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 Are we all just looser?
because we are in from of the computer whining about mexicans instead of geeting fun in saturday?
Additional Details
sorry i mean ...

 Have you had to relocate due to illegal aliens?
Or are you going to relocate due to illegal aliens/Mexicans?...

 I think immigration is brilliant beacuse...?
immigrants are making Britain great, and a more diversified, multi-cultural country...so we all benefit.

I also think we need more of them to make Britain even better.

Do you ...

 Why do Racist Americans say that desert kills immigrants?
when reality is that people are shooting at them from the other side of the border regardless if they are woman or children?...

 Have you noticed this??
USA citizens get so mad because some of the immigrants can't speak english, but have noticed that Spanish is the second language, half of this world speak spanish, so i was thinking, Since you US...

 Ever see the film 'A day without a Mexican'?
Any good screenwriters out there? How about we put together a similar film... "A year without taxpayer Dollars."? Or The Day the Middle Class Stopped Paying For Things They Didn't W...

 Did you know that Native Americans/"Indians" were not the 'first ones here'?
As a matter of fact the first ones "here" in the Americas were the Solutreans. The Solutreans were European. So can we get over the topic of "stolen land" please and focus on ...

 I wanting relocation i wanting know where lots mexicans live i thinking small vacation,i work too hard i need?
relaxing ,recomending good places to ...

 Does eastern European coming to U.K is a problem?Do you agree with government they are good for U.K economy?

 Can I buy ciggarrettes tonight after 12 if I will be 18?
Like...can I go afer 12...my birthday is tomorrow (6/6) and tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday. The "ID" expires on 6/6/07...so will it still work? I mean if it expires on the day of does ...

 If you knew there was an illegal alien in your church, would you report them?

 Let's say in your way to haven you are surrounded by illegal immigrants, would you rather go to hell?
Or hug them and love them.
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And if there is no labels in haven why do we have them here?...

 Is America committing national immigration suicide ?
Much like the Romans, illegal aliens pour across U.S. borders at the rate of eight to 10,000 per day. Another 4,100 legal immigrants step foot on American soil, 24/7 from 100 different countries. T...

 Americans: can you tell the difference between a U.S. born Hispanic and a foreign born Hispanic?

 Are Mexicans savages?
Subject: Re: HI HAYLEY

Message: cool glad you love racisim it can be a useful when knows how to weild it do you? again .your people capitulated. You lost a war, and with it, any claim to ...

 Bush commuted the sentence of Libby,should he now IMMEDIATELY PARDON border patrol agents Ramos& Compian?
Do you think that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Is corrupt,and out of control,do you think Bush should be impeached?
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Actually I am an INDEPENDENT. I used to be a democrat,but ...

 When will the influx of immigrants cease to the UK?
Will Polish become the primary language?...

 Do you think the United States?
should treat it's illegal immigrants like Mexico treats theirs?

Mexico sends it's illegal immigrants to prison for two years. Someone who illegally RETURNS are sent away for 10 ...

 Who was the president of Us in1998?

 Should these people be considered as a traitor to America?
A few days ago someone claimed that the illegal Mexicans will take over America. I was angered by the claim. and I consider that person as a traitor to America. if someone claims such a thing would ...

Do you think America and Mexico will eventually go to war?
With all of the heated debate about illegal immigration, and the major financial and societal impact it will have once any decision is finally made...do you think that maybe America and Mexico will go to war over it?

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Not to worry gringo's,It will never happen,or is it Senorita?

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probably not in a real war, but mexicans would love it; then they can stop being illegal...good medicine

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Whatever happened to manifest destiny? Imagine going to cancun and not needing a passport.

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girlie [♥]
I don't think so... Mexico doesn't have a chance. And by the time we would go to war, all the mexicans would already be in america anyway, so what's the diff? lol

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the governments won't but the people are sure to only it will be here it is just a matter of time

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I don't think so. Mexico first wouldn't have a chance. And second The ones who are the most upset about it are the poor people with no money or political influence.

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John G
I doubt it.We have enough wars to fight right now.

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Roasted Kiwi
With so many Mexicans already in the US, an international corridor being built, and their need for better living conditions I doubt it. I'm more inclined to think the US would rather do away with the border and have Mexico and Canada become a part of the same country.

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even mexicans arent that stupid.

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angela R
I seriously doubt it.....We need each other and our govt.'s have no real bones to pick with each other....All the hype you here is just political and will blow over in time, remember this is a mid term election and these things always surface around that time.

It would be foolish to have a war over immigration. Its not worth the risk of too many lives. I think they will hash it out diplomatically and come to an agreement that suits both countries....I even believe one day we will share open borders with Mexico and Canada....

