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 What do you think about illegal immigrants?
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 I know how about?
the US just start giving free rides to everyone in the world no more bitching about poverty we just make everyone a citizen and feed them all would that satisfy you
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 I got tired of the10-15 latino's hangin in front of my local 7-11 so I called INS/ICE know what they said?
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Am I crazy or is something seriously wrong here ?

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 Why do people think Mexican is a race ?
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 Why does everyone keep calling "ILLEGAL" immigrants cheap labor?
Cheap Labor ?

Isn't that what the whole immigration issue is about?

Business don't want to pay a decent wage,
consumers don't want expensive ...

sam s
Can i immigrate to USA, with a criminal record?
Hi There,
I want to immigrate to the USA, and have applied for a spouse visa.
Im waiting for an interview date, from the American embassy in London.
I recently recieved my CRB check ( criminal record) and im a bit worried as it states that I had been arrested and cautioned for shoplifting at 17.
I never was prosecuted, so didnt expect it to show up : (
This was a one off offense, and there has been nothing before this or since.
Ive tried calling the embassy, but they will not give me an ansew.
I guess because they would prefer to take my money, for the Visa fees first. ( smart ) but has anyone immigrated with a criminal record?

Many Thanks x
Additional Details
Ok, first of all trying to go through Mexico, as an illegal isnt my idea of fun.
Yes I know stealing is wrong, but he without sin cast the 1st stone... so : p
Thanks for all the responses...they all made me smile.
It seems it easier to get into heaven, then the USA, However as pointed out you do have some of the biggest crooks in History there already.
I currently reside in UK, and believe me,we have so many immigrants and double standards. Thats one of the reasons im abandoning ship lol.
I just want to have a nice life in sunny texas, and earn a living.

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Rose Marie H
I know that there has been criminals in the past immigrate. However, I feel we have enough of our own criminals without taking in more. Sorry, but shoplifting is a crime and you knew it. You were not a 3 year old that didn't know right from wrong.

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Fly to Mexico, then swim the Rio Grande. Everybody ELSE in Mexico is, why should you be any different?????

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Unlikely - if you have a record.

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get dent
hope not. what are you planning on stealing in American?

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You are probobly out of luck. Criminal arrests and or convictions usually bar immigration as well they should. We have enough shoplifters of or own by the way, we don't need to import any.

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Don&#39;t Know
Actually Texas is quite full right now. Don't bother coming to Texas. You could probably make it through, but good luck getting a job.

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Razor Jim

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The simple fact is that the decision is entirely in the hands of the officer who interviews you when you go to the Embassy. My experience at the London Embassy (indeed with any consular and immigration officers I have met face-to-face) is that they are consummate professionals.

Obviously, there is nothing you can do about it now. If it comes up (I expect it will) all you can do is tell them what you learned from the experience. Be truthful, though. They don't like any flannel!

You are not guaranteed to get in, but don't sweat it. If the rest of your application is in order, I'd place a fiver on you getting in.

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Nope. Short and sweet answer. That is why they do a background check.

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Thank you for trying to come here legally.
I visited the UK and saw firsthand the problems there with overcrowding, people who obviously were making no effort to assimilate into UK society.
Continue to stay in touch with the embassy.
You were a minor when that happened, so stop worrying about it.

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Marilyn T
You were under age at the time so I don't think it will show up. Good luck.

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You have to have been found guilty in a court of law of a serious crime for the U.S to deny entry
You are not a criminal, you were never prosecuted.
Even if you had been prosecuted, shoplifting is not a 'serious' crime.

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Why not, every body else is.

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If you were not prosecuted it is not a criminal record. Its an arrest record. who hasn't shoplifted something as a juvenile? just explain it.


as for everyone else.. did u miss the part he wasn't prosecuted for it and he was 17...that means he is NOT GUILTY according to LAW (INNOCENT until proven guilty).. so back off and get off your high horse. Im sure you've run a red light once or twice bitches..

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that shouldn't be a problem, you were a minor with a harmless crime that wasn't even prosecuted. It would be different if there were more of them or if the crime were a serious one.

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Heck!......Everybody else is. Why not YOU!

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why would you want to come here .....london is much better! free healthcare, free college education, most of the women are not fat

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Rocco R
I'm sure that you can.
Our President, and most of his staff are criminals.
There are more criminals per capita in the US prisons than any country in the world.

Sure, come on over, spend some time in the "Iron Bar" Hotel. Lots of us are already there!

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If you were not convicted there shouldn't be a problem ,especially as you were under 18 at the time of the offense.

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Can you immigrate to USA with a criminal record? I HOPE NOT!

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