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Illegal aliens may want to become U.S. citizens, but do they want to become AMERICAN?
When I say American I mean as in American culture, values, learning English, traditions, assimilating into American society etc

Being a U.S. citizen just means you have legal status citizenship.
Additional Details
And don't say things like, "America is a whole continent, so they are already American"

Don't be a smart @ss. You know what I mean.

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They are American already, you moron.

America is this whole continent.

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Jimithy ™
OK, but English is not the national language. Technically, we don't have one. And why should they give up their culture? Are you saying we should all give up our individuality and conform into one idea? That's just not American. And whose to say what's "American tradition" or "American Culture" or ""Values"? Which Americans? The ones originally from Europe? The Native Americans? The Asian ones? Not every body strives to be "generic white guy", I know I don't. I'm just saying is all. I'm not pro-illegal immigration, but seriously, rethink your question a little.
And here comes Thumbs down from biggots.

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I don't know for sure on that, but I know a few space aliens who would.

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That's all that is required. Once a person becomes a citizen, he is free to make whatever life he choses to make for himself and his family as long as he obeys the law.

It is not up to you or me or anyone to decide what a citizen should or should not do.

I do have a couple of questions for you, however. Can you please define the following for me:

1. American Culture...what is that exactly?
2. American Values....what are those?
3. American Traditions....whose traditions are you referring to?

And a little education for you: In order to take the oath of citizenship, the person must speak, read and write English.

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we don't want to be citizens (just yet) we want to become legal residents.

oh and last time i checked people in north or south AMERICA are AMERICANS.

but you USA citizens always want to make everything yours.

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Mexican illegals--They want to be citizens of Mexico North.
They wave Mexican flags, refuse to speak English.
They treat Americans rudely in public.
They burn our flag.
Latinos have ruined a beautiful area near here. A public swimming area along a deep wide creek. A few years ago, it was a great place to take the kids, swim, picnic.
White people, black people, a few of Asian descent now and then. It was a gathering place for fun for many, many years.
Now it is trashed by beer bottles and cans. The water reeks in summer of urine and garbage. What changed....latinos found it and began tossing those beer bottles and cans around, opening urinating in the water. Now all we locals avoid the area that when we Americans used to love.
We tried cleanups and asking nicely for them not to litter or damage the area, we were told basically to kiss their your know whats. The picnic tables are left in filth.
The swings for the kids have been destroyed.
That is not American, but that is what is happening in our nation.
They don't want to be American. They have no clue what it really means.

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What is an American??? We all seem to have a different definition. I know a lot of people who claim to be Americans and to me, they seem like everything BUT Americans.

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considering the fact that more than 1/3 of hispanics are married to non-hispanics(mostly to whites and blacks)
and those that marry adopt their spouse's culture

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No, they do not want to become Americans. They want all the perks the USA has to offer, but they want to turn the USA into another Mexico / South America. They want our jobs, free health care (they receive, not me I have to pay for it), our housing, free schooling for their children, and any other social programs they can suck dry.

What they do not understand if they continue to come here and be a financial burden to our country there will be no more USA. At the rate our government officials are going the illegal population will bury us financially.

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What makes you think they want to become citizens? More likely that they want the benefits of a visa without the responsibility or the loyality to America. their first loyality is to their own country.

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Can't fault that one.

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No, and why should they? There is little precedent in U.S. History for immigrants coming to the U.S and shedding their cultural values, traditions, and assimilating into American Society in the first generation. The United States of America is not a smooth and bland cheese soup but a hearty stew filled with chunks of cultures from all over the place. I come from Midwest where towns are named "New Glarus", and "New Ulm", "Lake Geneva" becuase my Swiss and German forbearers brought with them traditions and language from the old country. My mother, a 4th or 5th generation Norwegian immigrant still says "Uff Dah" (a Norwegian variant of the univeral phrase "oh shoot") and makes lefsa (a potato flat bread) for Christmas. The town of Stoughton WI still celebrates syttende mai (Norweigian Independence Day). Why do current immigrants (illegal and legal, there are both remember) face pressure to homogenize when the old ones are allowed to preserve a sense of cultural identity?

As a side note:
The statement "Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes" is not entirely true. Roughly 1/3 of taxes collected in the U.S. are state and local taxes (http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/TaxFacts/TFDB/TFTemplate.cfm?Docid=14) which are compose primarily of Sales taxes and property taxes.

So if they rent an apartment or buy things at stores, they are paying taxes. When you consider that illegal immigrants can generally only work the poorest paying jobs (construction, farm labor, cleaning meat packaging plants, etc), if they were legal resident aliens working those same jobs they would likely pay very little in federal income taxes anyway because they generally fall below minimum income guidelines. One of the biggest taxes they are not paying, the social security tax, is an non-sequitor because illegal immigrants are not elibigible to collect social security. Thus, the "benefit without paying argument" is weak at best.

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Lisa A.
No they do not want to be Americans. They want to bring what they had from their own country and change this country to fit them. That's the problem. They have a baby once here and they don't teach that child the American culture they continue to teach the child the values and morals or whatever from the country they came from. They want to live in America but be proud of where they came from and claim that that country is so great except that their government is corrupt.

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you can be a U.S. Citizen. and I think they would like to be AMERICAN because they would know they have a RIGHT to speak any language they want, believe what they want, and so on.

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It's the big melting pot, like leftovers of a week's dinners. Good dinners but now that you've mixed it all into a bowl and cooked it. errrrr

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bill h
Youre right. They just want the economic benefit -- they want to keep the cuture of the miserable hell holes they left behind. Our grandparents saw coming here as a priviledge, not a right, and were greatful to swear alligence. Now, we get sleeper cells and what not.

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I think they simply want the advantages that we Americans have in our society. Mexico is a very corrupt and failed society, people simply dont want to live there. They are quick to point out their national pride however, so it is somewhat hypocritical that they dont want to stay in their own country.

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You are absolutely correct!
They apply for U.S. citizenship for convenience and not because they love this great country!

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Heather B
No they don't want to be American, they just want to be IN America...

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I don't think so. The pro-illegal people in this forum seem to think that mexican culture will be good for america. So I guess that they do not want to become americans. I mean when they speak spanish and have their own tv channels and use our social services and do not pay taxes, then I don't think they want to be true americans.

We should deport all the illegals.

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supaypahuahua: Allow me to tell you again. My invitation is still open. You are a cowardly criminal. See ya.

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John S
Judging by the way they conduct themselves at their immigration parades, they don't want to become American.

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