Don't let all the fear mongering scare you...

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Believe it or not seeing as how a good portion of America is angered over our president NOT doing his job! War on terror BUT, let mexicans come and go right? Secure our borders!

America is pissed!

The only people for ILLEGAL immigration are those that are some how profiting off of it!!

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Probably not the what would the Mexicans fight with Burritos or would they hurl Chimichangas at us... honestly even if Mexico had cajones that size they would still get crushed....

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The mexican gov cares very little about most of its population. As in most countries like it, in mexico, 10% of the people control 90% of the money, and moneygets you power. Seeing as they have money, they dont care about the people below them who are starving, and therefore wont go to war to help those people.

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If there really are mass deportations, I can see the US giving aid, though.

I don't think we 'should need to' so don't jump all over me, but it might be easier for all, and cheaper and friendlier than war. EU does something similar as I understand it, sometimes.

What sticks in people's craw is that Mexico is not a poor country. It just doesn't share much with its poor.

Who knows what will happen with those here, however.

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de rak
Well the obvious winner would be the united states. But what would we get, a screwed up awful country. Mexican citizens should go to war with their government.

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Ridiculous and impossible, first of all because for the US it will be catastrophic have a war enemy right next to them, the damage cause by both countries could be extreme. second, if the US decide to attack mexico there are countries that are going to help mexico. and 3rd. mexicans wanna be americans, but they cant, why you think they come here ? to seek opportunities their homeland havent given them.

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Not In A Traditional Sense (Hot War)

But, Believe It Or Not
Mexico And The US Are Already AT WAR


Reconquista Is Real
And Its Happening
And Sleeping Americans Are Allowing It

The Potential For Violence Is VERY HIGH

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Deportation and a large fence will do just fine.

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mexico would get its *** whooped like the first war

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You mean I can shoot a beaner and get a medal for it.....let the good times roll.

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Dear god I hope not, but anything's possible...we've all been the unwitting/unwilling subjects of someone's brilliant social engineering scheme as a result of poor border enforcement, and now that the numbers of illegal immigrants are on the increase each year, people are rightfully upset I believe at seeing the government mainly just decide to sit on its' hands.

A bright light on the horizon was that governor's meeting, I think, it shows that our southern states as well as the northern mexican states have decided to partner in managing the border,
working together to prevent future problems. You don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, mexican people aren't evil, but some unscrupulous people on BOTH sides of the US/Mexico border have decided to take advantage of the unique challenges to law enforcement along the borderline to advance their personal and collective fortunes through drug and human trafficking, to name two examples, and a rising consensus is that it might be best to just go ahead and finish the border fence and regulate any/all traffic at border checkpoints, basically making it physically difficult if not impossible to do otherwise.

I think they said that like 500 people died in the desert trying to walk into the United States from Mexico last year. That's a tragedy all by itself. Preventing such tragedies is another good reason for building the border fence.

The bottom line here, is, Mexico needs to work VERY hard(they keep saying how good they are at that, well, let's see it) at building the infrastructure needs of its' people, starting with schools, because schools are where you can learn the skills necessary to support yourself even off a patch of bare dirt, given sufficient resources to do so. From self-sufficiency that way comes prosperity, and independence.

We're being sold a bill of goods on the border issue. Somebody's friends, brothers, cousins, in-laws what-have-you have vested interests in Mexico, and they want to 'sell' us on the idea of open borders with Mexico, saying all manner of things like we NEED Mexico, which is bullcrap, we don't need 'guest workers', even, that's just more globalist hyperbole. What MEXICO needs is some time to figure out its' own way forward, without a lot of 'help'
from anybody, and without this magnet of 'opportunity' to the north that keeps drawing away their own able-bodied workforce.

I fully support the idea of completing the border fence.1800, 1900, 2000 miles, however long it is, get it built, get it done, then, when illegal immigration's been slowed to a trickle at most, then offer to give some financial help to Mexico to help it get going.
But, get it ALL above-board, no more shady stuff, everything right out in the open, where it belongs, and no more people getting taken advantage of/used/abused/killed etc. In other words,(probably not entirely accurate, my spanish really sucks), 'no mas, por favor, a el immigracion illegal', and have parity in that sentiment from washington, to los angeles, from seattle to boston, and all points in between, kind of 'hands across america' but in this instance saying 'no more', not out of cruelty, but out of recognition that change starts at home, and Mexico and other countries will NEVER change unless they HAVE to...
Support the border fence
US Border Patrol
employer enforcement
state and local law enforcement

enforce the immigration laws properly and effectively, and there will be no illegal immigration problem...

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