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 US Visitor visa for Nepali citizen?
I am a nepali passport holder working in India. Where should I go to get a US visitor visa? Should I go to Nepal or can I get in Delhi?...

 My company is sending me to an occupational therapist as i can not carry out all of my contracted duties?
this is due to a back problem. Why are they doing this? can they dismiss me if the o.t says i am not fit to do all of my job description?...

 My dad any my family are getting sponsered (us) from a work company, im under 21 yrs old will i have to go?
for a green card interview? or just my dad? Am I going to have problems if i was denied entry before to the us? also what questions are they going to ask us. thanks dont answer if u dont ...

 When filing I-130 and I-485 concurrently, do I submit two copies of G-325A form or just one?
Both the I-130 petition for alien relative and I-485 adjustment of status requires one to submit the biographical form G-325A. I am filing them concurrently so do I send two copies of G-325A or just ...

 Question about Border Patrol and Marine Biology?
Is there ANY way i can incorporate the two careers? i had my heart set on marine biology but since i've been researching about the job outlook and it stinks, and well i was really interested in ...

 I have a girlfriend whom I would like to bring from Africa to America but I have a criminal record.?
I have 2 convictions for controlled substance and 1 conviction for a DUI. I have'nt been in trouble with the law in the past 7 years. Would that effect me being able to bring her here and ...

 Can I change my status from a k1 visa to a permanent residence without leaving the country?
I married the person who got me the k1 visa but she didn't do the papaer work for me after the 90 ...

 I applied for Filipino/American Dual citizenship and was approved. By doing so, can I lost my Naturalized U.S.?
I was born in the Philippines and migrated to U.S and became a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. At the age of 65 I want to visit the Philippines for longer stay (more than a year). I applied for Filipino/A...

 I am a Vietnamese national with Vietnamese passport, do I need a visa to travel to Japan for a couple of days?

 Hasn't the UK Government become too strict on its immigration policy?
Even educated people with a masters degree in the UK are forced to go back after completion of their course. I am Indian and I plan to do my masters in Computer Science in the UK after a couple of ...

 If i have overstayed on my visa in the uk will it be stamped in my passport when i leave at the airport ?

 Substantial presence test for resident alien...?
but what if we've only been here for 2 years? full year of 2008 and 2 months in 2007? i tried doing the computation and we still are over the 183 days test... should that be sufficient? or there ...

 Change name order in passport?
I applied for a passport with my name xx zz yy, where zz is my fathers name, i gave my surname as yy and so it appears in the last, and in all my other documents the name appears as xx yy zz, which ...

 If u have just hav one chance,think propely,which country will u go stay in ? Hong Kong,New Zealand...........?

 Letter for mt friends Citizenship naturalization.?
My friend wants me to write and sign a letter to tell the INS Immgration services that she and her husband are my friends and their marriage is authentic and everything is real not just for the sake ...

 DMV CA written test and new state ID card?
At the tie of applying for a new CA state ID card early in the morning (to avoid long queues) can I also take the written test?
Additional Details
Also, do they need to see that the ...

 Reinstatment to student status and future immigration prospects.?
I was with a school which cancelled my I-20 because I started training with the original owner of the school who was fired from the same school by the new owners. I did that so that I can get my ...

 When will America finally get fed up with illegal aliens and take action?
I know there are folks out there who who are not against illegal immigration, but I believe those people will eventually start changing sides once they have been directly affected by these scum. I ...

 Can my husband become a u.s. citizen with out my permission?
i'm a u.s. citizen, i and my husband got his green card, now we have been married for 5 years, can he relieve my citizenship?...

 Can a B1 Visa holder get an F1 stamped in Canada?
Hi, I am currently in the US on a B1 visa and now intend to join a graduate school. But by the time the classes commence my B1 will be out of status. Does this mean I need to take my I 20 and walk in ...

How many illegal immigrants cross over into the u.s. each year?
how many illegal immigrants cross over into the u.s. each year? and is there anything seriously being done to stop this problem. and possibly fix what has already been written

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DJ High Tek
I have no ideal. I don't live near any Borders and even if I did it would not be my place to stand and count everyone that cross into America. I hear it all the time on here so many is only thinking of ways to stop this in which will bring this Country down more than it's already is. And then you have these same People crying out why am I being called a Racist. Getting rid of someone should never be an only Opinion Especially when one want to stand and say I'm not a Racist. Many have always gave their own little Personal Number to Questions like these and they have always added more than they really is. What's more they only seems to count within the Latino Nations Especially Mexico when the truth is it's just as many People in America from China than there is from Mexico and this do not come from my own Personal Numbers but from Fact.

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This should answer both your questions.

U.S. to Step Up Prosecution of Mexico Border Crime

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Too many!! No, too many liberal democrats that believe we should support the world To be completely honest, I am tired of looking at them, and I am tired of hearing them speak their language. If you come to the USA, speak English and pay taxes like the rest of us or better yet.............LEAVE!!!

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from now on,call them future democrats.

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1 Far too many come across every year.
#2 No the government isn't really doing anything to stop the problem, And with this new administration, I see them giving amnesty and still keeping our borders open. The last Amnesty was given in 1986 with a provision to lock down the borders and guess what, they did nothing. I see the same promise again. My estimate is well over 500,000 a year come across every year and unlike the government saying there are only about 12 million The real number is anywhere from 24 to 37 million. Just look at the census reports and look at the size and growth of the latino populations, they are ballooning out of control. And on our dollar. I hate leeches, thieves and criminals, so therefore I hate illegals, I don'tcare what there excuse is. How dare they come here and exploit our hard work and our country.

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There are a lot of illegal immigrants that come here in a year. To give you a number I can't count that high and no one for sure really knows because if their illegal their off the books. There are laws already against illegal labor and there is border patrol. The laws are only good if enforced and border patrol can only do so much.

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tony tedeschi
No one knows for sure, but the number is in the millions, and if amnesty is granted the number will at least double as others take advantage of the situation...

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Samantha Jones
Too many. We have all sorts of laws on the books regarding hiring illegals that are not enforced. Crack down on the reason they come here and they will disappear.

Also, why are we supporting them with free health care, education, and other giveaways? The DREAM act is just lame. If Durbin doesn't abandon it, I am not voting for him ever again.

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Don Camilo
According to the last inquiry, asked to all the illegals who crossed last year and presented their identification documents at the immigration posts at the border, they were exactly 7,223, not counting the children

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