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 Are you against illegal immigration or in favor of it?

Anchor babies? Should the Constitution be amended or change?
Additional Details
All those who agrees should contact their appropriate senators and congressperson and tell them of your desire pertaining to denying anchor babies birth rights.

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Claudia Q
what if you weren't supposed to be an "anchor baby"? i hate the term, my mother had me when she was fixing her papers here in the US, and i'm sick and tired of being referred to as an anchor baby by ignorant idiots. if you're born here, you deserve to be here. you're blaming children for their parent's crime. have you stopped to think beyond your apparent hate about the children? how would they feel?

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Eric C
It shouldn't be amended or change.It is fair the way it is.

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The 14th Amendment guarantees U.S. citizenship to any child born in America...this is and always will be the American way.

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Marissa S/Realdeal
Yeah it should be amended back to once the slaves were freed. Anybody after that, that immigrated, and had kids the kids are anchor babies. End of story. I guess I'm an anchor baby coz my relatives immigrated in the great Irish migration. Back to Ireland for me, yippee always wanted to go there!

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The 14th should be amended to eliminate any confusion. The 14th is outdated, and does not reflect the current situation. Eliminate anchor baby status.

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Francesca Thomas
Yes the laws and the constitution must be changed.

UK changed their laws 25 years ago - in 1983.
New Zeland has recemtly changed their laws as well.

I wish Canada would hurry up and do the same thing.

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INS is already enforcing it...

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we need to push the idea of anchor babies to our Senators and Congressman NOW! THIS LAW must be changed, no citizenship just for being born here, it is that way in other countries, so why does the USA allow it? I have a friend born in Korea during the war to an American Father and a Korean Mother, the Korean Government still WILL NOT GIVE him citizenship, and he had to wait years to get legal papers in the USA!

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No, we should just do a better job securing our borders

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Sherilynne B
It doesn't need to be changed, we only need a ruling from the Court that is is not being interpreted correctly. The law was NEVER meant to include Anchors as citizens.

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I am so sick of pro-amnesty twits being so concerned about the "rights" of people that shouldn't even be here.

If the illegals had obey the law, like they were suppose to, these children wouldn't have even been born here. We would not be having this discussion!

Enforce our laws and they will self-deport! AZ has the right idea!

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Ten percent of all births in the U.S. are to illegal immigrants. In Los Angeles and Houston and other large cities, two-thirds of all births are to illegal immigrants. These children automatically become citizens and the parents become eligible for taxpayer-funded benefits. Yet nearly every industrialized country in the world requires at least one parent to be a citizen or legal immigrant before the child is automatically considered a citizen.

This granting of automatic citizenship comes from a misinterpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. It was drafted after the Civil War to guarantee that the recently freed slaves gained full citizenship rights. When it was enacted in 1868, there were no illegal immigrants in the United States because there were no immigration laws. Therefore, drafters of the Amendment could not have intended to benefit those in our country illegally.

Legal experts disagree as to whether a constitutional amendment or a federal statute is needed to eliminate automatic birth citizenship. Congress arguably has the power, and the responsibility, to act for three reasons: 1) No Supreme Court case has dealt directly with the offspring of illegal immigrants and the question of automatic citizenship; 2) the Constitution expressly gives Congress the power to decide national immigration policies; and 3) during the debate on the Fourteenth Amendment in 1866, the Senator who was its author said it would "not of course include persons born in the United States who are foreigners." Congress is long overdue in making sure the Fourteenth Amendment is correctly interpreted.

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Thank you, this issue constantly gets swept under the rug and needs to change NOW.

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It needs to be changed. The concept of anchor babies was initially written in to accommodate if someone was pregnant and legitimately visiting America. It was not meant to be a way to sneak someone into the country for automatic citizenship.

A fair alternative would be for anchor babies to inherit whatever rights they have to visit this country from their parents. So if mom is on a 2 year visa to the US, the baby gets an automatic 2 year visa that expires with the mother's. This would mean for illegals that their children are as illegal as they are.

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changed. that was put in place for American Indians and is now perverted by border jumping mexicans, which the majority of have no interest in becoming Americans. The only interest they have is to milk our system of everything we established to make American lives better not illegal aliens.

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Jedi Master Titus Pullo (USA)
yes, that illegal alien in the cbsnews story cost the taxpayers of USA $4,700

btw we paid for her to have her baby here?

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Since the law (14th Amen) was judged (erroneously in my mind) to be inclusive of AB, yes, the Constitution would need to be amended to change that.

I believe it should be. This, our country, needs the facility to turn of the "people pooper" when too many people have pooped on in. Legally or otherwise.

It's like getting running water piped up to your kitchen and having no way to shut it off ...it just keeps coming and coming and coming. Pretty soon you drown in what originally was put in so you cold get a drink.

We need some control and enforcement in this country, otherwise we will be inundated with more than we can tolerate, afford or handle.

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Saint Christopher Walken
Yes, it is high time that something is done about 'anchor babies', - as well as the plethora of other loopholes in our system of immigration.

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Nothing should be amended or changed, we just need to actually FOLLOW our Constitution.

If your parents are here illegally YOU are here illegally no matter where you were born.

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YES yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This ammendment was NEVER meant to allow criminal invaders to become citizens!!

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The anchor baby thing should be scrapped as soon as possilble.

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The 14th amendment is being mis-interpreted. This was for the children of slaves, not the children of illegal aliens that are breaking our laws.

Whatever it takes, these children should not be GIVEN citizenship. IT'S WRONG!

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Of course it should be ammended. These folks are all fraudsters toss the anchors back to Mexico and that crap wil end in two shakes of a Vincente' Fox's tail.

Oh BTW the woman posting above me is actually more correct. The current anchor baby phenomenon is actually a matter of interpretation of the court. The Constitution does not explicitly grant citizenship. Having said this don't look for those traitors in the Senate or the illegal alien slave master Pelosi to let that stand anytime soon. She and the Senate incluing Juan McShamnesty have sold their souls to their drug lord masters in Mexico city.

Mexico hates their own citizens and would react with disgust and outrage if their own citizens returned. As a result of the cutoff of welfare to the millions of moochers they'd close the border themselves...

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