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 How can my uncle D. sign up for visa h1b?
he wants to sign up. if not a visiting visa. only if they denial the application....

 What happens at the airport when you have to do your I-20 F-1 paperwork?
I'm Canadian and I'm going to the US for school. When I arrive in the US, where do I have to go in the airport to process my student visa paperwork? I was told I don't need to get a ...

 When are they going to finish the USA Mexican border fence?
what is the completion date when it is going to be done....

 Can u get green card if u get divorced?
Am going for my second Interview for I-485 green card. My first Interview was in 2003 which was not great they say it's not real married but we APPLE, then they putting my case in pending for 6...

 Will illegal aliens from Mexico bring swine flu?
and cause total devastation in A...

 Can I withdraw my petition?
I sponsered my daughter to US. Can I withdraw my petition. Because I just found out, my daughter have a horrible plan without morality to me - her father. She lived with me about 4 months and now she ...

 8i heard a rumor that the obama administration actually has a plan to stop illegal immigration is it true?
and its not because of the potential risk of pandemic diseases,but the green movement they are pushing,seems those millions of illegal feet trod-ding across the border are trampling down endangered ...

 Can you change your name if you legally move to the USA?

 Immigration; status is process but got in trouble with police?
I went to the beach yesterday got into trouble with the park police and he wrote up a report but nothing else i don't have a permit nothing because my status is in process right now i got in ...

 Visa Information for my wife?
I'm a US citizen and my wife is an italian citizen.

Before we were married my now wife tried to come visit me on the visa waiver program but got refused on 8 CFR 217.4(A)(1)


 How long do I have to be married to an american citizen for a green card?
What's the legal process like if i want to file a divorce after i receive my conditional green card? Do I have to wait until the permanent green card issued, otherwise the conditional green ...

 Canadian - how do i apply for ssn of united states?
a friend of mine is a Canadian citizen . he wants to apply for a position in united states and those folks need his part of his SSN to submit his resume in there ATS system .
what does he need ...

 My employer want to apply for me H-1B visa i am in status till july, i need help as per what to do?
I honestly can not afford an attorney now, little information. Any useful information will be very appreciated!...

 Can a dependant husband of an G4 holder request the work permit?
As a husband of an G4 holder is possible to get a working permit on the US? and which kind of Job you could be able to get it or you can get any kind?.
Thanks ....

 What do u think can happen?can the deportation orders of a illegal alien who is in jail get cancelled?
an illegal immigrant who is in jail,on charges for marrying a us citizen inspite of being married and has kids in his home country,got arrested.us citizen and the illegal immigrant got a child in ...

 I don't get it when people say "we're all immigrants"?
Like seriously, if I am 3rd or 4th gen I'm pretty far removed from being an immigrant. Don't you think it is a little silly? I mean, how long do I have to stay here before that point ...

 I'm a somalian and i want get some place nice because our home is peaceless please if u have a chance help me?
god bless ...

 Can i social security offices give me my A#?
i lost my alien # if i go to the social security offices can they provide me with that information or they have nothing to do with that!...

 What does a sponsorship for a foriegn spouse mean?
someone i know has a grandson that wants to marry a woman from the philipiens. his grandson wants him to sponsor his wife. what does that mean....

 Do you feel sorry for Americans caught hiring illegal immigrants?
The owner of Annapolis Painting Services pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to knowingly employing illegal immigrants and then laundering the proceeds from that unlawful activity.


If you commit a crime in another country, but then apply for citizenship in America; Can they find it?
This is just something I'm curious about.

If someone was arrested for a crime, let's say drugs (Cocaine), in another country, and then they apply for citizenship in America. Would we find that in a background check?

And if so, do we currently reject people who have criminal records in other countries?

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if u have committed any misdeed and u had to go to the prison and then u want to go in another country there is no way they will allow u to enter.. But if u committed any vehicular misdeed no problem u can go to any other country..Another thing, if u go to a foreign country and then u commit any misdeed u will be judge and then the next morning will send u back to your country

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Sweet cheeks
Yes http:/www.freeinformation.com/immgrantst...

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Don Camilo
Drugs are not a crime ( literally, but it should be indeed ). They are an offense

That depends on the country in america

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Yes they get information from the police in the home country, and the odds are high that someone who has such a record will be caught. Drug arrest information is widely shared due to the war on drugs.

And a drug conviction will bar you permanently from citizenship, plus if you lie about it they'll bar you plus if they find out after you get citizenship they'll take the citizenship away and deport you...

I do think the zero tolerance on drug convictions of any kind is a bit extreme, but yes they check especially in these post 9-11 days.

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