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 Can you give us chance?
Good Morning Reader.

Born in a 3rd world country, Democratic Republic of Congo . In 1986, 14 of Octobers my young brother was born.
Difficult back then was head to are my M...

 I am supposed to write an affidavit of support for two people who have been married for nearly two years.?
The affidavit is going to be used by the immigration to remove a conditional status on my girlfriend’s green card. Can anyone help me? We are really close friends and their marriage is real (not ...

 When do you think Pelosi/ Obama are going to try and push an Amnesty Bill thru?

 Appeal 3 times ,to stay in the us,but received a letter from immigration?
my wife and my daughters came to the US,illigaly,i have a permitr(TPS)to stay legally in the US and two of my daughters were born here...my wife had the the permitt too(TPS)and also had 245 I ,to get ...

 How do so many immigrants get away with green card-based marriages?
I have known several immigrants that came to the USA, with a Visa (or some other kind of temporary paper) and paid a citizen to marry them. The only purpose of this marriage was to help the immigrant ...

 If Obama grants amnesty to illegals in the U.S. can twice deported get it as well?
Do they just have to sneak back across the border at the time and all is well? Just curious....

 Applying for German Citizenship?
I really wish to move to Germany.

Could someone explain to me how to get a German citizenship? I'm kinda confused because I heard that I need to drop my current heritage...or whatever....

 Why should taxpayers be concerned that with in-state-tuition, fewer illegal immigrant children are likely to?
Why should taxpayers be concerned that with in-state-tuition, fewer illegal immigrant children are likely to end up on social services?
After all, our state officials keep assuring us no one ...

 What is Canada's Policy toward refugees?

 What are problems the pilgrims faced after they got to oregon or got finished with the oregon trail?
I am doing a report for school. so please answer these questions.
1. what problems did the pilgrims face after they got to oregon or plymouth?

2. did the oregon trail end in plymouth?<...

 Passport question????????????
If I was born and bred in England. But ma backgrounds Turkish/Cypriot. What nationality would it put on my passport?...

 What did immigrants gain by becoming U.S. citizens?
During the period of 1860 -- 1910....

 Can Canadian international students travel to the US as tourists? Any visa required?
Can Canadian international students travel to the US as tourists just like US international students travel to the Canada?

I want to know the answer to my scenario particularly. I was an US...

 Calderon has claimed US corruption in the drug war, but how do the drugs get into Mexico in the first place?
Somehow, the same drugs that corrupt US officials are letting into the States are getting into Mexico in the first place....

 Do you think the claim that the stimulus plan will create jobs for illegals....?
.....will actually get more Americans off the couch, and off benefits try to win these jobs over from illegals? Or will they just give up and assume Obama created it for them, continue to claim ...

 When did the Japanese first immigrate to New Zealand?
Time line would be nice :D...

 A friend of mine has a current visa?
And he is married to a US citizen, can he change his status to a resident visa without her, or will he need to and if so what is the process?
Additional Details
His visa is a B2 visiting ...

 I want to work / live in the USA - Can I?
I would like to move to the USA when I am older (around 24 years of age), would it be very difficult to get in. I have an Aunt who is a US Citizen.

Additional Details

 British passport Question?
I qualify for everything for my British passport, but i need to know if i need to have a sponsor for me to got to London from the us to live??? Please help it is ...

 I am having a little difficulty here I was wondering....how did our natural borders changed when...?
We changed out borders from the app mountains to the mississippi river? What did that exactly?...

How can i get copy of birth certificate from city hall of manila if i can't get it from NSO?
i tried to get copy of my birth certificate from NSO and they cant find it.

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they should. you know the philippines. money talks there. talk is cheap. flash them some$$$ or Pesos then youll get it. stat! or go to recto have em swift one for you. you know the fast lane. grew up and studied in beda. kinnda missing the place

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