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 My sister has file appeal in mid december for WHM visa how much time would it take for her hearing?

 Im indian national & my girl is filipina wer planning to get married this coming June 2008 in the phils?
im indian national (muslim) & my girl is filipina (christian) wer planning to get married this coming June 2008 in the phils? what requirements i need to bring there & were can i get my visa? ...

 Is nigerian passport visa free to barbados?
can i travel to barbados from ...

 Full details n site abt how to find the work permit/work in UK in advance as im applying for WHMV visa for UK?
i want to apply for working holiday maker visa to united kingdom. please provide me the full details of finding any type of work/work permit there in advance before submitting my application to ...

 Does anyone now the Peruvian consulates web address in Chicago IL?

 What is a salvoconducto? A person was told to get this stamp from their consulate because of an expired visa?
in order to leave the US. Why is that and is it true?...

 Re-newing my Canadian passport ... help ?
Hi I'm from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I was born in London Ontario, Canada in 1983
lived there all my childhood


 What are the requirements for a filipina who is a singaporean PR? it will be a business trip for 4 days only?
i am a filipino citizen and a singaporean PR as well. my passport has been issued by the Philippine embassy in singapore and is valid until 2011....

 Am a ugandan,do i need a visa to sweden when i have a schegen visa and currently in France?
Am African,5;6 and would like to visit ...

 Is there a possibility that my application could be rejected even though I reached the 67 points?
I'm referring to my application as imigrant to Canada....

 Deportation question...?
is it possible to travel from hong kong or china to the philippines if you are been deported?.what do u think are the requirements for entering a third counrty without any visa from the departing as ...

 I need the address of your embassy and telephone no in nigeria and also the visa requirement to procure a visa

 I have L - Swiss Residence Permit. Is it possible to get Tourist VISA for Italy/Schengen-Counry?

 Certificate of employment to be attested in UAE embassy in Manila, Philippines?
I am required by my new employer here in Dubai to have my certificate of employment (from previous employer in the Philippines) authenticated in the UAE embassy in Manila. Is there an agency here in D...

 I came on vacation from KSA.my vacation visa expired on 7th jan2008.if i want to go back KSA does i need NOC.?

 Saudi Embassy in Mumbai?
Hey guys, My husband who is working in saudi is trying for my visa. So he has submitted all his certificates, marriage certificate etc to the saudi embassy in mumbai for ATTESTATION. How long will ...

 How much time will it take in processing visa for employment by abudhabi embassy?
if all the documents are authentic and attested ....

 Were Alfredo Reinado and Jose Ramos Horta ambushed by sections of F-FDTL east timor army ?
"When you know a thing, to hold that you know it; and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it - this is knowledge." - C...

 I lost my passport with F1 visa recently..and i hav been applied for duplicate passport..could i know in how m
I lost my passport with F1 visa recently..and i hav been applied for duplicate passport..could i know in how many days i will get my duplicate passport..so that i can goto india to get my original.....

 Please is the HORA real this is there address in the USA pls i need someone to help me find if they are real.r
i was told that they help people in the third world country get entry and job opportunity to the USA.this is there address in the USA 510 444 2080,1452 Harrison

Sorry, no results for "there is a spelling mistake in my surname in my passport while issuing the new passport

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Contac the issuing office to let it know this situation.

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Return the passport to the issuing office with a request that it be re-issued in the proper name.

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