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What is the purpose of an embassy? So if I travel to another country there will be an USA embassy?

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Steven S
if you go to most counties there will be a us embassy and maybe even a few consulates. the purpose is to fostor relations and manage us interests and help citizens. If you find yourself in one the the few places without a us embassy one of the other contries will have a US interest section

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bg b
It depends if the host country has diplomatic relations with USA, if not there may be another foreign embassy which acts on behalf and as surrogate of USA embassy.

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Is easy enough to check online www.U.S.A Embassy......its easy to understand and has alot of useful information bout other countries and where to find their other Embassies etc....
My fiancee is American and living in New Zealand ,so he has access and support from both New Zealand and the American Embassy.....it has been helpful for him knowing where to get papers etc.....and later I will need help when I go as a foreigner to the U.S...........
The purpose is mainly "Information" or requirements needed for visa's and working permits.....but they are great too for "everyday" question an answers.....

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Embassy serves as the extension of a country in another country for purposes of serving its citizens and approving visas thereat to visit its country.

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eliseo e
An embassy is an office established by one country in another country with the latter's permission. Its purpose is generally to represent its country in, and maintain friendly relations with, the host country. The embassy also primarily helps protect the rights of the nationals of its country who are traveling or residing within the host country. So if you travel to a foreign country that is friendly to the United States, chances are that the U.S. has an embassy in that country.

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A Plague on your houses
There are a few countries which do no have diplomatic ties with the US, like Iran and Cuba. If you travel there, you will not have access to the US embassy.

Embassies are designed to increase communication between countries by having official representatives of foreign governments on hand to consult or negotiate with the host government. Embassies also assist travelers from their home country., and provide visa and other consular services for people seeking to travel abroad.

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