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 MExican flag flying above an american flag on government land-- am I the only one who is sickened over this?
My military training states that this is an act of war???? WTF?? I found this information on the Minutemen Project Website: http://www.minutemanproj Details<...

 Why don't people from other countries have these RACIST problems?
the Mexicans seem to have when they immigrate here?...

 Is it a passion for justice...or racism?
Those who want to oust the illegal Mexican immigrants from American soil, say "They're breaking the law. They're hurting the economy. They're using resources they aren't ...

 What does racism mean do you?
I hear it a lot on the immigration board. Some I don't find racist but others do-so what is your definition? And why do you feel it applies to immigration?...

 Who thins these mexican should go over to iraq and help our american help fight for this country?

 If austraila offered uk residents free citizenship/incentives to emigrate, how many of you would go?

 Why should the tax dollars of legal US citizens pay for the benefits/services of illegal immigrants?
California alone spends over $10 billion a year for illegal immigrants. Aren't the illegal immigrants just adding to the national debt?...

 Would you define yourself as racist?
Or is it too injurious?

I'd like to have your point of view, because I'm not a native English speaker and I'd like to know if "racist" has an injurious connotation?...

 Do you really want to hold employers accountable?
I gotta chance to talk with a contractor over the weekend.And I had a couple questions relating to "immigration" for him.Seems that when an illegal fills out an application and gives a ss# ...

 Anyone fed up with how this country is being run? sometimes i am ashamed of this country and i am so angry?
i am so angry with how many people including illegal immigrants don't work and just claim on my hard earned money!! they get handed everything on a plate, i deal with lettings and am disgusted ...

 Will ammnesty ruin this country.?
if we grant amnesty to 12-20 million illegals who will end up voting for the party that offers the biggest hand out, will this happen to the US?
Alexander Fraser Tytler made this interesting ...

 This is a serious ? about illegal immagrants.?
Hey Im an American citizen, but I have been rasie in a Mexican desent (or hereitage.) And my family is not illgeal. But i have two members that are, and they have been in this country for 15 years ...

 Why does hippie guitar make racist remarks towards mexicans?
wat has we done to him.He bein racist.wats this bout how we cant fight. we can to how do u think a lot of us avoid jail.Hippie guitar should be beaten up real good by someone after Ive heard all of ...

 Is anyone here pro-immigrant like I am?

 To those who are against illegal Immigrants..Why?
To people who are against Immigrants why are you against them when this land was stolen from the Natives.Its also funny how the media makes people who are against Illegal Immigrants look like.

 My boss told me that she is racist and she hates me coz am Arab(african arab)..what should i do ?

 Doesn't anyone care that the cost of lettuce is going to sky rocket and we will see a national lettuce crisis?
10 Dollars a head!

Do you care????...

 I have the solution. What do you think.?
First cut off access to schools and medical care to ILLEGAL immigrants immediatly.

Second issue a proclamation that after 30 days ILLEGAL immigrants have no protection under the law.

 Why dont the East Europeans etc.stay in their own countries,..?
.. sort out their own political and financial problems and make something worthwhile for themselves, instead of leeching on others. Do they think that we have been given what we have got? Britain has ...

 Do you think the government is capable of deporting the illegal aliens?
around. I did not know of this until it was pointed ...

Olly S
How can i bring my thai girlfriend back to england in the easiest way?
I am 22 and live near london and need to bring her home within a month

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steve m
in your hand luggage

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->?????. www.bebo.com/--0xamberr
it depends if shes fat or thin
if shes thin then just shove her up your ****
if shes fat pretend shes a stuffed animal ahah
leave her in thailand
england has enough chinese people here
shes using you to come here
leave her there where she belongs
ahahahaha or you move over there :)
have fun with wongtong

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marry her, problem solved

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Actually, just marrying her is no guarantee that she would be allowed to stay. There was a programme on the UK Immigration service recently. Apparently the Home Office can refuse to give leave to stay if they think the marriage is a sham. I didn't know that before.

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In a crate? Shipping transport container?

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Is her name Ting Tong by any chance?? LOL

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Aaaaah...how much did she cost , just make sure ya put air holes in her crate..dont want her sufercating now do we ya will av pdsa on at ya

wots wrong wi our lovly brit girls anyway ?

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Be a man marry her

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Their is no easy way.She will have to satisfy the criteria as published on the British Embassy website.Your age certainly does not help.Why dont you come back again in say 10yrs time.You have as much chance in her coming here as Lewis Hamilton has in reversing the F1 placings in todays Gran Prix from Brazil.

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Northern Lad
Let her swim, if she makes it without stopping or getting help, then she deserves it.

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Best of British
Eddie Stowbart Haulage...

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Singapore Rules
Marriage is the anwer in this instance, she won't get a permanent visa any other way.

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You'll probably struggle to get her in your hand luggage so you might have to consider putting her in the cargo hold.

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she should land at the airport and ask for asylum say she doent speak english and when she has been let out from immigration... marry her then they cannot send her back.

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Just reading the answers to this thread reminds me what racist w*nkers British people really are

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one more immigrant in the country !!!!!!!!!!!soon there won't be any room left. Here's a thought you go live in thailand

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Jimmy F
LOL hate to say it but their is a good chance she is using you to get into the country.

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Why in a month? If she's putting pressure on you to get her into this country asap then I would seriously question this. The answer anyway is to get married but even then it won't be permanent, she'll need to apply for a work visa for the UK and none of this is going to happen within a month.
Are you marrying a holiday romance or do you seriously love this woman? Don't fall for anyone's sob stories, quite often once in the country and status is fullfilled, the husband/wife is ditched!

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ξήĢŁĭŞĦ ŗǾşξ ©® ღஐღ
You move to Thailand ..

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Get married

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