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pancha that took you 38 seconds to reply, i'm very disappointed in you....

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Gee, so much hate. I'm not illegal, by the way, I just asked the question. (rolls eyes)...

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If I marry my mexican bf in Mexico and I'm a legal american citizen...will my then husband be legal?
If we marry here in Mexico...will he be legal to come back to america with me?

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Your best bet is to go to a IMMIGRATION LAWYER and get advice from him. Me and my husband are almost through with the Legalization process. I have to tell you it is going to be hard. But I don't regret one bit of it. And don't listen to some of those comments that are being made. Why don't they say that stuff to all they Chinesee and Indians that are running all these gas stations and other little stroes around the united states. At least the MEXICANS are helping. Who make there driveways and sidewalks? Who works in the rain and cold? They need to take amoment and think of all the new houses they see and see how many MEXICANS worked on them. VIVA LA RAZA. THEY CAN'T DEPROT THEM ALL. Good luck to you and your BF.

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No, he needs to get a licence saying he is a citizen of the US. If you have children is the US, they will be American Citizen and then he has the legal right to stay in the USA.

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Only if he speaks EENGLEESH.

Dang first the they take our jobs, no take our women.

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no he will not !
and by doing such a thing you will be a traitor to your own nation and race, as that you will be giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the american working man and woman. and should be shot or exiled or worse !

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Maria C
Yes and no!! You're marriage with him will be valid no matter where you marry. But, you must keep in mind the new immagration laws, he can come with a visa after you marry him but that soesn't gaurantee citizenship.

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Michelle R
Honey it takes alot of work. My husband is an immigrant from Jordan and I am American.
First I had to petition for him to arrive in the states on a fiance visa so we could marry here in the states.
On the fiance you have to marry within 3 months after he arrives.
You have to get a marriage license first and than arrange for a judge to marry you. You do this all at the court house and your bf has to go with you.

After you are married he is not a citizen yet, however he can stay if you apply for residency for him in the U.S. which includes social security number, and a green card.

After that, you have to go to an immigration office for them to investigate you. They will ask questions such as did you change your name? do you have a joint bank account? Is he on the lease with you? Did you add his name to your accounts such as credit cards, electric, etc.

It takes several years b4 he becomes a citizen, but he can live as a resident in th states with you until he is a citizen.

It is alot of work but we had a lawyer.
I recommend you find an immigration lawyer and be ready to spend about $5,000 or more.
My husband sent me the money.

I am not trying to discourage but I do not want you to make the same mistake my husband and I made and end up with a broken heart. I met him in Egypt and we tried to marry there through the American embassy and it was a big mess. They would not allow him to come to the states unless I petitioned for him first from the states on a fianace visa.

Get a lawyer to help you.

To Bummer you are very ignorant. I am half Mexican and half white and you should know that America is the one that took land from Mexico you dumbass. California, TX etc. used to be Mexico. So technically Mexicans were here first in some parts of US.

and to the other dumbass that said she needs to be shot. Unless I find you first. You stinky, rotted tooth, human eating KKK member.

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Get your marriage license in the states first before getting married in Mexico

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No, but it will give enable you to sponsor him into the US on a
legal visa. If he has any special skills that would expedite the
process. Talk to an immigration lawyer. You should be able to
get info from the INS but they like to play phone games....you
could be waiting all day just to have your call answered.

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Make sure he really is paying you enough!

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Ryan T
I sure hope not, he needs to get in the back of the line like everybody else.

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each american state recognizes marriages differently, such as age, blood test etc. you should call your county license bureau, usually if you are a citizen in America and you marry an alien that would make them a citizen provided your marriage was for the purpose of marriage and not just to make him a citizen. sounds like you would have to be a citizen of mexico to marry and then follow the requirments to enter USA

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Yak Rider

After you get married you must go through the process of sponsoring him for immigration. The process takes from 6 months to a year to complete.

No, there's no way to do it faster.

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Just move there and marry him and stay there.

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You must petition for him and he must wait.

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haters, you guys exaggerate. Do what makes you happy, that's the American way.

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Mary g
no,no,no, but you already knew that. He will have to go through
the legal process and it can be expensive but there is no other

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Not necessarily so you better check with your country hall before you go there. Many a time people get married in Mexico and the person that married them isn't a legal justice of the peace so its not valid. Sometimes people get married in Mexico cause its easier to get a divorce in the states because of the lax rules in Mexico.

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No, but check into it, maybe you will be a "legal" Mexican. Might be easier to just stay there in Mexico with him.

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He will not be a legal American. He will have to go through the process of coming here legally. The fact that he married a legal citizen will speed it up a little bit, but still, no guarantee.

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he will still have to apply for american citizenship.

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Your husband cannot enter with you automatically, there is a process with immigration and many forms and fees to pay. Many people "think" that once a person marries someone from another country, that person "automatically" becomes an American. The process will include background checks and even if you are married and he has a criminal past in his country, then your chances of bringing him here legally is slim to none. Many factors come into play. Look into the internet for more information. Or contact an INS office.

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willow oak
You'll probably need to contact a lawyer to work all that stuff out. I had planned on marrying a Czech man a few years ago before he returned to Prague, and there's certain forms you have to fill out, and he'll have to get a marriage visa and whatnot.

And don't listen to all these idiotic anti-Mexican racists that will likely answer this question. Good luck to you and your boyfriend!

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Can illigal aliens get married,legally ,in Mexico, cause that's what "YOU" will be.....

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He isn't automatically a legal citizen and can cross the border. you will have to go through the proper procedure to petition for him to become a legal resident you might want to consider talking to an immigration attorney about how to begin the whole process and where you would need to go if you are in Mexico to being his process. Once you begin the process they will give him a permit to enter the U.S. legally, then from there you would go towards him becoming a legal permanent resident and you would have to go to an interview with INS it is a lengthy process it doesn't happen over night.

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You will need to file the I-130 form and it will take a long time to get the visa. There are some fiance visas available. Check with your local lawyer.

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NO. You will simply be "Just a women" married to a Mexican.

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Not automatically. You must petition for him and he cannot generally enter the country whilst the petition is being processed. I did not do it that way when I came here. Instead, my fiancee filed the petition, it was approved, I came to the USA, got married and applied for adjustment of status. I am now on the last leg - citizenship application. Please do some research at uscis.gov so you understand what is involved. Then please, please speak with an immigration attorney. You can expect to spend a few thousand dollars (over the course of 2 or 3 years) to have the paperwork done, but it is worth it.

So far as the wedding is concerned, my wife and I got married by the Mayor in a two-minute ceremony five days after I arrived. Then we took our time planning the real ceremony. That worked for us.

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