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 Should we re-think legal immigration as well? Don't legal immigrants (with VISAs) take U.S. jobs, too?
Such as Filipino nurses. Some nursing organizations propose that in less than 10 years, Filipino nurses working in the states will easily out number American-born nurses. That's big.

 Can I marry someone in the Uk if they have outstayed their visa?
Me and my boyfriend want to get married but he has outstayed his visa to be in the UK .....does that mean we cant get married here?...

 If I moved back to Ireland could I regain my accent?
Hi I was born in America but when I was 5 I moved back to Ireland because my dad is from there and my mom's parents are from there. My paretns were planning on just staying there for ever since ...

 Hello I'm applying for immigration to the U.S.?
Is there a problem, if I have a hypertension controlled on medication (as stated in the medical examination form) ? and will I deliver copies of the medical examination form at the port of entry just ...

 Can a VAWA petition be submitted before a conditional residence card is issued?
Can a VAWA petition be submitted before a conditional residence card is issued? If so, does the VAWA petition stop the process of receiving a conditional residence card? Please provide sources if ...

 What is the easiest way for a illegal immigrant to get citizenship, residency, work visa, etc..?
I'm 18 years old and I'm already in the United States.
I have been here for 16 years.
I did not choose to come here illegally, my parents did.
I'm a waitress at a ...

 Green Berets - Green card - citizenship - How?
I want to move to U.S.A when I'm about 25, and I want to join the U.S Army and get educated as a Green Beret.
Do I have to be a American citizen just to join the regular army, or can I get ...

 What does it take to obtain Irish citizenship?

 Limited leave to remain in the UK?
My husband has limited leave to remain in the UK (from June 2008 when we got married). He goes backwards and forwards to his home country a lot. Is there a limit to the amount of time you can stay ...

 How do i apply for a "Japan Visa" ?

Additional Details
Im from ...

 Can i apply for a UK Passport?
My dad lived in the UK long enough to receive a British Passport and Citizenship and it is currently expired, i was born out of the UK

Can i go and apply for one?...

 I got my employment authorization card without notice of action?
i just got my employment authorization card through mail
but dont people usually get notice of action first?
a green document that says that my application is approved and they will send me ...

 Can i change my tourist visa to a student visa while im here in the u.s?

 Canceled removal procedure case and try to Renew my F1 Visa again.. ?
i m international student who goes school here for 5 years now. i have been out of status ones before i dropped a class by mistake and i was picked up by immigration officers couple of months later ...

 Does new zealand immigration give out packs of beach signs to the immigrants?
i need them for my inquiry work so if u know pls help me =) and if u have any links that may help me answer this question pls send them to me. okay ...

 5h anniversary of my permanent resident card?
What would you like to ask?the issue date on my permanent resident card is may 2007 when will I have my 5 years anniversary so that I can apply for my us ...

 What are some jobs that will hire a 15 year old?

 Low income and categorically needy are both eligibility requirements for?

 What happen if the petitioner is unable to show at AOS interview?
My friend's husband filed the papers. She did the biometrics fingerprints and now she is just waiting for her work permit. However, her husband won't be able to go to the interview ( they ...

 Question about the form N-445?
my question is in the letter they call you to finish page 2
and there is 8 question and a place like City State Date signature address zip code do i complete now (signed at city state date

Can a US citizen apply for Canadian Credit cards?

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No Pun Intended
you probably can. I would ask the provider first.

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If you have residence in the U.S. then no. Some banks like Capital One and American Express have credit card application offers for both the U.S. and Canada. The individual credit card offers are sometimes a little different from country to country. Blue Sky Credit Card from American Express however, is available in both the U.S. and Canada. You need to make sure that you are on the correct country page of a site in order to apply. I hope I answered your question.

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no, you must be a legal resident residing in canada

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Pauper Prince
Only Canadian residents can apply for Canadian credit cards. You must have legal residency in Canada & credit rating build up in Canada to qualify for a credit card.

Or u can apply for Credit card in a Canadian Bank Operative in USA (just go to a branch for RBC or Scotia-bank etc. in ur town & apply, but it will be US credit card just issued by a Canadian bank in operation in USA).

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A US citizen can apply for Canadian credit cards if he/she resides in Canada. They wont give you a credit card if you show in the application that you are living in the US.
Getting any dispute settled between the card issuer and card holder is a messy business as it is, they are not going to risk taking up a case across international borders (if a dispute arises i.e).

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It depends on the bank. They'll tell you if you can apply. Look at the terms and conditions.

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