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US citizen living abroad, how often do I have to come back to US?
I'm a US citizen (not by birth) about to start living abroad due to work. Someone told me that I may need travel back into the US every so often to keep my citizenship....anyone have any info on this? Thanks

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The length of time in a foreign country depends on the rules and regulations of the country involved. You will not lose your US citizenship regardless of how long you are out of the country.

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arbab k
no restriction man enjoy

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Colonel Sturgeon
While permanent residents do need to return to the United States to remain, indeed, residents, US Citizens do not need to ever visit the United States to gain (through parentage) or maintain US citizenship.

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that's not true, if you have got the us citizenship and u r resident in another country. until you choose another country's citizenship even then you don't lose US citizenship, u can hold both at a same time as a Duel citizenship.

some Commonwealth countries do have this option to do so.

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George L
You don't legally need to come back at all. Once you're a citizen, you're a citizen, and that's it. There are residency requirements for legal permanent residents, but not for citizens.

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