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USA, Canada or UK which is better?
Which country out of those delegate countries is best to live and work in according to economy, business and politics. Other issues that could be considered are weather and climate, transportation etc

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America...the greatest country in the world

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From what I perceive Canada.

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Over 2 million Brits leave every year !!!

England is overpriced, dreary, and is taxed to death with nothing to show for it.

Canada is great during the summer, but I would never be able to face the winters there.

The U.S. is having some rough days, but in the end it truely is the land of opportunity. If you were an 18 year old person wanting to start out, your place of most opportunity would still be in the U.S.A.

Other great places to think about ... The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Spain. Now those would be some sweet places to live.

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Spotter 888
They are all great countries. What I suggest is that you make a criteria on which you will choose. Also, are you qualified enough that you are able to choose which country you will migrate? Short of marrying someone from that country, will you qualify with your educational and professional qualifications. Ex. Will you be able to find a employer to sponsor your H1B to the US? I would choose the path of least resistance.**

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☆ ♥TweeXCore♥ ☆

Rule Britannia!

We shall be even better once Cameron's in charge!

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Chelsea No.1

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I have lot's of admiration for the UK, for being the worlds first superpower and owned a quarter of the worlds population including Canada and USA and my country South Africa and half of all Africa, so I say UK, although I think Canada has better quality of life and USA has the bigger economy.

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I've lived in the U K and spent some time in Canada you can stop at the weather Were I live you only need the A/C or heat a weeks out of the year But I'll be going back over the pond and can't stand the thought of it

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Snakeman !
UK - anytime - EVERY time !

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I think everyone can agree that the USA is the best country for Americans, while Canada is the best country for Canadians, and the UK is the best place for the Brits. Let's all rejoice that we have the freedom to visit and enjoy all three, and to remember the brave soldiers from all three who stood shoulder to shoulder in two World Wars, and are doing so even now in Afghanistan.

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Russman Of England
This question isn't going to solve anything.

No offense intended, but you're not going to get a real answer to this all you're going to get is hundreds of people saying that they're country is the best, especially Americans and Britons.

I like Britain the best, but that's because I am British.

There is no correct answer to this question.

If you ignore the weather though, Britain really is the better out of the three.

Canada is quite close to Britain admitedly but technically speaking we own them :D

America, well what can I say about them without getting banned on here?! Well they are very patriotic which I actually admire, even though I hate most other things about them, they don't have a working government and their health care system is the worst in the world, out of developed countrys that is. It's a race between Canada and Briton and honestly is anyone going to vote Canada?!

Although to be technically accurate all three country's are British. Britain is obviously Britain. Canada is owned under The Empire (long live The Empire, which by the way I wish Americans would stop moaning about you idiots, not to be rude, actually say it's a bad thing when if it wasn't for it your country wouldn't exist!). And America was discovered by Britain.

Britain has to be the best if you can learn to ignore (or even love in my case) the weather, and really that's a stupid reason for calling us a bad country!

My reasons, based on the reasons you gave why (I believe) Britain to be the best:
The weather isn't going to kill you, the country is lovely to live in. Whether you yanks like it or not!
We have plenty of work, the foreginers stealing it all will be gone within a year (that's right I'm a conservative! That's the British equivalent of a Democrat for the sake of Americans reading this!)
The whole world is pretty much equal on this at the moment so I can't really argue this one.
Our country has fantastic business as do many other countrys, none of them really have any working business at the moment due to the credit crunch (which America caused by the way!)
We're fixing it!

Well that's my opinion, please don't take it offensively, Americans! And at least I backed my arguement up instead of resorting to name calling like some Americans who answered, not naming names *cough gmcjetpilot cough*

I must say I found "gmcjetpilot"'s answer very offensive, his/her opinion is a negative, stereotypical, opinion created by their media. But then again they come from a country where the people are stupid enough to believe what their media says and assume it to be fact just because it had flashing lights and people attempting to use coherent speach! Contrary to stereotypical belief most Britons do love their country and more Americans hate America than Britons hate Britain, so shut up! As for this whole science etc thing. Science is something you guys haven't even truely discovered yet, you wouldn't even have discovered fire yet if we hadn't brought it to you when we accidently discovered your country! Medicine?! Oh that's funny coming from the 37th best health care country in the world! Art is really neither of our countrys. Music is most certainly us. Entertainment, well if you're talking about TV and Film then yeah I'll give you that one. YOU WERE JOKING?! Ok, believe it or not gmcjetpilot, but you don't just joke about those things!!!

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UK is full of pasty face Limey Brit rotten teeth can't understand a word they say bean and anus meat testicle pie eating butt holes.
UK best? ha ha its a third world country, they murder each other over a soccer game and they're ugly stupid people.

Canada, what are out talking "A BOOT"? This is the country that gave the world Celine Dion, how could you live in a country like that. The world will never forgive Canada for Celine Dion and her elderly pedophile husband. Canada is like the retarded neighbor to the North of America.

America is best of course, best weather, people, opportunity and depending on where you live, fantastic transportation, but in general not living ontop of each other, having room to breath, Americans drive cars to get around. That is the fun part, wide open roads. If you want the best city than NY NY is the way to go, no car needed.

Nothing compares to America. Please feel free to ignore haters who are only jealous they where born in a 3rd world dumb where its freezing cold or fogy and rains all the time. More people want to come to America than any other nation, even if they lie and say they don't. Canadians and Limey's don't even like thier countries. However Americans LOVE America and are proud for good reasons. Every thing good in science, medicin, art, music, entertainment comes from here. We have the diversity where Brits are all inbreeds. People go to Canada who are not good enough to come to America.

Again haters need not apply, the above was joking, so buy a sense of humor. I thought Brits and Can-nooks where funny?

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