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What is the difference between a diplomat and an ambassador?

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an ambassador is the head of an embassy.
an ambassador IS also a diplomat, but he or she holds the highest rank in a diplomatic corps.

so basically, there's no difference in terms of meaning...

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wilma m
Ambassador is the representative or alter ego of the President of the country he represents; while diplomat is the representative for economic reresentation in the country he is sent.

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Every ambassador is a diplomat, but not every diplomat is an ambassador.

Ambassador is the head of the diplomatic mission, all other staff at an embassy are diplomats.

In short, a diplomat is any person appointed by his/her country officially to conduct duties or negotiations on behalf of his/her country in another country, and therefore enjoys certain privilages and immunities.

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An ambassador is appointed to head an embassy in another country (or to represent in the UN) but is not the only diplomat at the embassy. He's "da boss".

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An ambassador is appointed to serve as the official representative of his or her own country. He or She is normally the top ranking government representative stationed in a foreign capital.

A diplomat, by definition of course :), is anyone involved in diplomacy, or the conducting negotiations between representatives of nations.

The Ambassador is a diplomat him or herself and the HIGHEST ranking diplomat in a foriegn country. Generally speaking, underneath the Ambassador are (in order from highest to lowest):

* Minister
* Minister-Counselor
* Counselor
* First Secretary
* Second Secretary
* Third Secretary
* Attaché
* Assistant Attaché
* Chargé d'affaires

They are all collectively known as the Diplomatic Corps.

Hope this helps! :)

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