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 I dont have voter id.. so i want to get a voter id...im from Raichur District hutti gold mines,?
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Pref in California... :)
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Thanks guys!!!...

 Can a US citizen take a non-citizen spouse to the States to have the baby?
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Can the US citizen take his wife to the States to have the baby, and ...

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How long do I have to wait to apply for citizenship if convicted of a county ordinance violation? Can I possibly get deported!...

 I have a visa to visit the us eventhough am a british do i have to reapply for a visa when it expires?
i am not eligible for the visa waiver pro gramme
Additional Details
i am exempted because i was cautioned by the british police for shoplifting, when my current visa expires will i ...

 Does a past attempt of adoption by a US citizen keep me from visiting as tourist?
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Project : For the 2009 summer break, I would like to ...

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if i buy a property in the usa can i legally live it get a jobs and stay there money is no ...

 Is it possible to file Form N-400 for citizenship online thru a gov. site?
I have found the sites that require me to pay them to fill and file it out online, but I've heard thru the grapevine that it's possible to file it directly with the gov online. I just can&#...

my husband and i are both phillipine citizens and seperated for many years. I want to divorce him. I currently live in new york on a tourist visa. I do not want to go back or see him, can I possibly ...

 My friend is filing a petition for his wife. He doesnt meet the requirements...?
Im going to be his joint sponsor, I understand I have to send the i864a form but my question is which supporting documents should I include?...

 I want to convert my American licence to an Australian one, Do I have to take the test again?
I went on the site and it told me i can just pay the fee and convert it, although I may have to take a retest. Just wondering if anyone would know for sure??
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I am A...

 South african citizenship?
I am british but looking to apply for dual citizenship for south africa, how do I go about it & how long will the process take?
Also would it be easier for me to apply from the south african ...

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 How does duel citizenship work?
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 I have girl friend she lives in australia and i live in egypt,whats the easy way to get visa to australia?

Should I leave it blank or N/A in filling out fields in a form?
I am filling out right now the Form I-129F for k1 visa. What if there are fields that I really don't have to answer. Should I leave it blank or just N/A for non applicable?

For those who have experience please in filling out visa form applications / petition form applications. Thanks.

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N/A is a better choice.
A blank field gives no information. It may appear that you are avoiding questions to mislead an evaluator.
N/A shows that you have considered the question and that it doesn't apply to you.

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Put N/A when it's Not Applicable and None when that is the answer. For instance, line 7 asks for previous names used. If you've never used any other name, then the answer is none rather then N/A. The question applies to everyone, but, your answer is that you never had one. Same with line 9, I would right "None" in the first line rather then N/A if that is the case. Leaving it completely blank looks like you skipped the question.

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Either none or n/a, depends on the question.

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N/A is a better choice. Shows that at least you saw and acknowledge the question. Blanks don't give any information.

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Knight (Brit in USA)
The instructions on the form tell you to write "none" or "N/A" rather than leaving a question blank. A blank question could lead to a returned application, just like not fully reading the instructions can.

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