allowed 2 million legal immigrants and probably another million illegal aliens entered the USA. That's way too many, dude!

Go to http://www.numbersusa.com to get more info.

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For a while, yes.

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No, but we should be a lot more careful about who we do let in, and a lot more zealous guarding the borders.

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Absolutely not!

Legal immigration built this country. We should encourage a reasonable rate of educated legal immigrants.

Armed citizens could have resulted in a much better outcome to the Bimghamton shooting. This guy was both certain and correct in assuming that those people were unarmed. New York is a difficult state in which to get a carry permit.

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