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 Why do some pro-illegal immigrant groups use the "race card"when you disagree with their views ?
And resort to name calling and insults.
Additional Details
Golly gee Chee,I'm not too fond of the minute men either.Why would you assume that I am ? Generalizations,generalizations,...

 If Mexicans are so proud of their people then why do they want to live with white people?
All the Mexicans I know try thier best to get away from other Mexicans. They express thier hate for white America but in a way they hate Mexico too. They truly want thier cake and to eat it too. D...

 Would America consider Super Man a illegal immigrant ?

Additional Details
Super man came to America with no visa. All the Americans say you are illegal if you have no visa....

 Why don't we just open the Southern border and let the Mexicans come and go freely?
Wouldn't it be easier than what we're doing now?...

 Are you against immigrants, would you consider us a problem ,, if so why??
many immigrants like my self have been here many years I immigrated when i was a baby never gotten in any trouble with the law, study, work hard every day pay taxes and still have no recognicion,, ...

 Those Who Hire Illegal Aliens Cause Americans 9,125 Deaths Annually?
Iowa’s United States Congressman Steve King told a crowd in Des Moines in June, “Illegal aliens cause the death of 25 American citizens every day…13 by drunken driving and 12 by stabbings or ...

 How can we MAKE our politicians hear us that we want the illegals out of our country?
I bombard my local and state government with complaints about this and it seems like it doesn't help.What can we do to make them listen to us?We are their constituents not the illegals...

 Should (legal) immigration be loosened up?
In class we have been having these debates about immigration and immigration issues. Some people say that illegal immigrants cause problems, and that they should be kept from moving into the U.S. I ...

 Anybody else here hopefulthat this Immigration Bill will go down the toilet?
Saw the blurb just now and was very happy. This needs to die on the floor....

 If wites dont like us so much why dont they o to another contre?

 How can I get someone here working illegally deported?

Additional Details
INS, are there any numbers to contact?...

 Why do Mexican immigrants not want to speak English?
A while back some pepole sent a bill to the local goverment of Nevada, to make spanish mandatory to be taght in school. Fifty years ago it was considered very rude to speak a forien language in a ...

 Wanna know wat i found on the floor today?
in school i was walkin to class n found a $10 bill on the floor! isnt that cool? i bought lunch wit it!

how much money have u found on the floor?...

 Marrying an illegal?
what steps need to be taken after marrying a mexican that has an expired ...

 Mexican miners' families angry there are no Spanish speakers to help communicate . . .?
Do they have a right to translators? The families were angry they were unable to communicate with officials because they don't speak English.
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Claudia - get over ...

 Thousands march in Detroit for immigrant rights, do you support immigration reform?
Waving Mexican and U.S. flags, thousands of immigrants and their supporters rallied in southwest Detroit today for immigrant rights.

Rally organizers called for comprehensive immigration ...

 Should we close the US borders, and start deporting illegal aliens?

 Why the hell aren't Gurkha's allowed to come and live in the UK?
When they did so much for this country but they let in people like that gross, retard Omar Bakri Muhammad who while he was here did nothing but incite hatred and murder and called the 9/11 bombers &...

 Why do mexicans migrate to usa?

 Is anyone else just a little pissed off by all the illegal Mexicans?
i mean first they came to take our jobs then when the economy went south they decided to leave and now guess what the Mexican flu is spreading now they want back over I'm i crazy or is there ...

Nice Real Nice
I gots an extra $200 in food stamp this month.Should I report the mistake or sell em on black market or eBay?

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sell sell sell

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Whats your point?

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First return them then get off your butt and get a job to feed yourself and your family. You have no right to the extra food stamps,its the same as stealing if you do anything with them except return them. I cant imagine any one,if they are able bodied ,not being able to find a job. Its like Mendi said if one jobs not enough then get two. But get off benefits as quickly as you can. Trust me your self respect will rise if you earn the money yourself. I know there are family's that desperately need the help of welfare /food stamps etc. But if you are just shamming the government..Shame on you ! Give them back !!

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hahahha your gay

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80.00 for 200.00 call me

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Report the mistake. You can be charged with a crime if you sell it.

I can't believe that my tax dollars are paying for someone like you. Get a job.

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Don't worry , I've already reported you !!!

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thatmy's useful eunuch
Enjoy it! or Donate itI

REturn, forget it! LOL!

U go hungry and no money, nobody cares!

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how about you get a job then you wont need food stamps

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steddy voter
To think I pay my taxes to support people like you... argh! Needing assistance is one thing, and I have no problem with that. But to try to exploit an error made by the same government that is supporting you!?!? Do you know how many hours the rest of us have to work to accumulate $200 in taxes?!

Be honest and report the mistake. If not, I hope you get caught.

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Tequila party.......and dubs!!!!!!

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Well, seeing as how WE the working TAXPAYERS gave those food stamps to you, you should return them.

What makes you think we enjoy supporting you and watching you try to make a profit using OUR money?

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Report the overage to your worker. If you use them you will be terminated from the program, in addition to having to repay with interest, in which you probably don't have.
Ex-Eligilibility worker.

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Can you say "Fraud" !!! Are you willing to go to JAIL? You are already in violation just by asking such an asinine question. If convicted of fraud you would lose your ability to receive ANY assistance from the government for a period of 5 years. Also the mistake will eventually be discovered as the agency does a validity and internal audit at random intervals to aid in fraud and/or abuse. Can you family do without?

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Well....back in the days when the government actually followed through with things....they would eventually find their error and come back for payment. Sell them on e-bay and I think it's fraud you can be charged with.

Here's a novel idea.......why not go back to the food stamp office and explain where you think they may have made an error and return them? It would be the right and honest thing to do. I bet you'd be down there screaming your head off if they shorted you 200 bucks!

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Naomi P
report it. you'll get in a lot of trouble. i have a friend who is in trouble right now for keeping extra money. She could get jail time!!!

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Mopar Muscle Gal
that ignorant .. lets make a free buck attitude is deplorable
Put that shyster attitude to good work and get off your butt and get a honest job

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Silly, Silly Silly question. Givem back dummy so that someone else who really needs them can have thing. Or, you could sell them, get caught and get your a** locked up. Oh, it's my tax money that your talking about, so I demand that you give them back.

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You will be required to pay it back when they realize their mistake. How would you sell them on eBay anyway? The funds come on a debit card. Today's food stamps aren't paper that you can easily trade or sell. But I'm sure that some people will find a way.

A long time ago the mail man accidentally delivered a huge packet of food stamps to my house. There must have been at least five hundred dollars worth, but I didn't open them. I ran after the mail man and gave them back before I could change my mind. And we really did need them, as I was newly divorced and had little money.

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report it, then go get a job.

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I think you should get a job.

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GG Gal
Report it. Just do the right thing. Otherwise, Sal's gonna get you!

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