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 Getting a green card?
Does the EB5 Business Visa automatically mean you will get a green card?
Additional Details
If you are given the Visa I mean....

 If I am a Russian citizen, with a Canadian Visitor Visa, with return flight through the USA, do I need a visa?
I am visiting my daughter in Canada, and have a return flight through Houston, back to Russia. As a Russian citizen, spending no more than 5 hours in the Houston airport, do I require a transit visa?...

 How to move to america how much money to become a american citizen?
how much money would I need to legally move to calafornia like if I had $500,000 in my bank so I could support my self would america let me live there and become a american citerzan im ...

 What would i have to do to move to another country?
Im only 15, but when i graduate i want to move to Canada (Quebec, Montreal) im planing to attend a college and all that, but i was wondering what would i have to do to move to another country, would ...

 How long does it take for immigrants of haiti to get to miami on a boat?
I've been hearing so much about it..how long does it take to get from haiti to miami on a boat ? 2 Weeks , 1 month..what ? These poor people are trying to leave their country for a better life .....

 Where is a better place to live - U.S or U.K?
Also, as a Canadian citizen would it take me longer to get a U.S. citizenship or a U.K. citizenship?
Additional Details
As a CANADIAN, all I'm seeing right now is that the UK is ...

 U.A.E.work visa taking too much time.can any one help me?.....?
I got offer in abu dhabi for interior designer.
I have 4 years work exp.

after getting offer letter my 1&1/2 month gone for certificate attestation. I send them my document in 1st ...

 How long does it take to become a russian citizen?
Any details that could be provided would be wonderful....

 Question about immigrants in the UK?
I don't know anything about immigration so bear with me...
What's the difference between an immigrant and an asylum seeker?
I've heard the rule is you have to seek asylum in ...

 Non EEA citizen,Married with EEA citizen Reside in UK, about to have a baby?
We both live in UK and we are expect baby soon..my Wife is EEA citizen and is one of the N8 Nation..she have to register under Worker Registration Scheme for 12 month before she can be in indefinate ...

 Skill shortage, what skill shortage?
I work in a factory that produces bouquets for major supermarkets, unfortunately our workforce is about 90% non UK. All these people are doing is putting flowers in a bunch, where is the skill in ...

 Report to immigration or not to report?
I have a question about a situation I learned about a few days ago. A lady from the phillipines wanted to come to the U.S. about ten years ago. She found an ad in a magazine posted from a Vietnam ...

 If my british boyfriend visits usa and we marry here, will I be allowed to go live in uk?
what would be the process if we Married in america, But wanted to live where he resides in the UK...

 IS it good time to move USA?Any chances to get engg job if I have greencard?

 Do U think it is fair to demand taxpayer subsidized college tuition & state-issued driver's certificates 4 ill?
Do U think it is fair to demand taxpayer subsidized college tuition & state-issued driver's certificates 4 illegals ?
Illegal Aliens Using Wisconsin State Capitol to Demand Rights and B...

 How hard is it to get into USA?
How hard/ what do you have to do to move from Canada to the USA?
I don't plan on moving I'm just curious.

Additional Details

 How to change name in naturalization certificate after naturalization?

i wanted to change my name (i wanted to add my husbands surname) in the naturalization certifcate as i wanted to get my new passport with my new name and i was told that what ever ...

 Who Is More Worthy of Health Care: Disabled War Vets or Illegal Aliens?
This is a hot link to the Canada Free Press. Click on it to read about how our federal government under Obama is forcing our military, both active and retired to use private health insurance and to ...

 My brother lives in Australia and became Australian Citizen, can I get the citizenship?
Hey, I'm from Caracas-Venezuela, my brother too. He moved to Australia 10 years ago and he became australian citizen, he has his commonwealth passport and everything. I want to move there, can i ...

 What do you think about Belgium?
Did you already go to Belgium?...

Dojo Master
How much does it cost to move to a different country?
After high school I have been signed to play soccer in England, but when I finish high school I will only be 17. Roughly how much money will it cost to move all my stuff to a different country. (The team provides me with a small apartment, so I don't need to buy a house)

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iDream [cancer sucks]
I have lived in Japan, the USA, Egypt, France, Morocco, Russia, Argentina, Canada, India and some other places.

I moved from NJ to Tokyo. 11000 US dollars including airfare and moving of my stuff, My rent is paid in echange for tutoring some college students Arabic. I'm on an exchange program.

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gary s
Any furniture should be bought in England if it will be flown by Air,shipping would cost more than it is worth.Pack as much as you can comfortably fit into checked luggage and ship the rest by truck or Airfreight after comparison shopping.Start saving at least at least a $1000 in pounds for buying your bed,dresser,etc..If the team provides an apartment,is it furnished?Need to call the team about that.And your parents will probably have to go with you until you are over 18.Team recruiter should have more details than what you were told.

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What does the contract say? You are a young player so you need to think about it. Different country can cost the club much. You are a newbie.

At 17 how much stuff do you really have?

Anything of importance like pictures and such you leave with a relative. After that you just get a suitcase and load up your clothes. Later once you see the living conditions you can choose to pay or whatever. Point is keep it simple at first and then decide.

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As part of your negotiations with them, include moving costs in your contract

If all you are moving are clothes and personal effects (no furniture) then you just send boxes by sea shipment which takes about 4-5 weeks but will only cost you a few hundred dollars

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