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Don't need proof of citizenship to vote?
Today's Chicago Tribune had an article about a woman (legal immigrant) who registered to vote, and did vote, even though she is not yet a citizen. ICE is considering deporting her.

Here's the shocker: federal law apparently forbids the registrar from asking for proof of US citizenship! That's right - if someone checks that he/she is a citizen, we take them at face value without even asking if they're sure.

Should this be changed? What's the best way to do so without opening it up to charges of prejudicial treatment?
Additional Details
As a legal immigrant, she was issued a social security number and a drivers license. It was while getting the DL that she registered to vote.

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This has probably been blown out of proportion.

I know for a fact that to register to vote, they require a US passport number (to confirm that you are a citizen) or a US social security number (so they can check if you are a citizen) at the very least. This is what I was asked for when I registered.

Secondly, you require a Voter Registration Card or State ID to actually vote.

They definately do not just take peoples word for it.

EDIT: I see that I am wrong about this. All that I can say in my defense is that when I originally registered to vote, I did so from abroad and was asked for a US passport number and/or social security number and US drivers licence number (if applicable).

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Princess Picalilly
She committed fraud in claiming to be a citizen and obtaining a right granted only to citizens. She is a criminal and needs to be deported.

If one registers to vote, proof of citizenship should be demanded.

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I have no idea what "federal law" you're talking about. They have every right to ask for proof of citizenship.

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I feel absolutely no pity for her. Voter fraud is a serious crime.

you should be REQUIRED to prove right-to-vote in order to both register and vote.

use a STATE ID card. they're cheap.

I don't see anything prejudicial about requiring ID for voters. people whine: "but what about poor people?"

a state ID isn't expensive. It's, what, $4 for 6 years?

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Kristofer K
Rather odd...considering everytime I have gone to vote, I am asked to present my state identification (Driver's License) or my Voter's Registration card to show that I am registered to vote and in the correct district.

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Drivers license is required to register to vote and also every time a vote is cast

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The only people who would take offense to identifying themselves would be those with no ID, don't you think? I always have to show my drivers license to vote and I wouldn't be opposed to a birth certificate and SS# s well. What ever it takes to keep illegals out of the polling places. We may need to go to finger printing, I'd do that with no problem as well.

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Hell yes this should be changed!! The libs always say that asking for ID at polling places makes the poor not vote because they cannot afford an ID. BS!!! If no one is checking ID's then they can get a whole lot more illegals to vote for them with the promise of amnesty.

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In most states, you are required to provide your driver's license number and/or SSN (or at least the last four numbers).

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Heck, there was a legal immigrant who ran for city council and won in California. It took us a while to figure out what happened.

We even have large groups of illegal immigrants voting. It may have affected a congressional seat in Orange county.

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A great example of how the government just can't seem to follow through and make any policy effective. I think polital correctness and the fear of offence is killing our political system.... what ever happened to sovernty ? We have to be a bit exclusive with these things. If she isn't a citizen yet she has no buisness voting in our elections.

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Thomasina Paine
They didn't ask me anything when I registered to vote. And I didn't have to show them anything - I did it at the same time I got my license so I only had the temp license.

yes - anyone can vote. and it sure explains all those votes for John Kerry.

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hockey g
No you don't need proof of citizenship,
It is illegal for them to vote but, then again, it is illegal for them to be here, it is illegal for them to drive but that doesn't stop them.
During their marches, they held signs which said "Today we march, tomorrow we vote." La Racist Unida brags about registering voters. Who do you think elected the LA Mayor, Antonio Vilagoracist? California is full of "Sanctuary" cities that are 100% illegal alien. They will vote and no one will question them.Yes it should be changed and who cares if someone pulls the race card? They will do so because they know they are in the wrong and that will be their only defense.

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Phil M
Somethings amiss here, they make sure you're a citizen when registering to vote, now at the actual polls they only ask for ID to confirm who you are and that you are at the proper precinct.

Should we make sure citizens are eligible to vote? We already do, so yes.

And its definitely prejudiced...we are prejudiced against non-citizens voting.

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Unfortunately the ID requirement that many above me have noted as a bar to illegal voting has far too many instances of fraud for many, myself included.

Drivers licenses can be legally acquired by illegal aliens in several states (mine included - WA).

Some states have other requirements such as social security numbers and we all know that there are likely several million numbers out there that are being used illegally right now.

The truth is that many illegals do vote, although I feel the numbers are inflated by some conspiracy theorists.

But the real argument is why not just mandate that EVERYONE show a valid ID that only legal citizens can obtain. No discrimination since everyone would have one. Some argue that it would place an undue burden on the poor. I don't buy that.

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When I was at the motor vehicles they asked me if I was a us citizen. That was done first. But as I think about it, anyone could say "Yes" to that question whether they are or aren't.
Then they asked me if I wanted to register to vote. And I did.

This is in Ohio. So its different here than it is there.

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steddy voter
My state is really lax. They've never asked me for ID or my registration card. It has actually bothered me, because anyone could go in and forge my signature (you can see a copy of it on the page while you're signing). Back when I registered, all they asked for was mail verifying my address, and they looked to see that my parents (who were registered) were at the same address. I've moved 4 times, no one has ever asked for anything at those 4 places. And, I'm still on the books where I lived when I was 18 (my parents see it every election listed under thier names). I haven't voted there in over 14 years.

I really think we need to have federal guidelines, because some states are really strict, others are really lax. As it is now, its up to the states to set the guidelines.

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Adrian N
In California (where there are tons of illegals) all you need to vote is a Photo ID. All you need to register is to fill out the form and check "Yes" about citizenship.

Why do you think the left wants Driver's Licenses for illegals so badly?

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Robert P
should this be changed? ...bet all Democrats would answer NO !... the illegal spanish vote is what is going to win this election for them

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