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 United states ambassadors are?
A- appointed by the President with the consent of the Senate

B- elected by popular vote

C- appointed under the civil service system

 I want to attend to attend international Peace conference held at Texas USA .Whats visa process for Indian?
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the school has gotten me a faxed copy of my i-20. the original copy is yet to arrive but my interview is 2 days later, can i attend the interview? or do i need the original ...

 How long does it takes to process a japanese spouse visa?

 I live in china.is it possible for me to apply a tourist visa for spain in u.k?

 I have applied for german visa ( dependent) in september2007 but my visa has not been issued why?

Additional Details
I've applied on 24.9.07 with my husband.he got visa on 30 oct.I visted delhi embassy on 19 dec and I got verification letter then I submitted all d req doc.there ...

 Is there any consulate or embassy in the UAE catering to Portuguese Nationals?
I am aware that there is no Portuguese foreign office here in the UAE. howerever i would like to know as to who handles Portuguese affairs here....

 My father has a polish passport that have expired since 12year ago , he is now in uk how can it been renewed.?

does the pakistan supports the terrorists?.if so then please give explanation?.wt abt musharaf?...

 Can I move back and forth between countries?
I want to study film in Korea then work their as a television director. After a while I would like to also work in Japan as a director, but at the same time be able to work in Korea. I am from A...

 Which Italian website has info about the requirements for visiting the US ?
Which (Italian) website should an Italian refer to, to see the requirements (passport, visa, visa waiver, etc.) to visit the United States? (What is the Italian equivalent of "uscis.gov"?)<...

 I am from Bulgaria, studying ig Greece.I want to know after Jan 1-2007 when Bulgaria is a member of EU, will I
be able to travel freelly to Bulgaria with my student's visa and without a residence permit, but just a paper showing that i have applied for a permit! T...

 In what web can i go to to get information to get a passport im a US citizen?

 Us residency?
my sister and her husband would like to move to the U.S. to live and work and to also be close to me. I was told that petitioning my sister here would take between 10-15 years. My sister lives in S...

 Will there be an ecomonic crash soon?

 How i can get Australian nationality ,while i am in UAE?

 Can i get a eu passport ? my husband is french and i'm jamaican?
living and working in the ...

 Know anything about the K1 fiancee visa?
The denial letter states:

Please provide any specific plans for marriage made prior to 8/26/08. Examples of such plans could include, but is not limited to, booking a marriage venue, a ...

 I have 10-year Tourist visa. I would like to change it to Student visa by applying to local embassy in my coun

Additional Details
I have 10-year Tourist visa. I would like to change it to Student visa by applying to local embassy in my country. I would like to know if they deny my student visa ...

 Where is the embassy on honduras located in India?? 10 easy points.?
Could you please give me the address and phone number of embassy of honduras in delhi, india?

Thanks a ...

Renewal of Norwegian 10 years passport......?
I am a Norwegian citizen,with a Permanent Resident Greencard (my paperwork is still pending).

I went to the Norwegian Embassy in the States to renew my passport last year,they told me that I could get a emergancy passport which expires after 6 months.
For me to receive a 10 years passport from Norway,I would have to file that I have moved from Norway to THE STATES,
I know you can have a DUAL CITIZENSHIP,which IS LEGAL as well.

How do I go about this to KEEP MY NORWEGIAN CITIZENSHIP at the same time?

How much does the renewal of the passport cost,will I receive it the same day,like I did with the emergancy passport?


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Come on. This isn't the kind of place to ask questions like this. If you listen to any advice on such an important subject from here you are crazy. Call the Embassy and ask them. If you are concerned about what they will say call through Skype or similar to an office in Norway and ask them using a different name and address. If you don't speak Norwegian that shouldn't be a problem.

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I have no idea.

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by you getting a green card , does not make you an US citizen but only a legal resident of the US ,which will not be adverse to your citizenship of Norway , and by you living and filing for your move ? does not take away from your citizenship of Norway :-)
since you did not mention your location ? as to give you a locality of a Norwegian embassy ? here are the cities in the US that have an Norwegian embassy:
Residents in the greater Washington, D.C., area may contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Residents of other regions should contact the appropriate Consulate General in Houston, Minneapolis, New York or San Francisco. .
NOTE: theses are the embassies noted above to get a passport
about your passport :the fee will be 158 $
no, you will not receive it the same day , it will take 5 to 6 weeks
you may have an emergency passport for a short time to visit your country , but you will have to return it ,at the end of your trip .
as far as the papers needed for your passport ? please go read on this page ,it is too long to put here :click on this link to get all informations necessary for your passport application

i hope this i have answered your questions ?

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