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 Will I qualify for H1b visa?
Hi! I am homebased telemarketer in the Philippines currently employed by a New York IT Firm. My Boss has expressed his interest in offering me an h1B visa so I can work join them in New York. I am ...

 A question on immigrants?
Why do we (UK) accept immigrants and make their lives better, giving benefits, work, education, etc.

If I (born in UK) face problems here, which country would help me out.

Why ...

 Any one from Mexico can provide truthful report of how Mexican government's handling of the Swine Flu threat?
If you live there(and still healthy and alert) and have a non-biased point of view
Additional Details
No Rumors, ...

 Applying for a visa to the UK from the USA?
A friend of mine wants to live and work in the uk, he is an american citizan, and lives in New Hampshire, Manchester, America..
Does anyone know how long it takes for an visa to come through, ...

 Is it normal almost a month I didnt receive my noa1?
is it normal almost a month I didnt receive my noa1?

i filed for my stepson under 21 I am USC

I filed the petition last April 1 2009
how long is the whole process

 Visa to the UK from China for holiday?
I have friend from mainland China who wishes to come to the UK for a holiday and I was wondering how they go about getting a visa to enter the UK and do I need to do ...

 How does the Mexican Gov't handle illegal aliens?
Anyone who knows please shed some light on this. The illegals in this country are crying out for more rights. I think they are treated really good here. Heck, I even pay for most or their health care....

 I have lost my indian passport stamped uk visa. What I have to do to exit UK permanently?
I have valid visa till Nov 2009. But I want to return India at end of May. I have already applied for duplicate passport and reported to local police station. Do I need to apply for fresh visa to ...

 Is the school right? Illegal Child?
Not looking for whether or not we should pay for free education for illegals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question:
A school in SC is trying to deny enrollment of my husbands cousin bc she ...

 Is illegal dishwasher going to special treatmen by getting amnesty from OBama?
Home > City
University police turn over illegal immigrant to federal authorities
Adam Sege
Issue date: 4/28/09 Section: City
PrintEmail Article Tools Page 1 of 1 University ...

 What is the appeal process for a denied I-485 (Adjustment of Status) application?
On the day of my I-485 interview (married to a USC and currently on F1 visa), the officer told me that there was a document missing and gave me 30 days extension to mail it to her. On the same day, I-...

 How come Obama has not mentioned anything about the fly by in New York..?
and pretended he didn't know anything about it and it cost over 300,000 for that stunt that was pulled..and NOT demo or libby has said one word about ...

 WHO WERE THEY ? These sad people?
The government were defeated (ONLY BY 21 VOTES) over their attempt to make it virtually impossible for those 'living' Gurkha soldiers who fought for this once honourable country to live ...

 I recently became a citizen and was naturalized in the United States what do I need to do for my kids?
I recently became a citizen and was naturalized in the United States what do I need to do for my child who is under 18 years old. What actions do i need to take for my chuld to also be a citizen of ...

 Should i take my kids to the immigration interview?
my baby is 20 months old and we have wedding pictures and pictures with the baby but there is not a lot pictures of us so i realley dont know what should we ...

 Would enforcing existing immigration laws have saved us from this problem?
Would enforcing existing immigration laws, travel restrictions, heath screenings of immigrants combined with common sense medical quarantine have saved us from this problem? Will sending a force of MO...

 With the Swine Flu kicking in and having started in Mexico,what does Lou Dobbs think of illegal immigration no?
Has he fallen out of his chair on live television yet?...

 How to become an american?
Im wanting to move to america anyone no how hard it will be and where do i start im from scotland and im bored of ...

 My visa expired 4 months back, how much fine is imposed in dubai and how can he reduced the fine?
how can i exit the country without paying much and what is the ban for me....

 How can i report someone in the US immigration and customs enforcement?
hi. I'm married to my husband on 2007. he went back to the US because he is an immigrant. Everything seems fine as I know, until last week, I found out that he has a girlfriend for 3 weeks in ...

How much time does it take for the naturalization interview after fingerprints?

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Joan Sandverysmart
Sometimes 6 months to 1 year, depending on
if you filed through an attorney, or on your own
it could take awhile for you to be called in.

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anywhere from 6-12 months. My husbands was very quick, but that is because we had all of our paperwork in order and a clean record and also their offices were not super busy at the time... I think we just lucked out.

It was about 6 months until the interview...

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It depends on which part of US are you living in. On an average it takes about 6 months.

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From the time you submitted your papers, it usually takes six months to a year for your interview. It depends where (state) your papers are processed. Each state has more or less a different speed depending on the volume of applications processed in that state's USCIS. The difference is not that much though so do not worry.

Filing your application through a lawyer in no way affects the speed with which your papers will be processed. If you filed through a lawyer do not expect special treatment that your application will be processed quicker and if you did not submit through the aid of a lawyer, do not worry that your papers will be treated as a second rate application in that it will take longer to be processed. This is the beauty of America. Each application is treated the same. If you notice all correspondence with USCIS notes when your application arrived and when they responded. We have so much fate in blood sucking lawyers. The system works in America people. We are not in a Third World country where special treatment is the norm. Applicant with or without a lawyer is treated the same.

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